$30,000 In 24 Hours Dropshipping In 2019 | HOW? Facebook Ads CBO Scaling Strategy Guide | Shopify


I’m gonna reveal how I made 30,000$ in last 24 hours and take you inside my business ads, meant to show you this exact strategy that I’m using to scale my store to $30,000 a day. Hey guys, my name is Sagar, in this video I’ll be showing you my scaling strategy, on how I took this store to multiple 5 figures and everything else it takes to scale a store like this to crazy numbers. We’ll be focusing on Facebook Ads a lot more in this video. So, if you watch the whole video, you’ll have all my Facebook secrets on how you can take your own store from zero to 30 thousand, I’m saying even further. So, you can finally quit your job and start enjoying your beautiful splendid life. So, you can finally start traveling and see the beauty of this word with your own eyes. So, I want to show you the results so you know it’s not a ‘how-to’ video. I actually generated these results in my own business. So, as you guys can see yesterday, we made 30,000$. I’ll refresh for you guys of course. So, a refresh right here, thirty thousand and we’ll go to this week. So, this week we have made about 119$K and since Friday we have made 86,000$. So, right now it’s December first, so I got these rules yesterday. So, this is not a how-to video, I actually got these rules and I’m gonna show you how you can use this. If you look at today, we have actually hit 32000$. We’re gonna hit 33,000$. Another thing I want to show you is, we made 30,000$. I want to show you my ad spend. So, you guys know how much we were profitable. So, refresh this and look at the yesterday and see if you spend about fifteen thousand dollars and we made $30,000. For today, let’s see today we have made about let’s see we spent about 16000$ and we have made about 32,000$. So, it’s very very very profitable. My breakeven ROI is 1.25. So, I’m super happy with this store. So, that’s enough for the number let’s just show you guys what you guys came here for. So, there’s four pillars to scaling. First its product, the product I’m selling it’s a gift. You know this is just I think the perfect time to sell the gift. Other than that website, you’re just telling people it’s Black Friday or Cyber Monday, just letting people know you’re having a sale. That helps a lot. Another thing Facebook Ads I’m using a whole lot of CBO’s. A whole lot of CBO’s, different kinds of CBO’s, without going too deep into them. Again, that this is probably the most important one, overcoming limiting belief. You know you gotta believe that it’s possible. You gotta think that you can definitely do it and it’s so easy to panic or what if I lose all this money, because I’m already spending fifteen or twenty to thirty thousand a day. So, it’s so easy to think “Oh what if I lose all that in a day?”. Which is a fair fear, but you should overcome this limiting belief and you gotta understand you have to lose money to make money. So, you gotta get over this hurdle alright? Again, I personally believe that I’m just not getting the lucky because of Black Friday, I feel like I could have got these results regardless of Black Friday. Again, I can’t don’t believe in the concept of Q4 but it is true that it’s kind of little bit a little bit easy to get sales around this time of the year. You know and there’s actually one more pillar. Smashing the like button right now, so smash the like button. All right so the first pillar of scale, the product. So, the product I’m selling, it’s a gift. No one else is selling this, this was only possible for me to find this product because I stayed in a niche. I have a niche store and I always keep an eye on what people might like next. So, I’ve been selling in the same niche from the last year and I know when a new product is coming in which product people are gonna like. So, that’s only possible because I stayed in a niche and that’s why I recommend people staying in a niche. Because that way you are always one step ahead. If someone else comes try to sell this product he’s probably not gonna be as successful because I know more about this, well how people talk. What triggers people, how they’re gonna buy this product. So, that matters a lot and I personally introduced this product in the market. There was someone already selling it but they were using Instagram influencers. So, I took that and I literally got their ad. I found this influencer page. What I did was I recreated the same ad, literally the same concept of that ad was there. So, let’s say the ad was literally the keys. They are taking keys and then there’s clearing their collars. What I did was I just have a different angle of picking up keys and 1/2 or something like that, same everything, copy what I did was use a different model. So, it was the same really a different model so it’s my video, they cannot copy right it. I just launched some crazy Facebook ads and it did great and I scaled it. So, I’m the only one running Facebook ads to this product. There are some people selling it through Instagram pages and again it’s not all this that it could be the opposite, where it’s sometimes the most saturated products even make you a lot of money. Don’t think that you have to introduce a product that you don’t like. That’s only when you were kind of a bit of pro. That’s why I would recommend this video it’s a little bit of from the pro side of things. Because again if you just started now you probably are using product that people are already testing and that’s what you want to do when you’re starting. Again, if most of the time you can easily make six-figure from that. Well when you introduce a product to the market, you do have the potential easily to scale the seven figures and that’s what I’m going for. Next month I’m going for a 1 million in sales alright and I’ll keep you guys updated. Alright the next pillar is website, you know what you want to do this add Cyber Monday on top. The sites I always take examples from is Fashion Nova and Kylie cosmetics. Again, you want to add gifts to your homepage, you want to add Cyber Monday deal to the description. So, let me show you what I’m talking about. So, you go here, right here. I made an example store so we will refresh it. You guys see, you want to add the banner like this. “Our biggest Cyber Monday Sale. Up to 60% off, use Code: Cyber.” Cyber is actually giving them only five percent off, alright? Then when the scroll a little bit down, all you have to do is just add a little bit like this. Cyber Monday deal, boom. Nothing crazy you just have to add that right here you can make this bigger if you want and then again if people go on home page, you want to add some gifts. So, what I do was let’s say imagine this is a dog store, whatever you have here. So, when they scroll down, they get this image, Cyber Monday Sale. How do you get this image? All you have to do is go to pixabay.com and search Cyber Monday and it will bring you a lot of images that you can use for and see this is a picture exactly I’m using. You can use this, that you can use, this sale picture Cyber Monday this looks pretty beautiful and you’ll see this picture really good. So, you can use that and if you scroll up a little, you’ll see I have a little gift right here. Again, what you want to do is after the gift tell a little bit about your brand. Feature a product here and then again, another gif right here. You want more like Cyber Monday gif right here. So, where