Hello guys,
welcome back again , the package that I have
for you today is very special As you can see, it comes
to me from the USA My friend Jake 1973
sent it to me I show you his channel has a youtube lockpikcing
channel, there it is great picker I will leave a link to his
channel in the video description you should visit it and, as you will see, He is very very generous
and a fantastic person take a look, only the shipment to
Spain has a very high cost he knows that I can not
reciprocate him, but even so,
he told me he wanted
to send me this package He knows that I love padlocks,
especially if they are vintage, and he told me that he
had some thing for me it weighs a lot it’s really exciting,
this kind of thing that someone who does
not know you gives you
something like that is what makes this
community great, it’s very exciting, thank
you very much Jake it’s awesome
let’s open it I am very excited, I do not know what
I do with my hands let’s open it and let’s see
what it takes inside,
let’s go there I have no idea
what it has inside or how many things,
or what they are, or anything let´s see I’m getting nervous let’s go pulling… I’m going
to set aside the package here… take a look it’s a bronze padlock it’s a guard padlock M I had never seen this brand is very cool even the shackle looks
like bronze, I’m not sure but the bow looks
like bronze too is very pretty the body has two joined
parts, riveted the body has the
design of the Yale It is very very nice very nice, thank you
very much Jake M, I have never seen
this manufacturer if someone knows more
about this padlock, or about
the brand, please let me know it’s very cool,
it has a cap here, a highlight it will open from that side is very pretty,
awesome this type of articles is
impossible to get in Spain, you are very generous Jake I appreciate it a lot,
and here comes a
weird thing, let’s see It’s a Chinese dimple lock… HENG YANG apparently has sliders and ten pins, may it be? yes, ten pins in two
rows of five alternating and sliders…
yes, you can see let’s see if I can illuminate
it so that you see up, there are the sliders very interesting the plug moves a lot,
I do not know what
tolerances will have I will try to pick it, of course,
thank you very much I had not seen a lock like that I have very few with sliders,
I think I have opened one
that lent me Chocholata but no more, perfect thank you very much let’s see what else this is paper this is very heavy I think I’ve seen Awesome WILSON BOHANNAN,
I have two, one from Potti, another
one from Adrián León Adrián’s has no key but this has even the bronze
shackle, can it be?
It works very well Awesome It’s beautiful,
and it’s very big,
it’s very big it weighs a lot the oval profile,
which I love, the key is original look at the biting one, two, three, four and five,
with a very short fifth It is very very cool it looks like all brass, It has a dark, beautiful patina and the shackle
is made of brass It is very very nice very pretty I’m speechless I love the logo they are locks that…
let’s see this…
They usually open in both directions yes, open in both directions yes, here it looks very
good that the shackle
is made of brass It has a lovely patina dark, uniform, I love it thank you very much Jake, it’s really awesome I’m speechless Here is the key Wilson Bohannan, Awesome Ohio beautiful padlock, It is very very nice it´s really awesome,
and with the brass shackle, that I think he
did not have any Awesome and there is something
else here too it’s wrapped… ILCO, also has
the Yale shape ILCO, I think it’s also a
manufacturer of
blanks of keys, here is the biting,
take a look, one, two,
three, four and five this type of keys,
which are not seen here in the USA they are common,
but they are not common here the steel schakle,
it’s very beautiful,
It has a lovely patina I think it’s bronze, or brass… I do not know… is very pretty
It has a dark patina… Ilco, I had never
seen an Ilco padlock see how it works… Awesome
I love it it has the closing system
that slides laterally,
it is not a wedge, with what can
not be bypassed Awesome I had never seen a lock
of this brand, nor of this they are really awesome here in Spain are collector’s
items, without a doubt has an inscription: AY1761,
I do not know if you can see it thank you very much Jake I’m speechless they are awewsome see what a beautiful padlocks impossible to get here,
And there are still more let’s see… this is packing let´s see here there is nothing else a longshackle padlock let’s see, it’s smeared with oil
they have lubricated it has the interchangeable core look at the patina It is very dark is very pretty It is an ABUS nº83 of 45mm here you have the core…
it reads 900 Made in China six Awesome the patina on this side
is very very pretty the shackle is
slightly oxidized nº83 is very pcool I do not have this
model of Abus with seemingly interchangeable
core, you can take it apart
to see what’s inside is pretty cool with the long shackle,
which are unusual spectacular and there is still another one,
lets go see it FRAIM It is also a little stained
with lubricant, let’s clean it this is a wafer padlock how nice! take a look, with
the riveted plate FRAIM, I do not know if I have
pronounced it well (for sure no, o)) It’s steel, apparently,
it’s very heavy it’s very heavy and it’s a wafer padlock there it is, I do not know how many
wafers you will have is very pretty is very pretty has a hole here, can it be? maybe it had a chain here yes, it’s a hole it was clogged with crap surely an anchorage with
a chain or something like
that was anchored here It is not easy to make a
hole in a hardened shackle Awesome FRAIM It is very beautiful,
with the gold plate
and riveted the steel body and it is something unusual,
a wafer padlock another collection padlock,
no doubt about it I had never seen I believe that except for
the WB that I had seen in
videos of other mates I had not seen any
of these padlocks the Abus yes,
Abus had also seen well, here you have it,
Awesome awesome gift from Jake thank you very much buddy It is very exciting,
very exciting, you
are very generous they are beautiful
locks, I love them very pretty, they
really are very beautiful I will be making videos
of each of them and I do not know what
else to say, I thank you very much it’s a detail, you’re a gentleman,
very generous many thanks you see, it’s a
spectacular package I hope you liked it, and thank you very
much for your time,


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  1. Gazz R

    August 8, 2018 6:26 pm

    Wow! What a fantastic package from Jake. Ooohhh WOW Tallan, that WB lock is in near perfect condition, never heard of Fraim before, looks interesting, can't wait to see you pick it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. adrian leon

    August 8, 2018 9:06 pm

    WoW!! Eso es una pasada de paquete amigo!! Esos candados no se ven todos los dias. Ha disfrutarlos compañero!! UN SALUDO

  3. Jake 1973

    August 9, 2018 12:19 am

    You know, I'm not sure of the brand for the M lock…it was in a lot I won on eBay. I'm happy you're happy 😎 I knew you'd love that WB😁

  4. Alvaro Baltazar Loucel Molina

    August 9, 2018 12:54 am

    !¡! Hola amigo felicitaciones x su nuevo regalo q le fue obsequiado a disfrutarlo c a dicho saludos y q pase una feliz tarde :-)) !¡!

  5. Don'z Lockz

    August 10, 2018 2:54 pm

    Stunning locks, Jake looked after you. That Abus has lots of patina for a current series lock. All very nice.🍺😎

  6. Вася Васильев

    September 11, 2018 6:37 pm

    Good evening again . Have you tried dancing with Gerda Titan zx? I invited her to dance, the result is write . Yes with the tool if you tell me where to buy I'll be happy


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