Answering Your Dropshipping Questions + My Thoughts On Shopify Gurus


– Yo, what is going on everybody? It’s your man Mohamed Camara, and yes I’m back, it’s been a minute. Got a new look and everything. It’s fourth quarter
right now, we grinding. We making this money, but
I do wanna touch base. And I wanna thank all
of the new subscribers. Everybody welcome in. Thinking about, like the
past three days, or so, we gained a extra 5k
subscribers, it’s crazy. Just from one video taking
off and going viral. So I do appreciate y’all
subscribing, showing love and continuing the success of that video. So welcome to the channel. In this video, I do wanna
answer some common questions with the attention from all
the new followers, subscribers. People have been going crazy
with the e-com bootcamp corporate program. Everybody’s been wanting to join. Everybody’s been asking me questions. I got like over a hundred DM’s
in like the past 48 hours. People just asking me questions. And the thing is, it’s a lot
of repetitive questions, okay. So I just wanna take this
video right here to answer them all and kind of answer
some questions for you guys and that’s about it. I do have– where’s my? I have some of them written down. They’re like very common
ones but first thing was how do I get started? That was a very very common question and look honestly, there’s
many of ways to go about getting started drop shipping. There’s not one system that works, okay. It’s plenty of ways to go about it. But I’m gonna share with you
what I think you should do and what I would do as a as a complete beginner. And that’s one, focus on your product. Okay, so the very first
thing on how to get started with e-commerce is focus on the product. And this is for a couple reasons but a few– to outline
a few reasons here is: One, it’s gonna make things tangible. It’s gonna make it make sense for you. And you don’t have to have
any type of connection to the product. It doesn’t have to be tied
to a specific niche, okay. It can be a gardening product. It could be a kitchen product. It can be a baby product. It doesn’t matter, okay. The thing is, find that winning product, however you gotta find it. And at that point, you’ll
have a tangible idea. It’s gonna make things
make more sense for you. You’re gonna have more motivation to go and build out the store for that product. You’re gonna start to
brainstorm ideas of audiences that you wanna target
with that product, right. So just start there. Start with finding your product. And you can either go
about it by getting a– you can hire somebody else to do it. Which is gonna cost you
and I do recommend that because it saves you time. But as for somebody just getting started, do this on your own. Okay, and I have some videos
on the channel that’ll really outline how you can go
about doing your own product research. But I personally enjoy
hiring other people to do it. One, because they’re better at it and two, it saves me time. Can you take the course
at a faster pace, yes. Okay, so the program is six weeks long which is specifically 42 days long. But if you want to, let’s
say you just want to watch all the videos the first
week and then follow along starting the second week, you can do that. Okay, you get immediate
access to all the videos. You know how that goes. How much do you need to get started? So I would recommend having at least like 200 dollars in cash, okay. And in your checking account. You can use that to test your
first couple products, right. A 150 dollars to 200 is
what I expect you to spend in the first time around if you, you know, actually going to test
products on Facebook. So that’s enough. That’s more than enough. And that should be enough to
tell you whether the product is worth pursuing to scale
and for profitability or if you should kill it and
move on to the next product which has better potential. Okay, so that’s what I recommend. And of course if you
want mentorship from me, that is a separate fee but you know, that’s all up to you guys. What tools do I need to get started? Okay so, one, you need a laptop. Two, you need a wifi connection. Pretty simple. Another question is, do
you need a credit card to get started? Okay, so you don’t need a credit card but you do need a checking account, okay. As any business, you should
have a checking account. You don’t need to go register a business before you start generating revenue, okay. I recommend starting
your e-com business first and once you start seeing results, then you wanna generate some revenue– then you wanna go and
actually make things official and register with your state. And I’ll show you all this
if you do decide to take on the e-com bootcamp program. One product store or a general
store with many products? I recommend going with
a one product store. And the reason why is,
there’s less confusion for customers nowaday. And it’s not so much, oh, you know, one product stores are better. General product stores
are– they do just as fine. Just that we’re moving
into a age where people want personalized experiences. They want to feel like when
they go into this website that the product being sold
there is unique and special and it seems to be like, it’s more unique or it appears
more unique if it’s just that one product being sold. Because it’s like wow, this
company really focused on just selling this one thing right here and, you know, that means
it must be pretty good. Rather than let’s say like,
Mitsubishi who makes cars and they make radios,
you know what I’m saying, would you go to Mitsubishi
to get a high end car? Or would you go to BMW who all
they do is focus on that car? Right? It’s the perception. So you wanna incorporate