do you find gifs? You just go to giphy and you search Black Friday or Cyber Monday, whatever the event is going on. This is the gif I literally would use, you know “I cannot relax, there’s deals going on let’s go for those deals or whatever”. See a bunch of these deals and happy Black Friday. So, you want to use one of these gifs on your store. There you have it, that’s all you kind of need and again this is what I like to do. I always like to go to Kylie cosmetics and Fashion Nova and see what they’re doing. So, for Black Friday what Fashion Nova was doing, they have this thing on the banner called ‘Our Cyber Monday Sale’ use code: black or I use the exact same line, it can order like crazy. You know because these people know what they’re talking about. So, that’s what you want to do kind of replicate or whatever they are doing some people are always thinking oh it’s already too late, I’m watching this video and Cyber Monday that’s not true. All you have to do is change the Monday word with week. So, just change your website with cyber week and put that everywhere and you should be good. So, don’t think that you can still make decent amount of, you can literally improve your conversion rate to a decent amount just by using Cyber Week in your titles and everywhere you know and the next pillar is of course scaling using Facebook Ads. You know it’s not possible to scale the crazy numbers like this when you are just starting out. Sorry to break your bubble but why it’s not possible? Because first of all you probably going to run to the cash flow issue and then probably gonna run into Shopify payment, then you’re probably gonna run into PayPal hold and then you probably going to run into Facebook Account Issues. These are all the real issues you have to run through before you get to the level. You’re gonna look at this not as issues, these are like stepping stones. You have to get through this to get to the next level, you have to deal with this issue you can so you can scale. So, what I’m talking about let’s say, if you never have a Shopify hold that means you never hit the limit. When you hit the limit, when Shopify thinks he is doing too many payments, then they’ll start holding your money. So, that’s what you want it to happen so you can get over with it. So, next time you scale, they don’t hold it. Because every time now I scale, I’d never get holds from Stripe or PayPal. I’m gonna touch on wood, you know but I don’t run into issues like that because I already been through issues like that. So, let’s just go through each issue at a time. So, first one is cash flow issue. Basically, that’s assume you have a 10k credit card, your credit card limit is ten thousand, you have one thousand cash in debit card. Let’s say you start scaling, you know. If you are already spending eight to nine hundred dollars a day, right? You’ll see what happens is there’s this thing called payment processor time. This is how it works, every time someone buys from you store it takes about two to three days till you get that money in your bank. Let’s say someone buys on your store, Shopify payments wouldn’t pay you for another two three days and that takes the time to get the money to your bank and same with PayPal. If someone buys something on PayPal, it takes about two to three days so you get that in your PayPal account. Now let’s say so you were charging your Facebook ads on your credit card, right? Then whenever your payments post on your credit card, when you do the clear the payment it takes about two days. So, basically it can take up to three to five days, let’s just consider five days. He wouldn’t just have enough money to scale. So, what’s the good rule of thumb is, if you have 10k credit, you want to divide that by four or five and that should be your daily spend if you know if you want things to go smoothly. So, imagine this. You have a 10k credit card and and you were spending 3000 every single day right so you’re spending 3000 and then you are making $5,000 back right so after three days you spend 9000 and you made 15,000. But the 15,000 you made is not in your bank account yet. It’s still in Shopify payments, so it will take time and what would happen on the fourth day your card will get declined. So, that’s why you want to divide that number by four or five whatever your bank is. Usually I think Amex and Chase are the most faster ones. So, that’s why I put them right there. But again, divide the number by four and then eventually what you want to do is open up multiple credit cards. This is a solution right here you want to start opening multiple credit cards. Of course, depending on your credit and all that stuff, it might not be possible. What you can do is you can open an LLC and start utilizing business credit cards. Whenever you open a LLC what happens is a lot of banks will do business with you and just because you give them the EAN number, they will let you open up a credit card on the EAN number which is a good plus. They’ll usually give you a good limit up to 25 to 30,000$. Of course, it depends on yourself too but again they treat business as a separate entity too. So, you have good chances. Again, another thing you can use is if you’re a good relation with your parents or friend you can use their credit cards. If you are scaling your property right so it shouldn’t be an issue, but again you understand it comes with a risk you might start losing money so you want to be super careful. But again you can use your parents or friends credit card. Another thing you want to do is, whenever you open a new credit card, you want to connect that credit item debit card right away to Facebook Ads manager and start spending some money on it. Because sometimes what happen is Facebook will decline that payment, not decline there is a billing threshold on certain credit cards. So, you want to connect them and make sure they’re running everything smoothly. I literally have 14 credit cards, so I know a thing or two about credit cards and I have all these cards connected to Facebook Ads manager. So, when I say you something, you wanna listen to this step very carefully. You want to have multiple credit cards; you want to scale multiple. I have a credit limit of half million dollars and I kind of still sometimes run into issues here. So, whatever I’m saying you make sure to start building your credit. This is very important if you want to scale your business. The second one, the other issue is Shopify payment hold. What it is, after you start scaling to like five to 8k, depends it’s different for every single person. First time the shop repayments hold this super simple, they just want you to update your documents and you just give them your name, your business information, where you are you selling, how are you selling, how you’re getting audience? That’s super easy you get rid of that within three to five days, right? But there’s a real hole that comes into place when you start making 5/6/7/8K a day and all your money will be stuck there for 90 days. So, they would be like over here holding money, you’re a high-risk business we can’t do anything. All you do is, you wait it out for 40 to 45 days and then after that you ask for reviews. Like hey, can you guys please review my accountant in there anyways you guys can take off the hold? Most of the time, if you’re have if you never had any disputes of charge that stuff like that, it wouldn’t be a hundred percent hold. It would be probably