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(Dropshipping Winning Products) What if you could make $1000 your first week Shopify dropshipping That’s exactly what my newest student did this month coming up in November He’s probably gonna do around 6000 to 8000 with a different strategy He’s an absolute beginner doesn’t know much about Shopify and drop shipping and yet was able to get those many sales and scale up his store really quickly I’m gonna teach you his strategy in this video today But before we get into the secret strategy I’m giving away a full module that I did for my mentoring program how to scale from zero all the way up to five thousand dollars a day On Shopify if you want that special module, I’m giving it away to one lucky person in this video. Make sure to comment secrets secrets down below subscribe Hit that notification bell and I’ll pick one winner from this video and make sure to stay until the end of this video and watch The whole strategy because I’m giving away one winning product at the end of this video that you can start selling right now in your dropshipping store and before we start make sure to check the first link in the description as a free training how to go from zero to 10,000 to 50,000 a month or more real training no fluff everything that you need to be successful so the strategy that my student follow which is quite Different from what everybody else does everybody tries to start a Shopify store takes about through to 3 weeks to build out the store then You do the face of gas. You start testing on face. So if you start learning maybe you order a video Maybe you’re getting some sales you’re doing well Now you’re starting to scale you watch more and more YouTube videos who watch more courses to learn how to keep scaling up Maybe you start doing Google or Instagram or you start doing multiple things, but you do it all alone What if there was a small shortcut that you can do if you have a little bit more money you can do this This isn’t free. This isn’t something you can do with like $100, but it is very worth it. That’s student Like I said scaled up to a thousand dollars his first week running ads on Facebook And now he’s absolutely going to crush the rest of the year in 2020 what the student did in particular was actually hire somebody to do his store first of all Then he hired somebody to launch his face you got and that person has their own team behind them doing the product pages improving the store and then They scale up the face against form. So he’s essentially just overseeing and managing the project That’s great for anybody that wants to have a side project already has like a very busy nine-to-five Maybe you’re making some money there and it’s pretty good now You want your own business and you want something on the side, but do you have absolutely no time to start it? That was the case of my student. He’s a super successful Businessman in another type of business of retail and now he wants to get into online Didn’t understand it that much. They don’t really have the time to do it So what he did was went to up work right here And what you can do is there’s anything that you can hire out for dropshipping specifically There’s so many Shopify stores out there. You can hire pretty much anybody that you want So what you can do here is go into Shopify store set up and you can either use up work or if you want Filipino vs. You can go to online job. Stop pH or You can go into free up, which is another Another company. I know the owner of free up is Nathan Hirsch. They’re doing pretty well They have some really nice PAS and some really good people and it’s specific to ecommerce. So it’s only for e-commerce freelancers I’m gonna talk about upward cuz it’s the biggest one and it’s the one that you should trust the most So here Shopify store setup. What I recommend you do is for the set up you would get somebody from the Philippines They are usually the best so you go into Philippines here in the filter And then what you do is you try to find somebody that at least speaks some conversational English that knows what you’re talking about and then at least a thousand dollars earned on the platform and if you want you can even put them like Talent type class activity and so on but this is pretty much fine for now So Shopify designer and store creator has earned $10,000 in the platform a hundred percent job success from the Philippines manager store and keep your store relevant Shopify store set up sourcing high and selling products. Probably listening So you pretty much have everything that you want that’s required to have a Shopify store or at least a launcher Shopify store I know my student as well has somebody researching products for him? He’s doing some of the research with spy tools He’s learning the whole process But he’s short cutting the time that it takes to get results By just hiring people that already know how to do it and they do it consistently Again, and again, so for example, you can hire somebody like this for $10 an hour Usually it’ll take them about 2 to 3 hours a day So you spending around $20 a day for about 2 weeks? You’ll spend around 200 300 dollars to get the store set up then you can go in to somebody to research your products What I recommend is do product research on the top here And you can hire pretty much anybody to do this project for you and you just manage the whole thing you