Ask Yoast: Content on product category pages


Stefan Wohlert emailed us saying, “Should I start with a long introduction
on my shop’s category page? If I write 400 – 500 words, the actual products
will be pushed down a lot.” This is a question we get a lot. You want content on pages,
for those pages to be able to rank. At the same time your products
are more important than your content. Now I would suggest having
a couple of hundred words up top and then maybe allow people to continue
to read by going to the bottom of the page and having a button there
that takes them there. You can play with this. You can also you do different tabs. This was a big no-no in the past,
but with the Advent of Mobile, Google has actually started indexing
both tabs, even the nonvisible tabs, because on mobile
this actually makes sense. So you can play with this, see what works,
see what makes your ranking change and then make it as good as possible. I would, though, keep up the 400,
500 words bit, that’s a very good thing. Good luck.


  1. the only bad thing about yoast seo: its price is very expensive, 87 dollar for a simple plugin. They exaggerate their price too much.


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