about a 25/35 percent hold. Which is still bad because you still cannot scale if there’s a 25 percent hold. I mean profit margin is 25 percent. So, that means you’re kind of making nothing, you know and you might go back in debt. So, that’s what you want to avoid that. What’s the solution to this? Once you get chucked at them and hold all you want to do is download this call app called Zipify, it’s literally Zipify, just search it on Google and it will pop up. You want to use Stripe, you know you want to connect Zipify’s upsell app and you want to connect stripe with Zipify and then boom now you have another payment processor where you can take payments through. Another thing you want to do is you want to hire another VA and to make sure that this VA speaks good English, because what you wanna do with this customer, it’s gonna be phone customer service. Why we are doing this? When you are in the hold period, you don’t want to want to have any disputes or charge back, which will hurt you. You know how we are trying to get our money back in 40 to 45 days? If you start getting a lot of disputes or charge backs and they’re not gonna give you your money back for 90 days. So, this is what you want to do. Hire another VA for extra phone service and just add then the email like is if someone is mad or wants to open up a dispute and stuff like that, just call and have that VA call them and try to figure that out. Try to refund them as fast as possible, you want to avoid dispute at all cost when you are in this stage. Because if you starting doing in disputes, they’re not gonna give you money within 45 days. All right so the next one is PayPal hold. You know so what you want to do is once you get into the PayPal hold, all you have to do is disconnect your Paypal from your store, Shopify store and just connect a different PayPal account to Shopify. But remember you have to scale down. If you are still running the same volume, even your other account is gonna run into the same PayPal hold issue. So, let’s say you scale to 5 to 8k and they got a PayPal hold. All you have to do is disconnect the shop, disconnect the other shop. So, you already wanna have two PayPal business cards ready to go. You want to connect the other shop but scale it down from 5K, bring you that to 800 to 900$ per day. If you don’t want to scale it down what you want to do is, just let the ads run. It will hurt the conversion rate for like a few days. But eventually your pixel will reoptimize for only finding people that put their credit card in your site. So, that happened to one of my friends, that’s how he does it. He got banned by PayPal. So, what he does is, he literally every time you launch a product, every time he scaled, his pixel is trained to only find people they are gonna use their credit card. Another thing is PayPal holds are super easy to deal, they have the best customer service. Unless like YouTube and Facebook where they have YouTube and Facebook has terrible customer service. But Paypal, they are great. So, usually their holds are within 7 to 21 days. Most off, it’s so easy to avoid disputes in this. Whenever you are on the hold, all you have to do is just keep an eye on a resolution center and just avoid the disputes. Just reach out to people, whatever they should they have, just refund them. “Oh? You don’t like this product?”, refund them. PayPal does not consider a resolution center issues as disputes. So, that’s the best option you have and another thing you want to do is, in a resolution center there’s a section where you can put your phone number You want to put that phone number, that’s connected to the VA. So, that VA can literally call that back be like “Hey, please don’t open a dispute, we will do the refund right now”. Remember PayPal it’s never like Stripe. Stripe is just like straight up “We just gonna hold your money, go fuck yourself”. But with PayPal, they’re like if you can update tracking numbers, we will give you your money back. So, that’s what you want to do. You want to hire another VA that’s updating the tracking number and you’ll get your money like within I think 24 hours or something. So, that’s great and they have another tool is called ‘Funds Now’. You wanna use that tool which is great, which avoid you getting your money hold for riskier payments. I think that’s a great tool and for next time, once you go through this hold and after seven days they lift it up and make sure you’re adding tracking numbers and hire another VA and putting up all those, next time just call them that’s what I did before Black Friday. I just called them and went like “Hey, can you do that?” They will say you oh there’s no way we can make sure you will never get a hold. I was like yeah I understand, but can you just make a note on the side that I will be sealing a million dollars a month for Black Friday and Christmas and she was like yeah and she just took a note. There’s a note they can take. So, remember to tell them. They’ll say “Oh we can do nothing”. Just tell them “Hey can you just please take a note under there” and when they take a note and it will be super easy for you to get your money back. All right so the next issue is PayPal account issues. Everyone deals with that; I personally never had any issues with Facebook. I never got anything banned but this is what recently happened. My whole business, my whole personal account is gone. You know how that’s why I’m not adding people in the group because I don’t have access to that. All my business managers. I had six business managers, all of them are gone. All the pixel, all the pages everything is gone. But like I said what I did was I shared a pixel with another Facebook’s website. So, that’s why I’m able to use that. I’m scaling on that one. You know and this is you’re gonna run on to it. So, just get over it with it. Mostly you will have issues like your Facebook ads getting disabled, that issues super easy to fix. All you have to do is spend $25 on a single ad account and just promote nothing but your picture, be like “Hey guys, follow me on Instagram or something like that.” Promote that for $25 and then even create four more ad accounts. So, you want to connect all those five accounts and you want to share the pixel with all five ad accounts. Again, every time your account get disabled, what you want to do is you wanna continue your ads on the new ad account and just reach out with support and be super nice to them, ask them for a review, if you are not neglecting their guide lines. Make sure to read guidelines, this should be on your task to read every single guidelines Facebook has and follow them. Follow the guidelines otherwise they’ll ban your account, you don’t want to get banned by Facebook all right? Make sure to have backups on backups. Like I said this is the crazy number of backups I have. So, first pixel I share that pixel with five different accounts and that five different ad accounts get shared with another two Facebook ad accounts. So, I even shared my Facebook pixel with my VA. So, in case I get completely banned, everything goes. I can still tell my VA, hey can you go inside and turn on the ads and all that stuff. So, that’s super important and another thing, I’m just starting out. I’m not sure how effective that is, there’s this tool called Trackify, where you can back your pixel completely off from Facebook so you can put it back on. It’s a little technical software I wouldn’t recommend to