hello friends welcome back today I have for you a parcel that have been arrived last week It was sent by Adrián León, thank you very much Adrián for the package I could not make the video before, you forgive me, and let’s see whats Adrian
sent to us first he sent this padlock very heavy, very large padlock It is a disk lock Cromley brand this would be the key there has at least one, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight or nine discs I think that will be the front disc the last disc, which drags will not be an easy opening, I have to adapt the tools because these side guards constrict key way, and do not serve me the tools I’ve been using so far with other Chinese padlocks it works perfectly the arc is removed completely have these protections anticut on both sides Looks good I do not know if the discs have false
sets but well, and we will be watching, very very interesting thank you very much Adrian for this
padlock also sends me This lock is cool I had one like this, are not easy to get I sent my friend Rick, I know he will keep and who would be thrilled I will keep this It comes with a TESA te5 cylinder but, by the bitting of the key as you can see it is spectacular to see if there focuses I fear that it may be modified is not common these positions without cutting in a te5 sure it will be very interesting
and it will not be easy thank you very much to Adrián by
this lock, I appreciate it especially what else? sends us this AMIG which it is a copy we will open it, it is completely new I have to buy some new scissors ;-))))) It is a copy of American Lock as you can see is almost equal and I think, for a video I’ve seen from an opening of Adrian, who has only normal pins even the keys are practically
equal very pretty if it carry normal pins I will modify there it is then we will try to open this Adrian thank you very much for this this
padlock, I was very curious to have it also sends this cylinder cylinders and are very rare here I think this is once that Harry (lockpickinglawyer) sent to Adrián They are always very interesting Adrian has made, I think it was Adrian, a key 5 pinner there is the coding nothing wild but will have to see how it behaves Adrián thank you very much for this
cylinder and finally I love it is a Sargent Six pins the bitting of the key is spectacular if I get a key blank I will modify the order of pins and I take this first of high insertion and the second of low insertion and change to the fifth and sixth positions is a six pinner I love it it works perfectly I love this cylinder thank you very much
Adrian cylinders are very difficult to get here we will try to open it and if we succeed we gut it to see what is inside this would be the coding to see if focus nothing spectacular but let’s see how it behaves may be we can not open there it is I will use this home made tension wrench and this short hook of the KLOM set it´s closed, we go there front to back first nothing second is binding It makes a click third nothing fourth nothing fifth nothing we return to the first first asked It makes a click first second is set no, the second is binding It makes a click third is set fourth is binding give us a click Fifth nothing, lets check First second third fourth I think I’ve overset some something First second nothing third is binding gives a click fourth is binding It makes a click and opening It has not been a spectacular opening I think I overset some pin and ease tensions they have fallen two but I have not noticed any security pin I think that all pins are standard let’s gut it there it is the cylinder is exactly equal to
American Lock also They are very small cylinders ops! I do not have a Okay, let’s go take out directly and then assemble it I’ll get first the driver pins The fifth would be normal They are very short fourth fourth is standard all the same even they have the rounded ends
which facilitates the opening They are not as American Lock pins
at all second also standard and first also standard in this sense it is much worse than the
original the original also carries a sixth chamber prepared but here only has five we go with the key pins there it is, the plug also has five
nothing else first standard second standard, very short third standard fourth standard, very, very short and if I can get and fifth standard too very short we will put them well and I bring closer to you so you can see them as to the pins and the picking difficulty It has nothing to do with the original the original is much more difficult and carries more quality pins but well these would be the key pins, all normal pins and driver pins all normal also rounded ends that I think greatly facilitates the opening well this would have been the opening and the package that Adrian sent to me Adrian thank you very much again
for the parcel the locks are fantastic and thank you very much to all for your time a greeting


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  1. adrian leon

    April 25, 2016 11:40 pm

    buen trabajo carlos. esas cerraduras modificadas tienen que tener peligro. espero verlas modificadas, me alegro que te gusten que las disfrutes compañero!!! SALUDOS

  2. crispey bear

    April 27, 2016 8:18 am

    precioso paquete de AL ! usted tendrá un buen rato con ellos! También , muy agradable fuera de la ganzuar de paquetes en el candado Carlos , impresionante obra de mi amigo! gracias por eso. un saludo ;D

  3. no-trick-pony_lockpicking

    April 27, 2016 9:11 pm

    Ad 4:53: wow, that sounds really evil. That's quite a height difference and at position 5 and 6 this will be really hard :O

  4. Potti314

    April 29, 2016 6:25 pm

    Adrian seems to like spectacular bittings – you have received some really crazy bitted keys. Very nice video – great presentation of the locks. The disk padlock is great and the TESA I also like a lot – I have also one but I inserted a Trelock with crazy bitting. It's really nice that it eats a euro lock. The picking out of the box was amazing – smooth and easy. Fantastic video 🙂

  5. Mike MP

    May 13, 2016 4:20 pm

    Great video. Very nice parcel. The opening looked smooth on camera. I'm really fascinated by this american locks copies, not as good as the original but interesting non the less. I've ordered kasp 140 padlock, another clone of americans and looking forward on it.


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