2017 Canadian Courier of the Year, Central Region – Richard Gudgeon

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My name’s Richard Gudgeon. I’m a courier at YBN Station. I’ve been working with FedEx 29 years. What I like most about my job is driving. I just enjoy getting out on the road and driving that truck and trying to do the best job I can for them. One morning, I was on the belt, and we had our regular meeting. My manager announced that the Courier of the Year awards had come out, and then I didn’t hear anything for Central. Then he hesitated, and then he said, “Oh, by the way, Central Division is Richard Gudgeon,” and I was of course excited and overwhelmed. It felt really good to be recognized by my customers after serving them for so many years. Richard Gudgeon is one of our, I guess, fan favourites, I think you would say. His customers love him. Richard is wonderful. He’s always very personable. He knows everybody by name. He makes himself available to us, and he understands how important it is for some of our products to get here in a timely manner. He does everything he can to ensure that that happens. He’s friendly. He’s always smiling, very conscientious. He always, always helps us whenever we have an issue with anything. I’d call him a gentleman. My customers are fantastic. We talk about things they’ve done over the weekend, how their holidays are doing, what their plans are for the future. If you look after your customers, they will keep coming back to you. As long as you’re providing excellent service, they will keep using FedEx. It’s really great to see Richard be recognized for Courier of the Year, being that he is retiring in October. He’s going to be a hard guy to replace when he moves on. I’ll miss coming in, because I’ve made a lot of friends out here. After all the years I’ve been working here, Courier of the Year was a nice way to go out. It’s like winning the lottery.


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