$0 to $10,000 Per Day In 20 Days | Shopify Tutorial For Beginners


(gentle music) – Yo, what is going on everybody? Welcome back to the channel. It’s your boy Mohamed Camara and in this video, we’re
going to cover some results, over $65k in revenue was
generated in about 20 days time. I want to show you exactly
how to take a store, from scratch with no experience at all, show you some of the background and behind the scenes details on how you can take that
store that’s doing $0 to going and doing $10,000 a day, okay? I’m not talking $10,000 in total revenue, I’m talking $0 to $10,000 per day and if you can net anywhere
between 25%-30% of that, you’re making more than a
doctor’s salary at that point. I’m not even going to do the math. But I do want to give a quick shoutout to our giveaway winner. In the last video, I did mention that I was going to do a giveaway, a one on one consultation call for anybody that commented
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winner of that, all right? But without further ado,
let’s get into this video, I do want to talk about some case study and some results that I’ve gotten. And what I do want you all to notice here is that this takes experience, okay? Results like this aren’t typical. I’ve been doing this for a while, so I know exactly what triggers to pull, and what things to configure
and what ads to run, you know what I’m saying? So, if you do want more help on that, then you are going to
need some some experience. You’re going to need to spend
some advertising dollars but I can show you some
of my thought processes and some of the offers that
I’ve created for the customers. That way they were able
to really be encouraged to purchase and get my
AdSense to be profitable because that’s what it
comes down to, all right? And let’s just hop behind the store here. As you can see, let me just refresh this so there’s no funny stuff going on. Because people will find any excuse to discredit why they should not do drop shipping worldwide. Everybody else’s results
are fake on the internet. And it’s so they can feel better about working a nine to five. But these are results
from today alone, okay? So we’re we’re at about $2.1k, and we’re not even halfway, well, we’re a little over
halfway through the day, but we’ll probably end anywhere
between $4,000 and $5,000 in revenue today alone at
around the 25% profit margin just from running ads
and knowing our numbers. So that’s exactly what
I want to show you here but more into detail. Let’s go into that 20 day
period that I’m talking about. So from November 10th to November 30th. And yes, Black Friday was
included on this, okay? On Black Friday alone,
generated $11,000 so that, you can do more than $10k day, you can do $11,000 per day if you get some of these strategies right, that I’m about to walk you through, okay? But I just want to show you that this is how scaling
should look, okay? Should be a constant growth,
you might get some cutbacks. I did realize that the day
before Black Friday itself, which was the 29th, on this year, the sales dipped a little bit. And that’s natural because people are usually waiting for the moment. And that’s why you’re gonna make more than that back on Black Friday. So but this is not even concerning
Black Friday, all right? I want to show you the ads. Let’s get into the ads real quick, because I want to show
you the setup that I had. And as you can see right here, same timeframe November
10th, to November 30th. If I refresh the screen real quick, and we go into our dashboard. First of all, your dashboard should be set up to where you have a good
view of your funnel. And what do I mean by that? You want to know your CPMs, you want to know your click through rates, your cost per click, you want to know your link clicks, right? How many people are
actually clicking your ad? You want to know how many
people are adding to cart? How many people are purchasing? What’s the cost per purchase? All of these in funnel
metrics is going to show you the health of your store overall. So it’s very very important that you have a good set of glasses on when you’re going to
basically read your data. You need to be able to see or else you’re running
your business blind. So that’s number one. Now let’s look at the
results and the performance. So on average, we got about, well, we spent about $20,000 here, but we’ve generated $50,000, okay? So that’s how this is going to work, you’re going to have some ad spend, you’re going to have to invest. Facebook made $20,000 off
of me, but that’s fine, as long as I’m taking
home 20% of that $50k. And you may be saying, “Okay, why is this a little bit less “than what was reported
in Shopify itself,” right? $65K here, but only $50K was reported. First of all, the pixel is
not going to get everything. But I am running Google ads as well. So another $10k came from Google ads, and another $5k like
$4.5k came from Pinterest. So I am trying other platforms. And that’s my second piece of advice behind having a proper column setup is diversify your traffic, diversify it. You don’t want to just rely on Facebook, especially with the way
they’re being really strict on ads nowadays. You want to be able to
look for opportunities on other platforms. Facebook is just one way, okay? It’s just one way, but it is the best way. Now, if you are looking
to get into Google, I’m going to release some
tutorials on that in the future. Don’t get too caught up on
that, it is a different beast. And it’s going to require
more of an initial startup so that’s why I do recommend
and I do teach beginners to go ahead and leverage Facebook. So yes, Google works and of course I’m going to make a tutorial for y’all. But Facebook works at a lower cost, at a lower startup cost, which is why I go ahead and I teach that and I recommend that for
any beginners out there. You can still get a 2.5 ROA here. And what that means is for
every dollar we put in, we’re able to create a vending machine where it’s going to return to us $2.50. And that’s a very, very
good, return on investment, if you ask me, that’s a
250% return on investment. But let’s talk about my third point here, which is to keep everything
organized, all right? It’s very very very important that you don’t bombard yourself with too many ads and
