Hello guys,
welcome again Today I have for you this
package sent to me by
my friend Toni
from the Netherlands very many,
many thanks Toni Toni belongs to the
uklocksport.co.uk forum,
same as me He is always very generous, he sent me a package
with a lot of DOM locks
that I offered on my channel great locks and now send me
this other package I know that a
Kaba Gemini is coming I’m looking forward to
putting myself with them I know that he also sends
me a Master lock,
in the form of a loan, he is interested in seeing it
and pick it, it will be a pleasure and I do not know what
else it brings inside, but it weighs 1.8 kg,
it weighs a lot so something else
comes here inside it’s very exciting,
as always let’s open the package
and let’s see what
Tony sends us Let’s do it Yes, a lot of things come, let’s go taking
them out one by one let´s see… LIPS he sent me a padlock, a Burg Wätcher padlock
with a LIPS core is a clone of Keso 2000, and I have not
managed to open it, still waiting for me and I do not know
what to do with him anymore, LIPS, it’s very interesting, I do not know where
this brand is from, It also has two stars, the SKG certification Well, the bitting
is spectacular LIPS this one stays in
my collection, sure it’s very very interesting,
it has five pins the cam is different, it seems that it
has an external clip It is very interesting you see,
he send spectacular locks,
Of course I had not
touched any like this let’s see what else… Wink Haus,
also with SKG certification I played Wink Haus with
this keyway, but
they did not have that certification here it is, five pins also a pretty key it’s interesting, very interesting come a bunch of locks we’ll see…
if we can see the manufacturer let’s see, I’m going to put
on my glasses,
wait a moment because I do
not see anything let’s see if it focuses I still see nothing… IVANA
necoloc It also has the SKG certification
it’s a more complicated keyway,
as you can see… I had never heard this manufacturer,
apparently it has six pins a key with six cuts
and as always, a very beautiful bitting,
a very short sixth and a relatively long fifth spectacular thank you very much Toni he sends me locks that
I have not heard Talk ever,
what else can you ask for? here another
IVANA necoloc, it has an even
better bitting this keyway does not
seem very inaccessible despite having many
side guards, it seems that
you can work from below Awesome It is very very nice I do not know if they
will fit me at the table… EVVA EVVA GPI here is the bitting, again, a very short fifth
and a very long third the keyway is
inaccessible… I have three EVVA locks
that Michael sent me, Potti314 and they are also
similar to this one they are very very inaccessible,
This is going to be a
challenge, that´s sure Awesome let’s see what else… yes, it’s a Pfaffenhain, look at the keyway, the position is this,
it’s spectacular,
I’ve seen this lock in some video, I think Tony from France, this is the key there you have the profile, spectacular, I have never
touched a lock
with this keyway It also has the SKG
certification, six pins apparently is a six pinner,
one, two, three, four, five and six it’s a challenge,
of course very many very
many thanks Toni this is awesome let’s see what else… This must be the Master lock but it does not seem… the bitting is spectacular, one, two, three, four and five, but… has a ball mechanism,
it’s interesting the closure is a ball It’s a Master steel lock,
I had never seen this model It does not seem difficult,
but if you send it to me
something will be let’s leave it here for now,
it’s a very nice lock I have to return it to him let’s see what else…
another Pfaffenhain the bitting is very nice,
again the last pin is very short, there you have it,
the key has been doubled,
it is a bit split… I do not know if it came
like this or it was during the trip,
I will try to straighten it, the keyway is very broad suspiciously easy I’m more afraid of these
than those that a
priori seem difficult there it is,
the key still works,
I do not want to force it anymore is very pretty I had never seen this
lock either everything you
send me is new to me and that is awesome let’s see what this is in the key reads BUVA and in the lock it reads… 2002/6
also the SKG certification I do not know if it’s
a white-label lock,
let’s see the keyway, the keyway is the same
as that of the Pfaffenhain,
yes it is it’s probably a
Pfaffenhain too it’s very similar,
it’s not identical,
but it’s very similary let´s see… It works perfect the bitting is pretty too,
it’s more flat but… the last one is very short,
six pins, awesome I do not know what to tell you,
all the locks are new for me
except the Wink Haus yes I have tried this keyway,
the rest… Abus It’s an Abus,
it has six pinner pretty bitting again It has a keyway… the keyway is paracentric I think you can
work well from here from this guard It also has the SKG
certification with two stars is very pretty sure it’s very very funny the Abus always tend to
play, let’s see what else… here is the Kaba I really like this model Gemini T Well, I’ve won some
Kaba Gemini, I’ve offered it
to you on my channel, but I do not know if it was
the Gemini T or
what models were this apparently
has five and five and five, fifteen it’s similar to
the ones I’ve picked but I think that this already
has pins with
the smallest head more together and
they are harder to touch I may have more problems
when it comes to picking here you can
see on the key in which I have picked,
the pins were bigger
and it’s easier touch those pins that
those with the small head they are very close together and it is easy to inadvertently
touch a pin and spoil the picking It’s very difficult,
that’s for sure I have no doubt,
it’s a challenge but a challenge that
I’m looking forward
to making front comes with its original key awesome thank you very much Toni,
it’s awesome thanks for everything,
They are new locks for me everyone, the brands I’ve already
touched, like Pfaffenhain, they did not have this
keyway, this one I love, this is very very cool aesthetically I do not know what it will
be like to pick it,
if easy or difficult it’s amazing, you see He is very very generous I’ll try this padlock
and I’ll tell you I dare not try the opening
nowbecause I will lengthen
the video a lot and
may not get to open it if you send it to me it’s
because it has something and it is not easy Well, this is the package
that Toni sends me, It is spectacular,
you have seen it I hope I can offer you
the openings soon They are new locks
in my channel, perfect thank you very much Toni
for everything and many
thanks to all for your time,
bye Hello again, well, as you can see,
I did not even collect the locks and I could not resist
try to pick this padlock let’s see it, because it’s
not an easy lock to open It is very very cool that’s what Master
padlocks should be and not what
we usually find the body is made of steel,
the ball mechanism,
all that is perfect but also carries
security pins and it gives a lot
of play in the picking I’ve opened it twice,
the first time I’ve been
close to five minutes because it clicks a lot I believe that it takes
spool with T end or spools with serrated ends and it gives a lot of feedback,
there are many clicks to open it,
the simplest thing is… set the pins completely,
go from the beginning to
the end, not click to click let’s see how we get first nothing second is binding one click
third nothing fourth nothing,
fifth nothing,
we go back to the first first click and it falls
into a false set second seems set,
third click two gives counterotation,
as you have seen it has done a clear click and now it
has counterotated,
we set it first nothing, second is binding the false set returns
that’s why I tell you that
I think they are spool
with serrations first, second and
third are set fourth makes a click,
there you have seen it and now it gives
counterotation, we set it,
we go back to the first the second does the
guard work, that’s clear first is set, second is set,
third is set, fourth… let’s go for the fifth it´s binding there one click and as in the
previous cases… when setting the spool it opens Well, it may have seemed easy,
but the first time, as it gives a very clear click
and requires high tension
to get the false set Well you can have a good
time feeling placements with
the serrated part of the drivers, small clicks,
small advances, and when you set one of
the spools you lose all
those advances from
the rest of the pins with what is a
bit disconcerting, but in any case,
it’s a very nice lock, very nice, a Master lock, I do not know the model,
I do not see the model,
it is a pity It has a steel body,
completely made of steel
steel shackle five pins everything unusual,
or at least the Masters
that I have tried were very easy and this really
gives a lot of play It is very very nice I hope to find out the
model because I would like
to buy one when
I have the chance This is sent to me by Toni,
I will return it to him, thank you very much Toni
for letting me try
this padlock has been a real joy, I’m still going to open it a
couple more times to enjoy it the bitting is awesome I just wanted to show you this,
thank you very much for your time,


