Ask Yoast: taxonomies in XML sitemap


We had a question that came in
to [email protected]… “Should I include taxonomies
like tags/categories in my XML sitemap?” Well of course,
that’s what we do by default. We do that for a reason. Your tags and your categories
could be very important pages on your site. We actually have a post at about category SEO
that you should really have a look at, because we think that
if you do your job well, then your category pages
are going to be ranking for terms that your posts might never rank for. Because every post that you write
in a specific category links back to that category
or that tag, so those pages become very powerful
and if you optimize them well, they can be very, very good pages
to rank in the search results. Good luck!


  1. Hi Yoast! I have a concern for sitemaps. I have two WP installed on and I'd like to know if I should need to submit my /shop directory to google search console as well as the sitemap and robots.txt with it. Would it make a difference if I just submit an additional sitemap for the /shop through the main domain ( registered at Google Search Console?

  2. What about when you have custom post types and you have categories in those custom post types. For example like an e commerce site where you have 100 pages and each week a new item gets added for sale and thereby creating a new page. Do you no index those pages page 2-100 and what would you do with meta description. Just add page or excerp in meta?


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