Ali2Woo Shipping Setup Guide

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Welcome to the Ali2Woo YouTube channel. It’s
about dropshipping from AliExpress and great solution for dropshippers – Ali2Woo! In this video we discuss delivery settings
in Ali2Woo and how they can help the dropshipper. You can find delivery settings in a main
plugin menu on ‘Settings’ page, ‘Shipping settings’ tab. On this page there are two groups of parameters: “Shipping settings” and “Global shipping rules”. Let’s start with the first one. Default Shipping class Some dropshipping stores contain not only
products from AliExpress but also others, for example, which were manually added. WooCommerce allows to set up different shipping
classes for different product groups. ‘Default Shipping class’ option sets shipping
class for commodities downloaded by Ali2Woo. This feature is convenient if you want to
use AliExpress shipping methods and products downloaded by Ali2Woo and additional WooCommerce
shipping methods for other commodities. Use AliExpress Shipping This option includes the function of loading
shipping methods from AliExpress. At the same time shipping selection for clients
of our website will be displayed in a basket and checkout page. Let’s turn it on and see how to add a new
shipping class. Go to the WooCommerce settings, ‘Shipping’
tab, ‘Shipping classes’ section and add a new class. Do not forget to save settings so that you
class is added. Notice in this video we will not use added
class as in our case all commodities are loading from AliExpress. Default Shipping country During the shipping cost calculation AliExpress
considers the distance of the country of delivery. This feature allows to set the default country
of delivery for more convenience of your customers. Great! Now that we’ve dealt with basic parameters, let’s deal with the group ‘Global shipping rules’. This feature allows to set a markup on the
shipping cost received from AliExpress. By default, no markup is set. For the markup it’s necessary to set a value
and use one of three operations below: Multiplier, Fixed Markup or Custom Price. Let’s set double markup. Now we’ll import a new product through the
built-in search module of Ali2Woo plugin, then add it to the site and look how the calculation
of shipping in basket works. For comparison, open the same product on AliExpress. On our site the shipping from USA was selected
by default as we’ve set in settings early. Ali2Woo automatically uploaded 4 shipping
methods below: ePacket, AliExpress Standard Shipping, Fedex and DHL. Please note that
the estimated shipping cost for each method is two times more than on AliExpress. This
is how our markup rule works. Now let’s switch back to AliExpress and
make sure. Great! Now prices on AliExpress are half as
much! But what if you need more sophisticated settings
for certain shipping methods? For example, you want to remove ‘AliExpress’ text from
method’s header or completely disable any of the shipping methods. To do that you must open ‘Shipping List’ page.
On this page you can see a table with all loaded shipping methods. Let’s for example change the method’s
name from ‘ePacket’ to ‘Fast Delivery’. Notice that on the editing method page there
is ‘Enable price rule’ option. If you disable it, the global markup settings will
not be applied for editing method. Instead of that the original price from AliExpress will
be used. Now let’s go back to the basket page and refresh
it to see the changes. Perfect! The renamed method ‘Fast Delivery’
is displayed in the list. How about changing the ‘AliExpress Standard
Shipping’ method too? Let’s call it ‘Standard Shipping’ and disable global markup rules
for it. Ok, done. Remember the old shipping price is $15.98.
Let’s refresh the basket page. Great! Now we can see that the name has been changed to
‘Standard Shipping’ and price is $7.99. That is, the global markup rules do not apply
to this price, and we can see the original value of the price from AliExpress. If you scroll down the page, then you will
see a separate field ‘Shipping’ in which displayed all shipping methods active in WooCommerce.
At this moment, nothing is displayed there as the built-in plugin for shipping calculation
of the Ali2Woo is used. We can enter an additional header there if we plan to add additional
shipping methods using the standard interface WooCommerce. The header must be specified in WooCommerce
settings, the ‘Shipping’ tab, ‘Ali2Woo Shipping’ section. As we can see, right now the display of the
title is disabled because we do not plan to add other shipping methods to WooCommerce.
Let’s temporarily turn it on to see how it will appear on the site. Look at another feature to work with AliExpress
shipping methods. This is an opportunity to hide the method completely. To do this, you
need to make it inactive in the settings. Let’s hide the DHL method. Perhaps you have a question, how it’s possible
to disable the shipping download from AliExpress? It’s very easy! Just uncheck the ‘Use
AliExpress Shipping’ option. Also, it is easy to activate it again. Here is an important tip for drop shippers.
If your store sends commodities only to USA or some specific list of countries, then it
is recommended to disable extra countries by WooCommerce settings. To do this, use
the two options ‘Selling location’ and ‘Shipping location’. Setting pricing for shipping methods is one
of the special advantages of the Ali2Woo plugin. You can learn more about plugin`s capabilities
right now by visiting our website


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