too many things going on. Because you’re probably getting into this and you’re probably quite
new to the whole platform. So it doesn’t help by having
10 different campaigns that is going to confuse you even more. So keep it simple. And what I mean by that is
only keep a scale campaign, only keep a retargeting
campaign and a testing campaign. You only need three, these other two, that’s just me being crazy and
testing out some other stuff, but you only need two. And as you can see my scale campaign is doing most of the heavy lifting. You can duplicate as many
ad sets as you want in here. Once you find what’s
working, there’s no limit. I spent $13,000 made $30,000, right? So how it works is you initially, you want to test things in
your testing campaign, right? And you want to test
things at a low budget, maybe $30 a day, see how
things are working out. But then once you have
something that’s working in your testing campaign, with different audiences, different ads, pick that one that’s working and just duplicate it many times, five, 10 times and put it
inside the scale campaign. And that’s how the flow goes. And then once they die
down in the skill campaign, just cut them off keep testing new things. And as for the retargeting campaign, you only need one ad set in there. One ad set that’s retargeting a very specific custom audience. And that is enough to get
you a return like this. 4.87 for every dollar we
put in, and as you can see, we spent $400 here, a lot
less than the scale campaign, but we’ve made more of a net margin here. And now the reason why is because these are people
who’ve taken specific actions on our website already. So by keeping everything organized, it’s going to allow us to
see things at a glance, make decisions, quick, fast, and be confident behind doing it, okay? Easy things scale, not complicated things. So that’s the third
point I want to bring up. The fourth thing is to
make a seasonal ad, okay? Make a seasonal campaign. And what I mean by that is, basically we had Black Friday come up, the way I capitalized on
that was to create new ads. So I started by creating
three different ads and said, “Hey, change your home
this Black Friday season.” “This is this will be
perfect for the holidays, “because this product was
a home decor product.” So I basically tailored
that whole messaging down to the seasonal holiday
that’s coming up, okay? So that’s one thing you can
do with your ads specifically, and what that’s going to do, it’s going to separate
you from your competition at a glance. If Facebook is going to see that you’re using seasonal words and things that are relevant
to the point in time. And they’re going to lower your CPM, they’re going to make it
less competitive for you. They’re going to show your
ads over your competitors ads, and then two, your customers
are going to see this and realize, okay, this is
very tailored and specific, it must be serious, okay? Let me check out what
what offers that they have for Black Friday, or December
or there’s many holidays and national holidays to look forward to, it’s not just Black Friday,
there’s Christmas season, there’s Earth Day, there’s
Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, there’s Valentine’s Day, you can do this throughout the whole year. And it’s not just in fourth quarter, which is a big, big myth
that people put out there. It’s like oh, it’s only words
during fourth quarter, no. E-commerce stores work
year round, all right? And that’s how you do it, is you stay relevant. Now, that brings me to my fifth point. I don’t even know where
we’re at right now, I think we’re at five. But my fifth point is going
to be to get banners made. If you are doing something seasonal, you want to highlight
and you want to emphasize that a little bit more, go
ahead to fiverr.com, okay? fiverr.com is going to be
able to give you some options of people who make banners. So just type in, e-commerce banners, store banner. And what you’ll see is a bunch
of people who create banners, for seasonal holidays. They can create these
banners for your website, all you got to do is send
them an image of your product, send them a logo of your website, and you can say something like, “Christmas sale, “take 25% off.” And that is more than enough
to get people to react. You can put this on your social pages, you can send this out
in an email broadcast. And you can even run a retargeting ad with these banners on it and it’s gonna emphasize your seasonal
holiday a little bit more. Let’s talk about the
sixth thing now, okay? So step number six, you want to set up, as a part of your irresistible offer, you want to set up an automatic
discount code in Shopify. And the reason why I say
automatic discount code is because you want it to be where they add a product to their, to the cart, they showing interest. And as it’s in the cart,
they’re able to see that the discount was
automatically applied. And that’s going to encourage them to continue to buy right there and then. So that’s a really, really
big thing to do nowadays. And one of my favorite
automatic discount codes to use is a buy one get one 50% off, okay? Because if we could get that
one person to buy an extra one, we already spent the amount, we already spent the $12 to
acquire that person on ads, get them to spend as much
as possible, all right? So that’s one way you can go about that. I just want to show you right here, as you can see, spent $19,000, made $50K, but this is just one platform, and I want to show you
the Google ads platform so you can see what
I’m talking about here. In Google, we actually
spent $1000 or $1100. And we made back $8.6 thousand. So very, very profitable there. But again, these are
all things you could do once you have your numbers down, which leads me to my eighth point, okay? The eighth thing, you
got to know your numbers. I know that I need to achieve a 2.3 ROA on all of my assets if I
want a 30% profit margin. And the reason why I notice, is because I use an ROA calculator, because this is going
to be a different number or a different metric for
every single product out there. I want to leave you a ROA calculator, you can find that in the
description below this video, click it, it’s going to
