Hello guys, welcome back Today I want to show a package that sends me Adrian Leon thank you very much Adrian Adrian is a very good picker, few locks will resist if you do not know him, please check out his channel It is very very good, and as always very generous in shipments let’s see what sends us we seeing them one at a time This is a FAC lock, Spanish brand I had never seen the key is very very unique 6 pinner I have never opened any FAC dimple although what I know of the brand, not usually of very high quality I will see it, remains to be seen because
always it can give you a surprise as you see have enough slack, I do not know if he had safety pins It is very interesting, very interesting let’s see what else ABUS as always the key way is very restrictive with some guards that protect the pins very well This would be the key It has a very short second it works perfectly ABUS are always a little challenge, thank you very much Adrian It is completely new lovely lovely let’s see what else this letter I know him ;o)) distinct Michael, potti314 here it is, “Threaded” by potti go you know that will put here the friend Michael it works works left is a BKS Very nice key I had never touched a BKS the Keyway… Well, we’ll see if it’s easy They are always so much fun, I love it Now that’s rarer BEST changeable cylinder 6 pinner I opened two seven but had the key open to control and and operating without the key it is going to be, is going to be very difficult, I do not know if I’ll get it, we’ll try I love these cylinders are very interesting I love it because it’s a lottery, you never know whether if you’re going to get perfect, thank you so much Adrian This will give me good times … of suffering; o))) let’s see what else Master a completely new lock I imagine it is this model 1145PD 7 on the scale it´s a dimple it’s very heavy Very nice, steel made It is very heavy, very robust This would be the key first and second are very long, others very especially short-sixth, two, three … yes, six pins we’ll see I’ve never touched a Master through the videos I’ve seen, tumblers are easy to open but dimples usually have safety pins, I think it is perfect is very pretty It has the hexagonal shackle Very nice lock and very heavy very robust I love it, thank you very much Adrian This probably stay in the collection very pretty perfect let’s see what else … I said he was going to get a TESA he know that I love are spectacular 65mm padlocks with changeable cylinder in this case it carries a te5 I do not know if it´s a challenge lock TESA te5 it is perfect the key is obviously home made that
Adrian usually does with a first cutting exaggerated I do not know if it´s modified we will open it to see is very pretty thank you very much Adrian You know that I love them, they are one of my weaknesses They are very difficult to get I don´t know where Adrian get it to me it is virtually impossible to find those let’s see, indeed, another ;-))) cool ;-))) Many thanks to Adrián also with te5 it is perfect there is the screw to remove it probably I stayed with one for the collection because they are perfect, as they are like brand new and replace the cylinder with one more complex T80 type or the like I have to see if it fits any I do not know if it´s modified I also show you the coding Okay, it has a fairly short fifth the te5 can be quite quarrelsome but It remains to be seen there is perfect Well I’ll try to show you everything, there is nothing more spectacular package simple locks I love this interchangeable and three spectacular padlocks Many thanks to Adrián You’re very generous, as always I will try to find some some cylinders to send you and this would have been all, thank you very much for your time a greeting


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  1. mariano matheus

    May 13, 2017 7:01 pm

    Un abrazo querido hermano! le doy gracias a dios por qué haya gente en este mundo como ud. Todos los tutoriales los veo pues fue asi como aprendi abrir cilindros. qué dios lo proteja.

  2. tonyholt90

    May 15, 2017 9:29 pm

    well that's​ gonna keep you busy!
    nice present , looking forward to seeing you opening some 😉


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