1. I Think send invoices from amazon to amazon as a pro seller maybe this will bring to you more and more problems and your account will be suspended for ever because i already get this problem on ebay and they suspend my account for ever because i send them ebay envoices they look at me like a scammer.

  2. Hi, I’ve been buying stock from DHgate and selling it on amazon. Today I got a suspension email from amazon for inauthentic goods, with them requesting a plan of action. I have invoices but I’m now not sure the goods I’ve been buying are even authentic. Is there any chance I will get reinstated? Also, will I get the £2,000 balance in my account back after 90 days? Thanks 🙂

  3. Hi Bryan, thank you for the tip on handling the suspension on Amazon. I have just another concern. Haven't you suspended because they caught you doing retail
    arbitrage? if not, what will be the penalty if they do?

  4. Hi Bryan, thanks for the great video. can you share the plan of action? One more question. I have been doing PL for a year. Do you recommend creating a separate account for OA? and what are the benefits of separating PL & OA accounts. thanks in advance.

  5. You said you had 5 complaints like this and your account suspended because you did not send invoices but it's not true. If you read carefully the e-mail Amazon sent you, they say "If we recieve more complaints about your listings, we may not allow you to sell on Amazon." So you got not 1 or 2 complaints, you got 5 complaints and they suspended your account which is really normal. Even if you send them invoices now, they will tell you that if you get more complaints about your listings, they again may not let you to sell on Amazon. If you get a warning by Amazon like this, you basically should check all your inventory that can cause such a problem so your account will not be suspended and you don't need to send invoice for this warning. Just try to clear your inventory to not have any other claim. Because, as Amazon says in the e-mail, if you get more complaints, they will remove your privileges to sell on Amazon.

  6. Not only those AMZ m*therf*ckers privatize entire WWW e-commerce and telling everybody that that's their "house"? And we have to pay those Satanic people and kiss their A$$ explaining why is product bought from WALMART is not counterfeit and I supposed to bring "INVOICES" to proof that what I'm listed not a counterfeit??? WHILE ZERO product has been SOLD or SHIPPED??? CAN you GET that??? ITEM From WALMART listed NEVER sold and I got my account Suspended… And now I supposed to lick their shoes and ask for Forgiveness??? Really?I mean, I delete All listings immediately, just in case and they like maniacs (Robotic Emails) keep asking me for something they know I CANNOT GET 100%… This is so insane.. I wish somebody someday sue those f*ckers for damages.. I really don't know what to do, cause I cannot get what they asking for, and I don't even understand why I supposed to get them stupid Invoices on something I never sold???

  7. I am new to your channel. Just subcribed, and might be purchasing your course on Udemy. What if Amazon finds out that I am buying my items from Amazon, and doing retail arbitrage through Amazon? Will they suspend my account?

    Another question, when you show your invoice, did you show your invoice from Amazon?

    Thank you for your time answering my question.

  8. Thank You so much I had my account suspended and twice they have not excepted my invoices because one was purchased from an eBay Seller. I i will have to come up with a way to get an invoice.

  9. Hi everyone , i have this message from amazon, : (When your account is suspended, funds will not be disbursed to you but will remain in your account.) What can i do Bryan Guerra ? Would you help me please ?

  10. Hi, thank you so much for sharing your suspension process. What should I do if amazon is not responding to any of my appeals after my first one was denied.

  11. Hey Bryan, took your course a month ago & just ran across this video. Glad to hear you were able to get your account back! I’ve been using tactical arbitrage to find items to list, these items I buy online @ retail stores: Walmart, target, etc… so I don’t get invoices just receipts. It seems amazon is looking to verify your supply chain and insure you are an authorized reseller of the items, just search “amazon suspension” on youtube. You’ll see tons of people that have had their account suspended for not buying from authorized distributers for the item in question… same thing is happening on ebay. In most of the cases it’s the brand owner going after these 3rd party sellers, seems you got lucky this time! Next time and there will be a next time you may get “the ban hammer” and that really sucks because you will also lose your private label account too! I think I’m just going to switch to PL going forward; I’m not trying to get kicked off the biggest selling platform online. Good luck dude

  12. With the reason that my Amazon products are not unique, my account has been closed for sale.
    They want an invoice. Do I have to send an invoice?
    I wrote an appeal, but they did not agree.
    Can you share the text on the video?

  13. Hey Bryan, i m thinking purchase your course and i ll watch asap, i need a help about inauthentic suspension. I get mail from amazon and they request an invoice of 3 products, but i m doing retail arbitrage and i haven't any invoice or supplier information. How did you reinstate without sending an invoice? I am waiting your response, thank you.

  14. I do RA and and now trying Wholesale. Would hate to have my wholesale business be effected by the "risk" of doing RA. Any suggestions?

  15. Bryan, how can I get my account reinstated on my send appeal? I sent in a less than perfect POA in the first try however I found a better POA emailed the letter. Any advice?

  16. Hi Bryan. Really helpful video. We are also currently facing suspension because of inauthentic complaints and they have refused to reinstate our account based on the POA we submitted. Please send your POA on [email protected], so we can use it to send a new POA. Do you have any idea if they even respond when they write something like this "Further correspondence regarding the closure of your selling account may not be answered." ? . Thanks a lot.