can use my help to manage it and then you type in product research and Let’s look at filters again, and you can pick somebody from the Philippines again. They’re pretty good You can pick somebody clinic Philippines again earned $1,000 or more on the platform And then let’s look for somebody web research expert product and keyword an effing keyword research order fulfillment for Shopify She’s four dollars an hour so you can get somebody like that 95% job success. She has four dollars an hour Let’s say it takes her around 10 hours to research 15 to 20 products. You can spend $40 So we got 300 dollars for the store $40 for the products. Now, let’s go into actually launching Facebook Ads This is the most expensive one so you can go into Facebook at Shopify and although this is more of a week-by-week Investment you’ll be spending a lot of money in the beginning to get it set up You don’t have to spend any time setting it up. So if you have a little bit more money, but less time There’s the perfect way to do it. Then you can find somebody basic ads for Shopify You can also put their hourly rate so you can go here. It’s if it’s like $100 an hour $200 an hour You probably shouldn’t go with somebody like that. Unless you have serious serious money to spend I’d recommend doing around 10 to 30 That’s pretty good most of the times and if we look at people right here we have from the Philippines 20,000 earned The United States this one is earn $4,000 and 25 per hour that’s a pretty good ratio a pretty good rate per hour Usually you’ll spend around 30 35 per hour on these people these ones Let me go through here and you can also sort by native English. So you’ll get people from the US Australia UK So let’s shut a final one here. And let’s see from Ukraine Portugal $15 an hour Philippines, Canada 20 Ok, this one is perfect job for project manager advanced basic guys advertising $25 an hour. So what will usually happen is like my student? he has somebody working on an hour or two hours a day on his Shopify store for Facebook ads and launching Facebook ads and then he also has a virtual assistant creating the product pages So this product testing process usually goes like the person doing the Facebook Ads works for an hour Sets up the whole Facebook ads then if they’re launching a new product they get the VA They create a product page and then the face Scott Scott goes in and launch if you want to have sort of a even more Shortcutted process a less time to do your Shopify store. You don’t even have to go to up work You can go to the exchange marketplace comm where you can go to browse here. This is Shopify’s internal selling platforms This is where we’ve sold stores ourself and where you can buy stores. For example for $1,000 $5,000. This one is $800,000 because they’re making 100k a month and so on but you can go to browse and then Industry and then to the bottom here you see starter stores those are the new stores that are making less than like a hundred dollars in sales and then you can buy them for 150 we can actually pull these up Best sort of stores you can see the total revenue here on the left hand side 2000 those are a little bit expensive. I don’t recommend you spend like $2,000 on a Shopify store. I would just say around 100 150 should be pretty good 300 is pretty good 500 a little behind 150 that’s perfect So you can even buy and already built Shopify store is set up waiting for somebody to set it up for you Lots of strategy this student has been following he basically hires Contractors hires people he manages a whole team of people doing everything. For example for the Facebook Ads guy. You’ll get somebody from $25 an hour, if we try to find somebody else. This one is also $25 an hour $30 an hour twenty five This one is from the US as well. What I would say is if you’re looking for the best quality on Facebook ads Specifically I would say focus on somebody that has native English like us Australia UK Canada all those native English countries maybe from Western Europe or so on but I would highly recommend you get somebody from the top four or top five in New Zealand as well because they’re really the best best guys or women that it comes to doing Facebook ads for you and Facebook ads for Shopify and you can also communicate with them a little bit easier if you’re doing ads in another country I don’t have students doing it like Germany Italy France. You can definitely hire somebody for there So if you’re doing in a category specific or a specific country that you’re doing like France let’s say you can get hit here, France or Just search languages as well. So you can type in French here French and any location and then you have Canada Turkey Algeria, so you can hire somebody from a country that Speaks French but isn’t necessarily France so you have that opportunity there I’d recommend not hiring somebody has to earn Siro on the platform What you also can do is you can go to Facebook Right here and then type in on the top if you want to hire somebody for Facebook ads. There is a group called Facebook ads buyers job board Job board, I’m gonna type it in there Facebook ad Add a buyers job board if you want to hire somebody to do your Facebook ads, you can definitely go to this page It’s called ad buyers Job board, it’s made by Tim bird and it has like 12,000 people on there. It’s a pretty good Store, it’s a pretty good group on Facebook and if you want to