newbies. So, I’m trying that out, that’s another way of backing it up. You always want to run ads on multiple ad accounts. Me personally, I don’t do that. But what I only do is I’ll have one of my primary Ad accounts, where that’s where I’m currently running like all the ads. But I’ll have a mini ad account where I’m kind of spending about a thousand to two thousand dollars a day. So, in this case, if the primary gets banned, I’ll copy these ads and paste them right there then and there. So. that’s another way of doing it. Solution, how do what Facebook model should use good quality ads. You know use a really good quality and every any time Facebook gives you a warning. They’ll give warnings like this “Low quality ad”, “poor ad experience”, “request mental review”, all the times they give you that, I just like to delete the ad right away. I’m not gonna request for review if it’s a bad ad. They’re saying low quality ads, I know you can still make sales from them but I would not run them. What Facebook is doing is they mark you as a bad quality user. They remember that this person runs bad quality ads. So, next time your page, your domain and your ad accounts get blacklisted. So, you have to switch all those things up if you wanna continue getting good reach. So, remember use good quality ads and any of you have a warning, just take them down and of course follow guidelines. Alright and also, you know smash the like button for 30,000 not even 30,000, 62,000$. So, smash the like button. No one is actually making that money. No one on the internet, actually making that money and showing you right away. Other than my boy, Beastoff E-com. Shoutout, Beastoff E-com. So, again the next step is Facebook scaling. You know Facebook scaling this is how much on that particular day I spend, as you guys can see, I it allocated for you. So, you guys have a better understanding how exactly I’m spending my money. So, you see I’m spending a lot of money on retargeting, I’m spending about four hundred dollars. We are spending CBO’s plus look like in main country, which is about 5600$. So, this is the breakdown, you can do it for yourself. So, I’ll going to detail of each one of what each of these means and how you can launch them in your own business. So, after your retargeting and plus how to scale them you know. Like I said, if you watch my old video, you know I really never believed in retargeting like that. But I just started believing that because of the ROI is absolutely crazy and you can make some easy money from it. I’ll just learn how you can actually, you can even scale the. I didn’t know you can scale them. I was running 5$ retargeting ads the whole time. So, this is kind of how they work. So, you make an audience of each of these listed right here. What you do is you include this audience in the source audience and then you exclude them in the next step. So, let me show you what I’m talking about. So, you go here. So, you see that icon you’ll go inside and then you edit that and right here everything will look similar and all you want to do is to scroll down right here, source audience where it custom. You’ll create a VV 75. You put that right here. It will pop up of course I don’t have one. Then what you want to do is exclude all the people who video viewed 95 percent and boom you kind of follow the process down the line here. Then the next different ad set will be VV-95 percent and it will exclude all the people who viewed content. Then again, the next step all the people who viewed content, but didn’t add to cart. All the people who added to cart but didn’t initiate a check out. All the people who initiated a check out but didn’t purchase. Usually you want to start with three days and then launch another campaign with seven days. Try all of them, they kind of leech off each other. What I mean by it’s gonna be like funnel, you know how you are making funnels. People, you wanna show ads to people who video viewed 75 percent, but they don’t really use 95 percent. So, it’s like steps. So, you wanna let them all run. You know if your campaign is profitable at the whole level, I’ll let all my retargeting ads run even if some of them are unprofitable. So, just to show you a live example. This is kind of what’s going on, as you guys see this is my ad on that day, we did a 3x ROIs and I spent about 360, and I made whatever how much however I made, 3x. You’ll see this one has made me about 4x ROS which is absolutely insane, I think and I have spent $1,100 and I made about $5,000, which is absolutely beautiful. So, you definitely want to utilize this option. As you guys can see it’s literally the same one. Add to cart – purchased. Add to Cart video views – 95 %, all that stuff. You know another one is you can use is Facebook Ads and Instagram and people who engage with your Facebook or Instagram but didn’t purchase. Another way of scaling them is you take this campaign and you literally duplicate this campaign wherever this campaign is and you duplicate this into a traffic campaign. So, this is a conversion campaign, all you want to do is duplicate this and then it literally just changes the conversion window. Where it’s a conversion, we will just select traffic right here and just publish that. Of course, it will give you some errors, you fix that that and you should be good you know. That’s another way of scaling, another way of doing this running DPA ads. What is DPA, it’s called dynamic product ads. This is probably the most complicated thing to set it up but this can give you good results. So, first you need to add something like pixel perfect or Trackify or Facebook feeds and these apps give you a little a clipboard link. You copy that link and you put the link right here you go to catalogs, right here catalogs. You put that link right there and what happens is somehow magically your shop gets connected to your Facebook pixel through catalog. Then what you can do is you can run multiple ads; you know how we are manually doing it? We are doing like “Oh, Add to Cart” but you no initiative, checkout. You can literally, there’s the option in there. You don’t have to create audience and DPA Ads audience are kind of already created. You just do that ad creative which is only carousel ads. So, I think that’s a great way to try that, it’s not working for me for this particular store. But in the past, I had good results with this. So, that’s another way of scaling retargeting ads and if all these things are working great I would absolutely duplicate this campaign into a new campaign and change that to a CBO. To change to a CBO all you have to kind of do is, so if something is working all you gotta do is just turn this on right here and that’s the CBO campaign. I would start with $200 depending on how confident you are and then we’ll go from there, you know. So, that’s the way to retargeting ads if you follow this exact strategy you can easily scale your Facebook retargeting ads to a thousand dollars a day and they will likely bring you 4x ROS and you are making about three thousand dollars profit. I mean based on your what you are selling, you are probably making about twenty-five hundred dollar profit each day just from Facebook retargeting. So, which is absolutely crazy crazy amount of progress and this is the trick here to get really good results with FB retargeting you want to use bunch of bunch of bunch of ad creatives. So, I put the types right there. So, first you want to do is carousel