Amazon Global Selling Success Story: Bling Jewelry


We were able to double our sales selling
internationally. We were able to create great brand awareness selling internationally on Amazon. And without that platform, we probably would have never ever even tried international sales. I’m Elena Castaneda.
I’m the CEO and founder of Bling Jewelry. We’re based in New York, USA. We’ve been around since 2008. I started Bling Jewelry in my one-bedroom apartment, and now have built it to this amazing company selling on Amazon. We now have 40 people working for us. Bling Jewelry sells sterling silver cubic zirconia jewelry. We have about 10,000 items. We focus on customer. Our mantra is, you know, quality without compromising value. There many challenge still in
international. You’re dealing with different currencies. You’re dealing in a
different language. You’re dealing with a return in different countries. You’re
dealing with shipping and logistic issues, and then you have your customer
service issues. So there’s a lot that you really have to think about before you
jump into these markets. I was motivated to sell international on Amazon because
they made it very easy. They have an amazing platform. They give you the information. They give you all the tools. We were very familiar with the US
platform so it was an easy transition. We couldn’t have done international sales
without Amazon. Building your own platform, you know, basically out of the question. So we decided that why not try it? It’s not a big investment and the
returns are well worth it. We’re currently selling in North America,
in Europe, and in Asia, where we started in the US and 2008 and then we moved on
to UK in 2010 and then in Canada we started selling in 2013, and then we
moved on to the rest of Europe in 2014. Along with Japan in 2016. We expanded
into China and Mexico and in 2017 we’re hoping to sell in India. Selling internationally has basically
doubled our business. Our international sales equal our US sales when we exclude
China. We have seen year to date 160% growth in Japan. And in the European countries we have seen 70% growth YTD. So we’re
really positive and gung-ho on on selling internationally. It’s been fabulous! What I do suggest is that you do your
homework. You go through the Amazon provider list. You pick your best selling products.
You go and you research what’s going on on Amazon international countries, and
see if your product is competitive. Then go ahead and list but with solely test
logistics. Make sure that you know you’re in compliance. I think you’ll be pleasantly
surprised. My advice to future Amazon international
sellers is do it! It’s well worth it!


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  1. puraphernalia

    January 31, 2019 6:53 pm

    I'm inspired. I sell dog stuff on amazon/handmade/puranco US and CA but I can hardly keep up. It keeps me so busy. I've got other things to do on my retirement like 'live'. But yes, you are very inspiring my fellow New Yorker!


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