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  1. jorge gonzález

    November 14, 2018 12:12 pm

    Francia holanda juegas en champions ya te digo. ..y con la mano escrita ya te he visto algún video más con la mano escita..será la gran combinación secreta que abre todo? …da gusto verte un saludo gracias por compartir ya estoy esperando el siguiente

  2. Don'z Lockz

    November 14, 2018 12:17 pm

    Wow, Toni hooked you up with some awesome locks, very generous of him and very lucky for you.😁 That first Pfaffenhain's warding was insane! Very cool locks my friend. 🍺👍🏻😎

  3. Joguro Pick

    November 14, 2018 12:25 pm

    :O Impresionantes bocallaves. Se ven todo un reto para fabricarles la ganzúa. Me encantó el paquete. Saludos, amigo mío. Sospechaba que tenías la tentación con el candado. Ja,ja,ja,ja

  4. Juan Catalan

    November 14, 2018 12:48 pm

    Gracias por compartir, hay marcas que no las había escuchado nunca , veo que fuera del comercio español hay marcas en serreta de una calidad considerable, un abrazo

  5. adrian leon

    November 14, 2018 2:26 pm

    Wow!! Dan miedo esos cilindros compañero!! Casi llegan a la altura de tu nivel, aunque no creo que te duren mucho!! Jeje que los disfrutes amigo vas a estar un tiempo entretenido. UN SALUDO

  6. Lock Noob

    November 14, 2018 10:08 pm

    Great package, and I can see why you went for the Master Lock to begin with 😁😁😁 those are some mean looking locks and I can’t wait to see you pick them 🙂

  7. ehooo

    November 14, 2018 11:48 pm

    Muy chulo. ¿Algún vídeo donde espliques todas palabras que comentas? Cómo que se refiere el falso colocado, pide, … Estoy empezando en el ganzúado deportivo. Muchas gracias crack

  8. Nelson Muñoz

    November 15, 2018 2:01 am

    Bueno a mi también me encanta habrir candados fantástica apertura espero con ansias la apertura de los cilindros gracias por compartir un abrazo y saludos master

  9. Gazz R

    November 15, 2018 5:42 pm

    Wow! Great package from Toni, lots of very cool locks you got there. Looking forward to seeing them picked. Nice picking on the Master padlock Tallan and thanks for sharing.

  10. Alvaro Baltazar Loucel Molina

    November 15, 2018 6:19 pm

    Un mes antes c adelanto santa claus con sus regalos para ti amigo felicidades x todos tus regalos q pases un feliz dia y un abrazo fraternal ;o))

  11. tome5535

    November 16, 2018 6:01 pm

    precioso paquete me parece que muy a tu pesar llega navidades con esos cilindritos del pafen tengo algun video por si te orienta algo de los demas me suenan los mismos que a ti pero parecen grandes cilindros sera dura la batalla animos


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