ads. Carousel ads is like a bunch of pictures put together. You can even do carousel videos so you can have a bunch of videos put together. Another thing you can do is take testimonial pictures from your customer I’ll go on Aliexpress and use that as a picture and write a good paragraph. “Hey I just got this gift for my girlfriend; she absolutely loves it. I’m so glad” but make a good as long as this description and put that and try one testimonial with code, try another testimonial with no code and then you want to try a different code. So, you want to try with five percent, 15 percent and then just try a reveler picture. You know order the product yourself and take a regular picture with your hand or something like that, try that you know? Then again try some professional pictures from Aliexpress for retargeting. You can even try a regular video out this I’m using two of the reveler which are doing really good. One of them is this my friend explaining what the product is and the other one is he just pretending to open it. So, you can do that and you can do review videos. You know you can send it to somebody some influencer and have them review it. Talking video, talking video is just basically you will pull out the product and you talk about the product. You can use your face. I mean no one really knows you, so you can literally put whatever product is “Here this is the thing, this this is this this is this” and you can even get a professional video. Try that and run all this pen in the same ad grid. So, you if you look at my thing it’s a little bit harder for me to show cuz I’m gonna reveal my products. So, I cannot go in there so basically each I said have literally about 10 creatives. All these crazy creatives. So, you want to throw them all in there and let them run. Don’t try to do is where “Oh, this is working best. I’m gonna turn all the other ones off.” Don’t turn anything off in retargeting campaign, like I told you the leech off each other. People see these ads over and over again and they went to need to buy your products, so don’t turn them off. If the campaign level is profitable, I would leave everything as it is. Of course, if it’s negative, then you have to tweak it around. So, the next one we talked about is CBO Plus look like. So, what you want to do is you want to first launch look like audience in the most profitable country. Which was for me US. So, what I did was launched 10 ad sets from the same source I started with $200. But as I get more confident, I started launching bigger higher budget CBO’s. Yesterday I lost thousand-dollar CBO’s because my product is absolutely killing it. So, I’m just getting more and more confident. But I started with $200 CBO’s you know? By this time, you should already know what ad creative is working for you. So, I only scale with one ad creative, I do not scale it with three ad creatives. I just delete the other two and I scale it one ad creatives. You can still test new creatives in that thing. I’m not doing that because I’m like I’m trying to scale, I’m trying to get all the money I can squeeze out of this. Of course, if this starts to get lousy. I’ll get another ad done and then coordinate but I think I’m on the wrong in there you should be already ready. You should already have ad creatives that you want to use if they stopped working. So, I first create a source custom audience and let’s say we created a custom audience of VV 95 and then you just create it look like audience of 0 to 1 percent, 1 to 2 percent, 3 to 4 percent, 5 to 4 so and so on. These are the look like types. I always start with VV 95, these are usually the most profitable for me for these ad counts. It’s the most profitable but that’s not always the case if it’s different for different people. I always started at seven days. So, I’ll create a custom audience, all the people who viewed my video up to 95 percent in the last seven days and launched a two hundred and another VC view content campaign. I’ll then wait two days if they are profitable and are doing good, what I will do I’ll do a launch more look like audiences. I’ll launch a VV 75 percent seven days and now I’ll start launching at 300$ because I’m getting more confident. Then I will launch add to cart look alike, I’ll even launch purchase look alike. But if it is still not available, if it’s saying source is too small just go with initiate checkout. After this step you wait two three days, if it’s still profitable, I’ll launch every single look alike that there is possible in this world. This is where you start making money and what I do is same seven day, but this time I lost them at $500 each. This is a little bit of an advanced video, all the type of look like you can create. You can create a multiple video views, you even created people who watched your video for three seconds, watch your video for 10 seconds, watch your video for 15 second, watch 25 percent, watched 50 percent, watched 75, watched 95 percent. Again, with video, you can do view content, Add to Cart, purchase, initiate check out. You can do by time span, you can do people with a certain page, so you can do all that. After two to five days if all the look like or you see of course not every single audience is going to be profitable, but if you look overall? Overall if you are spending ten thousand when you are making eighteen thousand, seven thousand, seventeen thousand and you are profitable. So, what you want to do is after two to five days if they are profitable. You want to launch all these look-alikes but this time in thirty days. You know how we selected the last seven days, this time you select the last 30 days. If all those are profitable you want to launch big four, you know rather than just selecting USA, you want to select New Zealand, Canada, Australia and the UK, these four countries exclude US from here because we already have US. Then you need to go do you hop on the worldwide. You just do whether by traffic, you know another way as to you scaling is $5 cold targeting. By the way these all, I listed right here. Right here this is how much I’m spending and now what I’m doing is I’m breaking down each step, how do these work? Because you can see I’m spending $400 on this, I’m spending 5600 on this, 1650t on this and that’s how I’m scaling with different kinds of CBO campaigns. Now we’re just going now what are these different kind of CBO campaigns. In this as you guys can see this is cold targeting, this is not a CBO campaign. This is literally five-dollar CBO cold targeting, this is literally five-dollar ad sets. So, these are optimizing ads have never not kept a level. So, I’m using a dollar just cause you know I’m rich so I can spend more money. I’m just kidding, because this product is actually doing great for me. So, I was like let’s just do 8$ because I was trying to spend more money. So, you but stick to 5$ cold targeting, they always do good. You always want to keep introducing new cold audience. Always always always. What it does is actually refresh the data, if you just started using look like, if you only use look like you’ll see after four or five seven days your pixel kind of gets, uh. I don’t know what this is it’s exhaustion or what it is but it’s just cannot find new people. So, that’s why you want to introduce new cold audiences so your pixel is kind of mixing and matching and always finding new people. Use any keyword you can think of. There’s let’s say if you were selling a bit of