that into your store. So I recommend a one product store. So most of the questions was
pretty much centered around how to get started and like I said, if you wanna get started, one, just have like a
couple hundred dollars in your checking account
and find your product, okay. There’s plenty of resources
out there but stop, look guys, stop browsing the
internet looking for freebies and expecting to become a
millionaire off of that. Okay, even me when I was getting started, I looked to YouTube, yes,
for general information but when it came to actually
scaling and doing the tens and the thousands of dollars a day. You’re gonna have to get a mentor or you’ll just be doing the same thing as everybody else on YouTube. And that’s why a lot of you
guys been actually hitting me up saying, “Yo, your content is different. For the first time I have clarity.” One, is because the people
with clarity aren’t hanging out and making videos for y’all on YouTube. But I’ll go ahead and do that, why? Because I have time on my hands. Two, I wish I had this when
I was getting started, okay. And three, I have an amazing opportunity. I’ve been blessed and,
you know, like I said, you guys know my story. Coming from where I come from,
this is not a possibility. Okay, I am not supposed
to be here right now. Okay, so for any of the, you
know, black and brown children wherever you are, in the projects
and the slums of America, whatever country you’re
watching this from right now, it’s possible and that’s why I’m here. Okay, but I’m not here to build
anybody’s business for you. I’m not here to sit and
edit videos all day. It’s fourth quarter. I got a company to run. And I got investors who
are now investing into me and, you know, I have an
incentive to make this work for them and for myself. Okay, so I do have my
own businesses to run. I don’t do– Oh, this is another question. Do you do one on one mentorship? No. Okay. I don’t do that at the moment, one, because it’ll be very expensive. Just me being fair. Okay, I have to be fair to myself, right. I would love to sit down with
people and do this one on one. But there’s hundreds of you
guys asking for one on one training and I’m saying
join the program, okay. My program is better
than one on one training. You’re gonna get better results. One, because you’re not only
learning from me, one on one, all my steps and strategies in detail. But you’ll also be, you’ll
have an opportunity to link up with other students who are
going through the same journey as you and that’s powerful. That one thing alone is enough
to get you to do very well with your e-commerce business
or whatever line of business or anything, okay. You need that groups energy. You need people who are
on the same page as you. So when things aren’t
going that well, you know, it works out. But honestly man, it’s a beautiful time. The internet– what the internet has done for us is crazy, okay. The simple fact that
you can watch this video and you don’t even have
to know who I am, right. You can watch this video and
you can meet somebody who is well crafted in their
field and who’s simply giving out a hand and take advantage of it. If it wasn’t for the internet, you wouldn’t have this opportunity. You wouldn’t have this information. You wouldn’t know I existed, right. So take advantage of it. And I’m not just saying, oh,
buy my course, buy my course. Whether you buy my course or not, it doesn’t change my income. But it can change yours, okay. I’m doing this whole thing for you guys. Again I wanna welcome
y’all all to the channel. Make sure you hit that like button. Make sure you hit the subscribe. Y’all been doing a great
job with that already. And that’s sort of the
reason why the channels been blowing up the way it has. You know, so I do appreciate y’all. I’m gonna keep trying to
drop as much knowledge for you guys as possible. Get some more entrepreneurs
who look like me, you know, specifically, to
see success in this field. Because we need more of us. And this is a great time. A great time to be black. Alright, period. For the first time ever I
can have somebody pay me without judging me for, you
know, the color of my skin. Simply because I’m serving value. I have value in my business
and they have to buy based off my business and not me. Okay, so that’s a beautiful opportunity and I wanna share that with the world. Why? Because it’s created
this lifestyle for me. And I’m sure it can happen
for other people too. I know. What else? Another thing, a common thing
that’s been happening is, people are like, “Yo. I tried
this drop shipping thing before man and it just didn’t work out. I bought this course and I got scammed. Blah blah blah.” Look, if you let one bad
experience determine how you’re gonna go about the rest of
your life and your journey, just don’t do anything. Okay, just walk away and
go work that nine to five. Because I’ma tell you like this, there’s two types of people, okay. There’s people– there’s a
reason that there’s 99 percent versus the one percent. It’s because there’s one
percent of people out there who’s not gonna just think
like the average individual and just say it must be fake
because it doesn’t make sense. That’s common, common think. Okay, that’s group think. And that’s exactly why you’re average if you think like that. Now on the other hand. If you see the opportunity. If you actually go and make
an effort to seek out the information from the proper mentors. You know, you shouldn’t get
scammed in the first place. You should have good judgment. You should have good judgment
on what is true or not. Okay, it’s simply put like this. If somebody isn’t able to