take you to a Google file, make sure you click File and make a copy don’t actually try to edit the thing because it’s going to
edit it for everybody else and it’s not going to allow you to. So make a copy of that file,
link is in the description. And all you need to do is
plug in your product costs and you need to plug in
your product selling price. And what it’s going to do is return to you the list of ROAs that you need and specifically,
the one you want to look at is at the 30% profit margin. If you aim for that and achieve
that on all your assets, you know that you’re profitable. Let’s go into the assets here
because I want to show you that there’s going to be multiple assets and multiple different performances. Now, at a glance, you’re going to see that a lot of these are off, but the ones that are on are
just high budget ads, okay? So there’s a few running still,
but they’re high budgets. And that’s why I’m still able
to generate $2K on the day because, look, we just made an extra $200, just in this time, because these assets,
the most profitable ones are the ones that I leave running, and they’re really really
high budgets, okay? So this brings me to my ninth point, which is don’t scale
vertically scale horizontally. In each of these campaigns, there’s a few campaigns here. But in each of them, there’s
a lot of different ad sets running at different budget amounts that’s going to give us a
wide variety of performances. And the reason I like
running ads horizontally is because you just
duplicating what already works, you’re not making changes
or increasing the budget. Now let me break it down, okay? There’s vertical scaling and then there’s horizontal scaling. Vertical is when you increase the budgets on what is already working. Horizontal is when you just duplicate what you already have at
the same budget, okay? So what I like to do is horizontal. One, because scaling vertically
actually damages your asset, it resets the optimization and you can expect the
performance from that asset that you scaled vertically
to go down, okay? Meanwhile, if you do a horizontal scaling, you’re covering more ground, yet you’re keeping everything
the same as much as possible, but just changing one thing. And when it’s time to
scale, it’s time to scale, put that money up, because at this point, you should know your numbers and you should know that
everything you spend is going to come with a return, all right? So it’s not spending money anymore, it’s investing, all right? And when you have a good ROA going, make sure you’re not
afraid to put that money up and invest in yourself
because it’s coming right back and we have data to back us up on that. As you can see some of the
assets performing right here, you got to be okay with
some performing very well. And then on the other hand, some performing very poorly, okay? These are very poor na– You can see I cut them off once they hit around $100 in spend. I think we’re at 10 now, okay? So step 10, you want to make sure that you’re adding some
urgency on your store, make sure you configure the ads and in the ad mention that
the sale ends tonight, okay? Mention that it ends at
11:59 p.m. Eastern Time, be that specific, okay? Or PST. Whatever time zone you’re in, just make sure you have
the the timing down, okay? Make sure you mention that because when people see that, it adds that deadline
and a sense of urgency so that they buy now. You don’t have to use timers, you can just say it ends
tonight at this time and trust me, your conversion
rates are gonna go up. So those are the 10 things
that I would recommend you do. Whatever season is coming up, we have Christmas coming up right now. So tailor some ads, do some things, do all of these things that I mentioned, for the Christmas holiday. And you’re going to see that
your ROAs are going to go up, the performance of your assets, as long as you have a good product, which I cover in many other videos before, just have that good product and then the marketing
should be a breeze, okay? You should be able to
use some of these tactics so that your customers buy now. And they buy now over your competitors. As you can see, numbers
are still going up. I’ll refresh this here and this is what it’s about, okay? As you can see and all it takes is 20 days for things to change. These aren’t typical results,
but they can be typical. Don’t make it harder for yourself, okay? Look, I’m nobody special. If I can do it, then you can, okay? I learned it, but I’m just
giving you what I learned, so you don’t even have to
go through that process. Just go implement these
things and you’re going to see that once you start generating
those $10,000 a day, that $11,000 a day, you can’t go back to working your nine to
five, you get from saying? So, it’s really that simple. If you need extra help, feel free to join Ecom Boot Camp 2.0. I’ll leave a link up
down in the description. It’s going to be at a discounted price just for my YouTube subscribers, okay? So make sure you like,
comment and subscribe. If you want a chance
to enter that giveaway, make sure you comment down
those secret words below. Zero to 10k a day on
Shopify plus your comment and see if you have a chance
to get in contact with me. But other than that the best
way to get in contact with me is through Ecom Boot Camp 2.0, okay? So join, I’ll leave a link below. If you don’t see the link there then that means the discount is over. I’ll leave some videos right
here for you on my channel. Feel free to check those out and hey, you already know what it is man. Go get that money, go
scale those ad campaigns, find what’s working and
hopefully that helps you guys achieve your financial goals man. But you already know what it is, it’s your boy Mohammed Camara. Peace. (gentle music)


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    (06:10) #2: Diversify Traffic: Facebook / Google / Pinterest Ads. Facebook with focus.
    (07:20) #3: Keep Ads organized. Scale / Retargeting and Testing campaigns are enough to start.
    (09:23) #4: Make Seasonal ads. For instance Christmas, Mothers day or Black Friday ads. Use seasonal words.
    (10:55) #5: Get banners made on Fiverr. Cheap and professional designers.
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