hair product, use any single keyword you can think off and run them, Literally five-dollar ads, all you have to do is go here and you know you’re go to right here. You’re selling a hair product what I will do is, I’ll just search hair serum. Then I’ll literally do that and I’ll go through suggestion, I’ll milk it out. Milk out every single suggestion and there will be a point you’ll run out of these. So, what you want to do is then you want to stack them. So, stack of multiple suggestions let’s say wig and then we can do Victoria’s Secret. Now you click suggestions again. Now you’ll see that this will change up the suggestion. This is how you milk are every single suggestion that is possible and you launch all of them. I’m saying you will be launching crazy amount of interest. You were launching 50/60 interest every two three days you know and milk out the suggestion box, literally milk it out. Any single you can think of and what you want to do is, all the ones that gets you to plus sale in last 3-4 days you want to duplicate them ten times in the same campaign. Just make a big mess in the same campaign. I don’t really care about that at this point because I’m making my main money from CBO, this is just to refresh my pixel. Again, of course you want to turn the unprofitable one off, the ones that are not making you money. Remember, if this campaign, as long they’re breaking even at the campaign level I don’t really go super hard on them. Because you don’t understand this isn’t kind of a roll to make money, this is just to kind of refresh the pixel so pixel has some cold interest people and look-alikes and some retargeting people. So, that’s why it brings you the best kind of new people. So, that’s the point of this campaign right here. Again, CBO cold targeting, so what I’m doing is all the profitable audience that I find from the last step, I duplicate them ten times into a new campaign. So, let’s say I’ve found that hair serum is working great. So, I’ll duplicate that ten times into a new CBO campaign and we’ll ask them 200, 300, 500 or whatever your risk tolerance is. That’s it, I will have a bunch of cold targeting campaigns. As you guys can see, currently I’m spending about thirty three hundred dollars on CBO Cold targeting campaign. This is quite a lot of money you know but like I said they do really good and these are by far my most profitable audience. CBO’s look alike this is the same step as the first time but what we do it this time is we use the second most profitable country. You know let’s say you are absolutely killing in USA and you check for your sales and you see all you are even getting good amount of traffic and good amount of sales or purchases from that country you want to try that country and launch all the look alike. For me, how do you break it down? The easier ways of doing this rather than going on a campaign level where you will have a bunch of campaigns just go to a count overview and then just scroll down here right here and you just want to do break down by country right here and it will pop up all the countries and you just go by website purchases, it will make a list. For me it was Australia and I launched a bunch of look alikes in Syria, it didn’t do great for me but like I say you never know till you test it. So, you want to test that out. For me the other countries that are doing great is literally the big four I showed you it’s UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. CBO no targeting. What this is, is literally order placement and no audience. You know how we are always selecting an audience here. If you go to add some level we always put something here, we are putting it into the custom or in surrounding what I do is literally this cleared out and nothing here. Everything clean, just clean and just running them. These are worldwide campaigns and you start them at thousand dollars. They only have one ad set; you know the whole CBO campaign just have one ad set and I launched them a thousand. They are absolutely killing it for me yesterday what I did I changed it to from thousand to five thousand and it still absolutely was killing. You know so that right crazy, I just learned that it’s super easy to scale these kinds of campaigns aggressively. So, you can absolutely do that I’m doing another test today, I’ll let you know how that goes. On this one so I’m changing our audience from 5,000 10,000 and let’s see how that performs today, literally no targeting and no edit placement. You want to do automatic placements and everything open, the gender open, age open and you just launch them and use the same ad creative that you’re already using. Again, another type of CBO I’m using is value based. What it happens is when you select audience right here, you’ll see some of the audience will give you this box right here. Switch to value-based look alikes and all you do is just click on this button and it will change this audience to the value base and you wanted to do all 10 of them. So, you see there’s two to three percent what you want to do they do the same step to 3 to 4, 4 to 5, 5 to 6 and now you have value based and look alikes. Which all kind of do good, you’ll be surprised how good they do sometimes. Of course, you never know which one is going to do good till you go out there test it for yourself and another kind of CBO, another kind of value base CBO’s, are smashing the like button right now. So, smash the like button another kind of value based you can do is you can go to Shopify customers and you can export that list. It’s literally an email list, so what you want to do is you go to Shopify and this customer section right here, so you’ve put a filter right here. You do a filter all the people who are in last and all the people who spend more than forty-seven. Why I’m selecting forty-seven cause my cost, what it costs for people to buy and get that product shipped is under forty-seven dollars. So, let’s say you were selling a product for $25 you want to do all the people who spent more than twenty-six dollars. So, what is this is now you have an email list after you do that you can export this list. You can upload this list into Facebook and Facebook will create an audience of all these people and then what you do is, you just great look likes from this audience and you’ll see this will be sometimes most profitable. Usually it doesn’t do that for dropshipping but it do crazy numbers for people for personal brands. Another thing is even go to analytics, create an audience of people who visited your paid two or more times. You can go to analytics in shuffle as manager and you can create an audience of people who viewed content two or more time. So, what you want to do is you want to go here, you want to go to analytics, and then you go to Percentile, and all you do is just add a filter, just do create a new filter, perform that add people view the content two times. Number of content views, and event count is greater than two, and boom. You’ll see it will load up here, it will be a little percentage, only 5% people viewed content two or more times. So, what we want to do is just go click on here and do create custom audience, that’s about it, you create custom accordions, and then we have a new custom audience. You launch these look-alikes, another way off is going to Zipify, and creating a list of all the people who bought something from Zipify. What is Zipify, it is upsell app. Basically value-based audience is