Amazon FBA How To Choose Product To Sell Part 1 Online Jobs Tutorials (ENG/SUB)


Hello and welcome back to our channel. SO today, I will teach you how to choose the product to sell here on Amazon. Because here in Amazon, we have what we called restricted categories And the categories that we need to ignore. So for those who watched our videos for the first time, Please visit our channel and watch the quick guide here in the first part of our channel For us to know the content of our channel and for what are the videos that we need to watch first. and please don’t forget to subscribe Here in Amazon how can we choose products For the categories that we need to ignore, These are the products of Amazon like Amazon basics these are the products that are owned by Amazon Like Amazon VIdeos Next is Amazon Music, Prime Photo Apps Store Kindle, Echo products or Alexa those that have voice commands Fire brands Books Home services And products that are related to credits Or the credit products and for home services its because we sell items and we do not offer any services here and for the books, books are too cheap so here in Amazon, we will find th categories here Click Department, then we will not pick we will not pick anything any subcategory from the Department so we will just click it for us to see the categories here Like Amazon music Echo and Alexa, and so on. so here on Amazon categories, we have what we called restricted categories Beauty products are one of the restricted categories because beauty products are restricted category These are the products that need approval from Amazon before we can list it here in our store here on Amazon Beauty products, they say that it doesn’t need any approval But still, they are asking for requirements for this It causes misleading for those who sell beauty products Next is clothing and accessories Amazon has Amazon merch If you want to have a clothing business Amazon has it. They have Amazon merch So you need to register or you need approval if you have own brand that you want to sell here on Amazon whe it comes to clothing The automotive and power sports These items need serial numbers, documents These items need approval From Amazon Jewelry Health and Personal care Grocery items like food Industrial and scientific Those are restricted category but if our client can provide or he has the capacity to get approval from amazon or our client allowed us or he told us


  1. Hi newbie po ako sa channel nyo.And thank you po at nahanap ko channel nyo.I am planning po na mag home based pero wala po ako idea sa mga skills na kailangan para makapagwork online.Thank you po sa mga tutorial nyo..Laking tulong po sakin nito.God bless u po.Dami po kayo natutulungan sa mga contents nyo.


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