  17. Hey
    Amazon Suspended My Seller Account and i don't know how i solve it please help me or send me person freelancer to help me to active my account again
    i wait you
    thank you

  18. What about related account suspension? Had an old account that I believe was closed about 4 years back. Tried opening a new account and it was instant suspension.

  19. I was suspended indefinitely by Amazon with no explanation or recourse but an appeal. I did the appeal and got denied. I was selling over $20,000 monthly. It was my only income source. Is there anything I can do, can you help? Thanks. It's been 3 years since this happened. I would really like my account back.

  20. Hey Bryan,
    Good to watch your video about account suspended, but in my case, it is different. I was suspended after my registration and this is my first account on Amazon Seller Central. I did what Amazon said, likes email my documents with translated to the English version. Somehow, they didn't reinstate my account. By the way, I also checked and confirmed that my country is eligible to sell in Amazon. What shall I do next? Thanks

  21. Hi Bryan,
    I just registered as a Seller on Amazon FBA, and saw that my business name as displayed in Seller Central was not correct. After I changed my business name, my account got suspended.
    I am so confused at the moment. First Amazon requested additional documents, such as utility bills etc. But after I sent some extra documents, I received a message saying that my account got deactivated after their revision.
    How can I reactivate my account again? Or is it now messed up forever?

  22. Last 2 weeks I just opened a new Amazon account but with no reason Amazon suspended my account and stated that I suspended due to seller restriction policy whereas I did not even post any listings and start anything yet. I even keep email to Amazon and yet no response from them till now. Please help

  23. Hello Bryan, hope you are well. Thanks very much for a great video. My Amazon Account was recently suspended pretty much for the same reasons and I would really like to get reinstated again ASAP. I was wondering if you can please email me a copy of the POA. I would truly appreciate that. My email is: [email protected] Many thanks and Kind Regards.

  24. if your account is suspened do they hold your money and if they find out you Are dropshipping do they close your account and stay with you money ?

  25. How did you manage to reinstate your account without sending any invoices? I am a dropshipper and currently suffering from the same issue you've been in. I do not have any invoices as I do not purchase the product until my customers purchase from me first. I have sent an appeal plan yet I am requested to provide invoices and authorization letter. Please help!

  26. Amazon suspended my account because of another seller upset over me selling same cookie cutter and he put 5 fake orders in then cancelled the 5 orders at once anyways they suspended my account on monday today is Thursday and after tons of emails and phone calls noone will help me I've heard nothing back and b4 my account was suspended I was on the phone with amazon and every associate told me everything was fine and not to worry well everyone of them associates was wrong and didnt know what they were talking about so can you tell me what I can do when nobody will even respond to my emails or call me back help my account has been down since monday

  27. Thank you they accusing me of infringement I sent performance team my receipt to prove that I bought everything I'm selling..still no resoonse… also they said they are going to keep my money for selling what wasnt mine I told them what they infringed me on I havnt sold even one of then and I have an invoice showing these are my items…I dont understand how they can keep your money because not all of it is profit most of it is only getting back what I already spent…I had to buy the items first like I told them the money they are holding is not all profit…and it's not just a little money that's why I'm so upset its thousands….I am new and I dont get this at all when Amazon allows you to list it where it says sell yours then turn around and suspend your account for something they allowed me to list…then you have the despicable sellers that will order fake orders on your account and then cancel to make you look bad over a silly cookie cutter this man was mad bc I was selling a snowflake cookie cutter ….I took down the ad just to get this man off my back and Amazon made me put the ad backup so I did…that man though did 5 fake orders and then canceled at one time the 5 orders that is what put me on the radar…seller support seen where the man did it and told me they would take care of it but only thing they did was suspend me…I dont know how anyone can sleep at night knowing they are being vindictive and cruel…I would never order something just to make the seller look bad nor would I ever do anything malicious to another person….my thing is this Amazon is aware that there are pple do that making fake orders and stuff and I believe those fake orders is exactly why I was suspened bc it put my defect order rate over 1% which is another thing that doesnt make sense I cant help it if a customer cancels ..anyways going on 5 daya of suspension and havnt recved any return email from them

  28. My selling privledges were removed along with my money for infringement report of the registered trademark owner. It crazy because I send them invoices,and proof I was an authorized distributor and those people who reported are not the real owners because the company is in Mexico.I don't know how they got away with registering a product that's not their own.

  29. Hi Bryan, i could really use some advice. This morning my account was suspended, i had 2 notifications, the first one was about skullcandy headphones and concerns about authenticity. I bought these from a large commercial liquidator so i do have invoices and purchase records. I haven't had any a-z, chargebacks or negative feedback on these ir any other items, but my account is only a couple month old. The second notification said my account was suspended because it was linked to an account that is not allowed to sell on amazon. I believe this is my wifes old account, which was suspended for late shipments about 2 years ago. She never filed an appeal because she didn't really use it at the time she just left it and hasn't done anything with it since. I'm a little confused about how to approach this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  30. Thanks waiting for my first inauthentic complaint. As soon as my item got to the warehouse the seller message me to remove it then 2 minutes late he purchased the item. So I have a feeling hes going to try to get me even though I responded to him telling him it's 100 real and I just simply bought it but I want to sell it and I only have a qty of 1

  31. thanks. ok – the invoices – they accept digital invoices not hard copies with online arbitrage? what needs to be in the invoices that makes them acceptable?