basically this, all the people who spend more than usual money or all the people who are more interactive with our page more than usual. So, you want to create that. On Zipify, you just tell every single person who bought upsell, you make a list of those people, and you create look like bargains. What you do is, you can even run them worldwide, US and best performing country. So, each value based custom source will have three kinds of different or look like audience. One will be worldwide, one will be in US, and one will be, you know it could be best performing country, or second best performing country. So, we already went over all the crazy different kinds of CBO campaign. They’re out there, I probably someone I miss that I don’t even know about. So, if you know something that I don’t know please let me know in the comment section, I would love to learn. I’m always a learner. The key points I want to mention is I usually never touch them for about two days. Every time I launch CBO Campaign, I don’t touch them for two days. If I’m profitable you know, of course even if I’m negative on the first day, I don’t test them. I’ll probably test them next day, on the second day, middle of the day, if it’s still negative you know. If I’m still losing money, only scale down, if I’m too much unprofitable. Otherwise, I like to wait it out. If let’s say, today I’m losing money. I wouldn’t do anything, I’ll wait another day, and tomorrow I’ll do something if I’m still losing money. CBO or all can be inconsistent but if you look at the span of seven days, they are usually profitable. So, that’s scary because if you’re spending ten thousand, you expect to be profitable every day. But that’s something a mental hurdle you get over with. Another thing I know a lot of people do this, they edit their campaign throughout the day. I personally don’t ever do them. I don’t add in my campaign, the only time I ever did that was yesterday, where this campaign was actually killing it, no targeting campaign. CBO campaign, what I did was over a thousand, and it was having a ROAS of 2.10. I literally raised that budget from 1,000 to 5,000, and it was literally. I was targeting people Cyber Monday. It was a Cyber Monday. I was like let’s see, and the ROAS dropped to 160 which is still profitable. I was able to spend about 3,000, I made a lot of money from that. So, that worked out for me. So, I personally never did that, you can do that on your own. My theory is if something is working, making me money. I’m not gonna get greedy, and try to make more money out of it. Let it make money, optimize the night before. I would never take mess with it. Take notes you know, I showed you multiple types you can scale your campaigns. So, you want to take notes what kind of campaigns work. Does look like work better for you, does value based on works good for you. Whatever works good for your ad account, you want to use that more often. Why you want to use something that doesn’t work for you at ad account. So, you want to take notes what kind of working you know, and the best way to scale CBO’s. I know this question is in your head, I’d never forget. Best way to scale CBO is increasing their budget about 150%. So, if a CBO is spending $1000, and after two days, it is profitable. I will raise the budget from 1000 to 1500, and that’s the most profitable way to scale CBO campaign. They usually stay super consistent, at least for my ad account. It’s super consistent way to scale but of course as its Cyber Monday and Black Friday, you know I do get greedy sometimes. So, I’ll be kind of doubling the budget. If someone is spending 750, I’m duplicating them to 1500. It happens you know, but like I said once this is over. I’ll stick to this rule, I only increase my CBO to 150%. Another way, I used to scale CBO campaigns, if one of the ad set is really doing good, and even if it’s like look like audience, I duplicate that ten times to do a new campaign. Another way I used to kind of fix a CBO inconsistency, if it’s unprofitable I’ll go inside the CBO, and I’ll turn off all the ads sense that’s getting me bad results. None of my ads, literally that’s why I said in the beginning, I don’t believe I’m getting this recipe off Black Friday. None of my ad says Cyber Monday other than one ad, and it has the same ROAS. So, that just kind of tells me, just having type in Cyber Monday on your ad, copy doesn’t make the craziest impact because that ROAS is 1.60 on that Cyber Monday campaign. The other ones are getting me about 162. So, I don’t kind of see the point you know. So, like I said but it could be different for different products. For me, it’s a gift. So, it might be people just want to buy more of it, if they think its Cyber Monday, they think it’s a sale going on. Again the most important part of this really overcoming limiting beliefs, by the way this video is very close to my heart because I would watch videos like this. I would like a dream of, oh I wish I could make, because 30,000 is kind of big number. Especially 32,000, 33,000, there are big numbers. I would always like oh that’s crazy that person is making that, only person I know that would do that is [INAUDIBLE]. So, that’s why I said shout out because I watched his video, and that kind of inspired me was like I’m gonna do million a month. I almost hit close, I had 900K but like I said next one I’m gonna do million a month. So, I got inspired from his video, and his numbers were all this crazy and that’s kind of made it real, and that’s what I want to do. I want to make it real, that it’s so real to do 30000, 33000. It’s not out of the north, and remember all the people who stick so far. We’re gonna do a profit breakdown, that is I didn’t mention it up in the beginning, because I hate those people who only want to stick for profit breakdown, like they don’t want to learn. Just want to know how much I’ve made which is stupid. So, that’s why I want you smash the like button because this is very close to my heart. Alright, so overcoming limiting belief, self-doubt. It’s so hard that, oh can I really do this, can I really scale a product 30,000, you just have to make it real, you have to watch this video again and again to think that you can do it. If I can do it, you can definitely do it. There’s, I mean other people on the internet now doing it. So, why can’t you do it. I’m doing that and at the same time I’m making videos, so come on you can definitely do that. Of course there’s fear of losing money, I still do this, they have fear of losing money, when you especially spend fifteen thousand a day. I know you are thinking what if I lose all that, which never happens, you’re never gonna lose all of it. The worst thing gonna happen is you are gonna lose $2000, $3000, which I think is fine. If I make twenty thousand and last four days I’ve made 20000 profit last four days, I don’t really mind losing to three thousand for learning. Because it is learning curve, and I know if the product is going down or up. So that’s how it is. Of course don’t panic it the middle of the day, if you feel that campaigns are unprofitable, don’t try to start tweaking and changing everything up, don’t do that. Only make a detailed think through decision, think thoroughly and then make a decision, that’s why I like to sit at night around 8:00 or 8:30s, and then I put 3-4 hours carefully analyze what’s my next step is, what I’m gonna do, how I’m gonna scale this campaign, to what my strategy I