hire a virtual assistant You can go to this group and that’s around twenty thousand members. Hired multiple people from this website from this Facebook group It’s called virtual assistant tribe job board. You can just post it And if you look at my name You’ll probably find me on there and I have a bunch of policy looking for a VA looking for a VA Looking to edit videos looking for a VA looking for a VA. So I’ve posted on this group a bunch of times I also use up work or I use online jobs pH The caveat with online jobs is that you have to pay on a monthly basis? So you do have to pay every single month for the membership on upward. It’s free. Alright for this video is winning product I wanted to show you this particular video right here imagine having this in your house, and I found this ad Around two days ago just scrolling through my feed and the first three seconds caught my eye massively look at that they’re putting out a fire on a car and then a guy goes in and puts a fire out on something other cooking then he puts it out again and Then they have realistic live situations where people use the blanket as well Right here. He’s using the blanket and this one as well. She takes it and puts it over and It’s a realistic product and I love the way they’re advertising it the way they’re making a video about a crazy situation like that Whereas a car is in flames, and they’re putting the blanket over and it stops a fire That’s absolutely insane as well as the rest of the video. They’ve gathered almost 500,000 views since Thursday today is Wednesday when I’m posting this video it’s been a week since they’ve Posted this ad and you can see the ad copy is also really strong here. This blanket could save your life Boom, it’s really shocking the top the top headline and they say a must have fire emergency tool They you won’t regret getting and then this this little thing here highly recommended by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services which is it really a department at all anywhere But they make it look so official and so professional and I’m gonna play the video again, just so you see it I think this video is absolutely crushing. And if you want to watch it million times, I think if you want to sell Any type of products specially general products or gadgets making the video in these realistic situations in this huge situations We’re starting out the video with a huge very shocking situation, like putting out a fire on a car something like that That’s definitely a shocker that people see it on Facebook. I’m like, whoa. I need to watch this video as I said I wasn’t looking for ads and I found this and it’s an awesome video and play it all to the end and again Realistic situations again and again and this is the particular product. This is fire blanket I know a few people have been talking about this product and Advertising it, but this is a new way to do. It is by doing a Facebook ad that’s strong in that good I know the company that does ad like this I’m not a hundred percent sure if they did this video, but I know they do very similar videos It’s called bans of ads calm. I’m not affiliated with them. They don’t pay me But I know for one video they use fifty seven dollars and for two videos a split test like if you’re doing two different Videos for the same product they do seventy seven So I think it’s pretty cool and this video and this one as well This this image right here save yourself from burns by going through fire Look at that and the person goes with a blanket and they go through the house. I think it’s a great It’s a great video that just puts so many different situations that we can put ourselves in and relate to the video That’s what it’s doing so well, and that’s why these guys have absolutely crushed it and scaled this product to the next level So if you’re looking for a product to promote promote it in this way And this is the one to go for now that you know this student strategy If you want to learn how to go from zero all the way up to 10,000 to 50,000 a month on your Shopify dropshipping store with clear step-by-step instructions. No fluff No filler check out the first link down in the description. I teach you absolutely everything I’ve done that training multiple times and there you can watch it right now people Absolutely love it and it’s real real training no pitch It’s not a sales pitch in this guy’s so make sure to watch it and if you want to mentor directly with me with one-on-one Access to me directly check the second link in the description You’ll get my mentoring and you can schedule a call a free free call on that You can schedule a free one on one call to see if you’re the right fit and apply to mentor directly with me Take your business to the absolute next level. Let’s crunch it firstly and secondly scheduler call right now and if you want four Products right now and drop shipping that are working right now that will make six figures in the months to come check out the video Right there at the top for products to sell right now that will make six figures products that are untapped Nobody’s talking about them check them out right now in this video Make sure to schedule a call with the second link in the description check the first training click that subscribe button Comment secrets down below and that notification bar. I’ll see you on the next one


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