Are You a Shipper of Choice?


Hey this is Erik with A.M. Transport. Being
a shipper of choice is more important than ever right now and heading into
2019. We’re currently in the midst of a driver shortage so this is only going to
be amplified moving forward. Carriers are in high demand and can afford to be more
selective with the shippers that they’re working with. Here are the 7 most
important things to carriers in regards to being a shipper of choice. Number one
short wait time. Carriers aren’t willing to waste their hours at a slow shipper
or receiver. The quicker they can get out of there the more likely they are to
take a load again. Number 2 flexible appointments. Things happen in the
transportation industry. The more likely you’re at a load a guy if he’s a little
bit late or recieve him the more likely are they are to take your shipments in the
future. Number 3 low rate of tender cancellations. Like
everyone carriers want to know what they’re going to be doing and if the
load is cancelled last second that messes them up for possibly a week. Number four friendliness the staff the nice pays off just in general just be
nice. Number five lead time for shipment booking planning is important in our
industry. If you can give the carrier a weeks notice to plan their loads out
they’re much more likely to be a dedicated customer. Number six parking
options. Parking is a real issue these days. If you’re willing to let a driver
sleep on-site that is very helpful to the driver and the carrier and their
whole operation. Number seven amenities at facilities. Bathrooms, drivers lounge? All of these things make drivers happy and just make it more comfortable. Treat
them like they’re your customer and like they’re doing a service for you and
they’re much more likely to come back. So the question is are you ready to be a
shipper of choice if you’re not already if you have any more questions feel free
to reach out to us!


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