Amazon FBA | Why I only Source From American Suppliers


what’s going on Amazon sellers or
hopefully soon-to-be Amazon sellers my name is Beau Crabill the founder of Amazon
at the University and in this video I’ll be explaining the reasons why I only
source from American based inside the United States suppliers and not from
overseas okay so I’ll be going over the reasons why it’s actually cheaper it’s
faster and it’s better for long-term growth okay so what I’ll be going over
just the reasons why I only source from American based suppliers okay so the
reasons why I only source from American companies now what I’m not gonna be
telling you in this video is how to go source from these American brand name
authorized the parts if you want to learn how to do that I will be having a
webinar on Thursday you can register for the webinar you can sign up and you can
secure your spot we only have two hundred spots left so you want to make
sure you secure your spot and watch the webinar if you want to learn how to
source from these companies and how to go get in contact with these okay but
what I’m gonna be showing you is the reasons why I’m going to be sourcing
only from American companies or there isn’t why I will because the reason why
I only do okay now one big reason is there’s less headaches and now when I
say less headaches I mean mostly on the logistic side okay if I want to go by
practice for example I have a wholesale account with the company my still you
may have heard the company maisto before but when they send me a list of their
products they actually offer me lists of domestic pricing and FOB manufacturing
in China prices okay so with that the cost is cheaper for the FOB pricing of
the stuff that’s in their manufacturing plant verse the domestic pricing but if
I’m gonna go buy this stuff from their manufacturing plant this is what I have
to do okay I have to get a freight forwarder I have to get a freight broker
I have to pay for the FOB cost when the products get there I’m gonna need to go
hire somebody to inspect the products so make sure the props are still in good
condition and there’s gonna be a lot of stuff that I don’t really want to deal
with okay so and then plus the stuffs gonna have to get to my warehouse or
location on AB and then ship to Amazon so there’s just so much labor involved
I’m gonna not have to deal with I’m working with US companies okay and easy
communications and now when I say easy communications I’m not saying oh because
they can’t speak English these guys can speak pretty good
English if you’re working with people on Alibaba or DHgate but for example when I
was in Middle School I was private labeling products and what I would do is
I had a product that was selling like crazy was actually during the holiday
season and was just selling ridiculous ok so what I would actually do because
it was selling so fast and I didn’t want to lose upon any sales
is I would list my products like on the weekend because I knew I was getting
another shipment in on Monday ok and I knew that Saturday and Sunday was not a
business day and I physically didn’t have the products yet but I knew from my
supplier he said hey we’ll be giving the products it’s gonna be delivered on
Monday so what would happen is I’ll list them on Saturday and Sunday priest out
of all of them but then on Monday he only sent 200 out of the 300 and the
other 200 is gonna come on Tuesday and Wednesday so there’s the
miscommunication is there with the fine details where some of the Chinese
suppliers can really kind of miss out on so that’s kind of headache I mean yeah I
definitely could’ve avoided that by oh nice listing the products when I
actually had them but there’s gonna be some small miscommunications there ok
and now the next big reason is these are products that market trust okay now
that’s a huge thing because all these huge companies Hasbro Mattel my stove DC
Comics Mattel Sony Apple all these huge companies before any product is sold or
before they sell any product to the public they test the market they test
the market they test the market before it’s ever sold so they know before they
even put that proc up for sale or to the public they know it’s already gonna so
because they know they’ve tested the market they’ve spent hundreds of
thousand dollars into testing the market and testing the waters to see if in
human cells okay and also if you source from Americans fires you’re not gonna
have to get in problems with selling counterfeit products it’s actually kind
of funny I’ve joined a few public Facebook groups with like private label
injures to see what people are saying now see a lot of problems people have is
they’re like oh I just bought some looney tunes product and amazon saying
or the they stalked me and we’re checking the bike importing the procs
because they said that’s counterfeit and because I can’t use a license well yeah
so a lot of people can get in trouble of like thinking that people from
Alibaba are actually selling good stuff because if you see any brands or license
from Alibaba door DHgate those 107 fake so I’m not gonna have to worry about
that all because I’m only sourcing from legit sources okay so I also you have a
healthy Amazon account and now the last reason which people probably disagree
with is it’s actually cost effective okay so if remember when I went to
reason number one less headaches less headaches is less time which the last
time is more money okay so the more time I have because spend my businesses me
more money I can produce and just because like all it because I think
about all right so if I’m gonna go get some products from China it’s probably
taken me 30 to 60 days for the proxy to actually become live into my Amazon
account okay so I can get shipped to me you have to storm out and everything now
if I’m sourcing from a us-based supplier 7 to 10 days there live shipping to my
Amazon customers already okay now in that three-week time period you think
you could have made some extra money do you think you could’ve got some extra
sales yeah actually I’m if you guys ever watched the profit it’s a TV show by
Marcus lemonis billionare and he was actually working with a company and he
basically they were importing their approximate China and he said no he just
hasn’t stopped doing that it was more expensive to source in the US but it
actually was more cost-effective because they were literally saving 30 days on
shipments okay so don’t always just think of the monetary value think of how
it does affect your business okay and there’s no FOB cost to me so that’s
really nice and it’s also long-term results okay because if you continue to
have to wait 30 to 60 90 days for products to get their to come in I’ve got
some bad long-term effects okay and now another bonus reason why I kind of like
to do this as well it kind of feels good that you’re adding extra value and extra
money into the economy for example Amazon FBA University was created less
than 11 weeks ago and actually we’ve already produced over half a million
dollars from or basically into the US economy these are actually numbers from
my suppliers do they like have called me on both so dude you’ve already brought
whatever amount of money into my business we actually have once a part we
have literally have brought over a hundred fifty thousand dollars to his
business just since Amazon F inverse has been
created so it’s kind of cool thing about that that how much money you’re
basically adding to the economy because say for example I’m gonna go sell this
at Oh pen right I mean there’s a lot you
have a sales rep you have the CEO of the company you have all the employees in
the US company so there’s a lot of where this basically money is breaking down –
and you’re definitely helping out a lot of things so it’s kind of just a bonus
tip but just to recap this biggest reasons is less headaches proxmark it
trusts and it’s cost-effective and again if you want to learn how to source
products like this feel free to join the free live webinar on Thursday there’s
only a couple spots left so make sure to secure your spot and I’ll see you on the
webinar and also make sure to LIKE and subscribe and have a great day


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  1. Beau Crabill

    November 9, 2017 8:06 pm

    Comment why you agree with me or why you do not when it comes to sourcing from american suppliers for amazon FBA, also make sure to sign up for the webinar ►

  2. Dean

    March 29, 2018 7:56 am

    Missed the webinar, been looking into US suppliers instead of going through China to sell on the US FBA.

    Will you be doing another webinar soon so I can find out where to source these products?

    And as a non US person are there any complications with ordering from a US supplier?

  3. Jamie Karhan

    March 30, 2018 7:02 am

    Great to hear the various directions one should take depending on the capital they are starting out with! Very informative!

  4. ANG LI

    July 3, 2018 2:00 pm

    Hi Beau, I live in Australia. Is your course gonna work for people live overseas? Would I be disadvantaged because of the location ?

  5. Derpityderp Derpson

    August 28, 2019 6:45 am

    Can anyone help me out here? Where do I buy brand new video games at wholesale prices? For any console? Please! Someone help!


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