#9 Reporting Trend Analysis – SMS Pro – Safety Management System, April-2010

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hi my name is chris how uh… and i
managed the development team of s m s pro the web based aviation s m s toolkit in the last section we quickly looked at
what was available in the issue managers investigate cab we also listed the types of reports
available in s m s pro here we see quick charts which are three
layers deep based on the classification we formed in the issue manager i can s m s reports are all performed in
real time the latest data is always pulldown whenever the decentralize data
management approach when reports are needed in that scenario many people have to get involved when you have hands-on managers or
limited staff measures can perform their alone
investigative analysis and look for trends with s m s pro noticed that one can filter by divisions
and by date range hovering over a link brings up the title of the issue and assign cops to focus solely on two key performance
indicators one can select that kpr cab and conduct that analysis charts are easily copied and pasted into
newsletters which are sent out using s m s pro custom key performance indicators can be
configured by your ass m_s_ admin kpr is focusing exactly on what your
organization requires or deems important hovering over links again is common
functionality kpr is our sociated with issues issue
managers kpr is can be said for types of issues types of processes andrew cuz reports by status allow an upper manager
to see the health o_d_s_ and that’s types of issues in this context we first a safety security quality and compliance questions can be answered such as how
healthy is the reporting culture how response of are our line managers being able to get it’s the reports by department or by
division isn’t possible into the centralized data management
approach remember at these reports are real time tremors can be easily changed tweak the results even top management can come in and
manipulate these reports to conduct their own investigations s_m_ s pro is a scale bull solution while triple divisions can belong to a
company again divisions maybe geographical or
functional top management can also learned a lot from growing intake each division another version of s m s pro allows you
to have multiple answer nests portals such as or airports that might be indifferent
geographical regions or large airlines that have hubs in
different locations but actual charts are similar to a quick
charts but they focus on the cops by types of
issues the types of processes andrew causes and more these are powerful charts for management to focus on where the
true to direct their efforts to improve to improve their profitability over your
operations or a switch from the drill down charts
to the performance monitoring of your ass and that’s the performance monitor allows an upper
manager to monitor the health of your s amass in real time all numbers are current one can easily
see how many issues have been reported and their status top manicure easily see how much time it
takes to resolve issues and their costs one can filter by year or divisions and the next section will continue with the performance
monitor thank you for considering estimates pro


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