  32. Do you ever get messages from others asking like “hey where is the manufacture located? Are you the manufacturer?” I just got this message on a protect not sold yet through OA

  33. amazon suspended my seller account for Intellectual Property Complaints even though I had removed listings immediately when they email me .
    Altec Lansing Baby Boom Rugged Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Black IMW269-BLK Are all authentic . Amazon just suspended me cause they also sell too .
    Amazon is exercising their power to eliminate small good sellers like me . All items I sell are authentic . No complaint from any of 30+ buyers .
    I just got suspended cause amazon allowed me to list and afterward they said I violate their property ! I got suspended for selling authentic items that
    amazon allowed me to list ???

  34. So I got hit this evening – should've watched this video sooner. MF'ing competitors with zero integrity. I don't care how rough it gets, I'm never going to do other sellers dirty like this. So, even though I'm selling new/unopened items, what do I do if my only invoices are from liquidation companies?

  35. hi, amazon keep on asking me for these details which i dont know anything about " Proof of product authenticity (e.g., invoice, Order ID, licensing agreement, letter of authorization". can you help.


  36. I just got suspended for 2 cell phone cases. I NEED THIS LETTER. I didn’t have invoices but I did buy from Amazon. Pease help!!!

  37. Thanks so much!!! I know exactly how you felt. I still work a 9 to 5 and I almost didn’t go to work today because I got this email this morning.

  38. Thank you for your kind and detailed video. I learned a lot. I am having a similar case to you. Since I have all invoices from supplier and manufacturer, I submitted all the documents I have. However, Amazon said do not have enough information to reactivate my account and I resubmitted two more times but still, Amazon hasn't accepted it.
    Now I have to write an appeal letter with updated invoices. I'd like to make sure that what is the problems with my invoices before submitting those.
    If I send an email to you with attached files, will it be possible for you to look at my invoice and giving me advice that what I should do?
    Thank you in advance.

  39. They disactivated my account saying in the email that my offering items may be inauthentic. My question to you Bryan is should I reply with a plan of action letter like the one in your video or just send in the invoices? Id appreciate your help.

  40. Amazon has suspended the account and asked for three invoices which has been submitted twice but it is not getting verified.what can we do now?

  41. You mentioned that you have an account for PL and one for OA – How did you get the second account? I do PL and I'm about to go all in on OA as well, but too risky with my PL account!

    Any insight you have would be appreciated!

  42. Hi Bryan I got suspend my amazon account.. they want me to send 3 ASIN invoice and authorization letter appeal.. so I did and they are saying it’s not enough information send more what should I do please help me.. 😔

  43. Thank you very much, I currently have a Suspended account related to Intellectual Property Complaints.

    Please give me the Plan action to unlock this account.

    Thank you!

    Email: [email protected]

  44. I have a question about online arbritage. I am literally a new seller and bought my first batch of products thru snagshout and shipped everything out to the amazon warehouses. This morning I got 4 different emails saying my products are counterfeit. Can you help me? Do you have a video on it? Its very annoying because I am new and I dont want to be losing money.

  45. on the verge of being suspended. had three ip complaints in one week after two years of selling saying i don't have the right to sell these products, two are for same product in eu market tried . contacting amazon showed i had bought items of amazon uk and flipped them to de fr ed it markets but keep getting same reply prove you had permission to sell etc pulling my hair out now with frustration

    We received your submission but do not have enough information to reactivate your account.

    Why did I receive this message?
    You have not sent us sufficient information that we previously requested from you to address our concerns with your account. For privacy reasons, we do not provide details about our investigation methods.

    What happens now?
    Your account will remain deactivated and we may not respond to further emails about this issue.

    You can see your balance and settlement information in the Payments section of Seller Central. If you have questions about those, please write to [email protected]

    Seller Performance Team


  47. My account was accepted and was active after send all of my papers
    After this amazon try to withdraw amazon Monthly fees but my credit card had no credit
    By mistake i had appealed but didn't attach abill with address and name
    After this i charged my credit card and amazon withdrawed the mounthly fees but my account still suspended although i opened alot of case, but no answer from your support please respond as soon as possible
    I wanna reactivate my account seller to start selling

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  49. I received email stating "The rights owner is asserting that the products infringe the following trademark:" followed by a trademark number. The end of the email states infringement type is counterfeit. I purchased this item using a coupon site such as Vipon using my personal amazon prime account. This purchase order will be sufficient to show authenticity correct?

  50. Just made my first sale this week then got inauthentic suspension. I was allowed to sell all 3 products on the Amazon Seller App, but in the email Amazon said they were restricted. WTF??? What am I missing here, is there a better way of checking if you can sell the product if the Amazon Seller App doesn''t work? I thought that IS what you use, I'm confused mane.


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