explain to you in detail, how to go step by step by step by step to achieving your desired result, they will not be able to help you. Doesn’t matter whether
they’re a scammer or not. If they can’t articulate and
teach you step by step by step it doesn’t matter. And that is the only reason why you’re out here getting scammed, okay. But that’s like, getting scammed once, welcome to the party. Okay, this is something
that we’ve all been through. Especially in this internet age. You’re gonna have those encounters. And there’s scammers in every industry. But the way the scammers win
is by scaring you from actually continuously seeking out
the opportunity again. Okay, so if you have one
bad experience, I get it. Okay but don’t pass– don’t
blanket your opportunities with just, oh, it’s a scam. Because now you’re just stuck in a box. That’s like falling off a bike
the first time you ride it and then never riding bikes again. You’re saying aw, I can’t ride bikes man. Those, they too dangerous. I fell one time. That was it for me. You know what I’m saying. If you carry that mindset,
you will not see success in any field. I promise you that. I promise you that. Because even with guidance, even with mentorship, you’re gonna have some things
that you struggle with. And you gotta know how to overcome those. Okay, that’s the point
of being a entrepreneur. You have to be resourceful. And a lot of y’all looking for handouts. You out here looking for
information from the same people. It’s a thousand people telling
you how to do one thing. Of course you’re gonna be
overwhelmed and confused and you know, you’re not
gonna know what to do. They’re doing it for clicks. If you wanna know how like
all of these other like gurus are– whether you wanna
know their a scam or just a fake guru or not, look at the way they carry
their YouTube channel, okay. If they’re putting so
much effort into their YouTube channels. The thumbnails, the editing
of the videos, the flashiness. All of the– obviously they’re
looking for your attention. It’s eye pleasing. They’re trying to get you
to, you know, draw in. Right, that’s pretty much
what it comes down to. Because I’ll tell you right now. Any successful e-commerce
entrepreneur is not gonna sit around and edit one
video for four hours and edit a thumbnail for 30 minutes. Think about it. Okay. I– you just don’t have that time. Even if you did, you don’t
wanna be spending that time on your laptop because
that’s where you spend most your other time when you’re
actually doing your work. Okay, but I wanna show you my result. Let me show you, because despite my
transparency and everything, people somehow still think that this is like some sort of staged thing. Look, this is, I can’t
like fake this okay. Um, let me see. Boom. 1.6 on today, I think it’s backwards. But right there, revenue for today, 1.6. And another question I’ve been getting is, what app is this? This app right here, specifically,
is called OrderMetrics. Okay, so I’ll leave a
link to that down below. It compiles all the analytics
into just one platform. So you can see across
the console everything. You can combine multiple stores. Which is why that’s really helpful for me. Okay so I do wanna thank
y’all for, you know, showing the love. It’s been a lot of love. Overwhelming amounts of love. Simply because y’all feel
like y’all can connect. And I’m glad that y’all
can find me relatable because I was getting
into this space I’m like whoa this YouTube space is
filled with a bunch of people who are like outrageous. Like you can tell they’re
just vloggers who happen to talk about drop shipping
rather than drop shipping and then vlogging once and awhile, okay. But, you know, I’m gonna base
this channel off of respect, transparency, and just
keeping it a hundred percent real with y’all. So, if you’re down to step your game up and you wanna get a chance
to speak to me personally, feel free to join e-com bootcamp. The link down below is a discounted link. Okay, I’ve lowered the
price this week only and if you don’t see that link anymore, then that means that the offer is gone. So go ahead and join. If you don’t have money
to start a business. You shouldn’t be on
YouTube in the first place. Go raise some money. Then we worry about starting a business. And if you think my fees or
whatever price I’m charging is expensive for you, then too bad. Okay, I’m sorry, then this
program is not for you if it’s expensive, period. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. No more, no other things. That’s all I wanted to talk about today. Thank you guys for all
the love and everything. I’ll keep y’all posted on what’s next. I want you to comment
down below how to shopify. Okay, so, how to shopify drop shipping. And you know, let me know
what questions you have, what videos I should make next. And I’ll answer all your
questions down here. But for now, I won’t
be answering questions as much in my DM’s because I just get a lot, okay. I can’t sit around texting you
guys over and over and over the same questions in my DM’s all day, because I do have to focus on
my businesses guys, alright. So again, it’s all love. If you want a chance to speak
to me, and work with me, and get my mentorship then
you already know what to do. And that’s what– I’ma
leave it right there. So if you want to check out
some of my other videos, I’ll link them right here
and right here for you but in the meantime man, welcome to the channel. Get that bag, it’s the
fourth quarter right now. You know, it’s the best time to get it. It’s the best time to get it. Let me know how I can
help and be any assistance to you guys, you already know what it is. It’s ya boy Mohamed Camara. Peace.


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