look over my list. You know this is how I have all the notes, what is working good for me and I’ll go through them and I’ll do that kind of campaigns or this is working for good for me, increasing the budget works just for me. I’ll do that you know and again don’t panic, just stick through it and make a habit. Time that, that’s when you’re gonna add only time I would do this in the middle of the day at 12:00 I do like to check my ads and see how they are doing good. If they’re breaking even or profitable and test them if they’re super super unprofitable, I still don’t touch them, if it’s the first day they are unprofitable you know. If it’s the second day under and profitable then I’ll good tweak them. Make a decision you know like I said if I just talked about it you want to make a decision when you’re gonna edit. Don’t sit on the computer do go out there do something you know throughout the day enjoy and then come back because if you’re about it with checking sales every five minutes. Make sure if your schedule these numbers turn off notification on your phone, it will screw with your head. So, don’t leave the notifications on and you will have crazy because once you see all these things coming in you’ll start spending money like crazy oh I’m already rich I’m making $10,000 a day let’s just spend all that money. So, don’t do that turn off notifications on the phone and don’t check sales every five minutes it will fuck with your head and like I said only make detail, the heart through decision, think carefully and then make a decision. Don’t make a decision and then think about it okay because it’s scaling, you know this is your money you want to be very careful. Be careful about your money and this is a total profit. You know we made revenue about $30,000. $30,000 in the beginning and I forgot to mention in the beginning, that we did spend on this one. There’s other ad accounts I’m spending money on I spent 900 also and that’s a total we spend about 16,000, I’m roughing the numbers out and COGS, it’s how much it cost me to get the products. We had 594 orders and averagely cost me about $8 for one product shipped, because we are shipping from USA. We’re doing 14 day shipping only for US customers. So, that cost about this and this is 14 30s from upsells and some people buy – some people buy three and all this stuff adds up – I paid about 6182 dollars in COGS, so my profit was 7856 so it just comes about 26% you know of course I know there are more expenses probably you know Shopify fees, and all that stuff but I kinda, come on now let’s be real how much is it really that can be. That’s still a good profit 7800$. Like I said usually never happens, everything is the harder. That’s why I said 26%. Usually my profit margin stays from 12% to 18%, especially when I’m scaling to 33,000. So, I would consider myself a little bit lucky because of the holidays but like I said don’t think if your store is 12 to 14%, then you’re doing something wrong. You’re doing nothing wrong you just sometimes get blessed better algorithm. Yesterday I had 18%, you know so that’s just a reality and it’s still a new product you know so that’s why you don’t understand it’s easier to get higher profit margin. But eventually I think well after two three weeks, I’m with this product the profit margin is probably not drop to 14 to 13 percent. Which I’m completely fine with it, if I’m making thirty thousand a day I’m doing 12 to 15% profit I’m still making forty five hundred five thousand dollars a day. So, which is completely fine you know. So, that’s it for you know really oh yeah let’s mention this real quick. As I showed you I’m making about 8000$ profit a day and last few months being crazy. So, for me doing consulting costs for the cheap kind of doesn’t, it’s not fair to watch myself you know from adoption business. I put four to six seven hours a day and I make seven thousand. That basically means I’m making thousand dollars per hour right. So, I’m doing 297 dollars in cost I’m completely canceling that out, you know I cannot do that. I’m gonna raise the consulting price to you know 997$ because that’s only fair towards me and each consulting session we don’t never end it at one hour. I always like to help the people all the way out. So, I go it usually lasts about 90 minutes to two hours you know. So, I’m gonna do one less call all the people who want to do it actually instead of 497 I’ll do 397 one last time book them for December 8th and after that I’m gonna bump the price to 997. Again, I don’t want to work with don’t tell me – I’m not gonna show you how to connect your Facebook pixel to your shop, come on figure that out on Youtube. Let’s if you have real question you are struggling and you just cannot get the hand off, what’s going on, what are you doing? Then you want to hit me up. If you don’t know what are you doing wrong? What scaling strategy you should use if you need help scaling all you need help testing more products. How do you find more products and all this stuff then you want to hit me up book a call on sagarmiller.com and we’ll definitely go over it. This is the last time I’m gonna do 397$, so take it or leave it all up to you after that I think I’ll raise it up to 997$ because that’s only fair towards me. Remember I’m still doing that free mentorship giveaway, this is what I’m gonna do I’m actually replied to all the comments so tell me go back to that video and you want to tell me why you think you should be the winner. Where are you currently with drop shipping? So, this is what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna pick three people and I’m gonna get on the call to them and interview them. Kind of see what they are with drop shipping how much budget they have, because of course I’m not gonna work with somebody who doesn’t have a budget. That’s kind of wasting the mentorship out work with somebody who have a budget, a basic knowledge of drop shipping and based on that will take take that person from zero whatever he wants. Whatever results you want to achieve you know. Subscribe, if you got value. Absolutely destroy the like word and destroy the like button let’s get this Gucci shoes, I might do a video where I’m getting Gucci shoes, I’m not sure I was thinking about it. It would be funny but we’ll do it one day. Alright guys, peace have fun, subscribe make sure to destroy the like button right now and make sure to subscribe if you learn something and make sure the implement this. Don’t just watch it and just go home. Okay? Peace.


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    I have my own E-commerce company with similar strategies to dropshipping but I have my own stock of fashion items that I make here and I work with MercadoLibre (it is a marketplace similar to Amazon). Honestly I am doing well and much better than the average of the inhabitants of the country. I have a monthly average turnover of U$20,000.

    I want to generate an income in dollars. Imagine how it would boost my business to have an income in dollars … It would be crazy!

    I have "advanced" knowledge in Dropshipping since I did several courses (Arie Scherson, Gabriel St Germain, Bruno Sanders and some more) and because I additionally work with the same methodology in my country but with my own stock.

    I would like you to be my mentor and invite you to Argentina in the future! You will love it without a doubt.

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