Auto-generate and Email WooCommerce DHL Express Shipping Labels


Manually generating shipping labels can
be exhausting every time an order is placed. What if you could automate this
process and also get notified? In this video, we will see how to auto-generate
and email DHL Express shipping labels with ELEX WooCommerce DHL Express Auto-
generate and Email Labels Add-On. To do this, we need two things; the ELEX
WooCommerce DHL shipping plugin and ELEX WooCommerce DHL Express Auto-generate
and Email Labels Add-On. This add-on will only work for the ELEX DHL plugin.
Once the ELEX DHL plugin and the add-on are installed and activated, click on the
add-on settings to get started. Only when the add-on is activated, you
could see a new tab in the parent plugin settings, in this way.
In the add-on settings, first you need to choose the WooCommerce order statuses for which
you want to initiate the label generation and email. You can select one
or more order statuses. When a new order moves to one of the selected statuses,
the shipment will be created and the shipping label will be sent by an email.
One important point to remember here is that these settings will be applied to
future orders and future change in orders statuses. Even if any of your
previous orders are in the selected order status, the emails will not be sent.
If you wish to send the emails, you need to manually update the order status. In the next section, you need to
configure the email settings. The first setting is to select email recipients.
You can send the automated emails to the customer, shop owner, or you could select
the custom email option and enter desired email addresses. Enter other
details like sender email address, sender name – this could be your organization’s
name or your name, subject, and content of the email. The email content text field
supports HTML content. You can customize the content as you like. The shipping
labels URLs will be appended after the email content. The next section of the settings is related to shipment failed email notifications. There may be
instances where the shipment may fail to create due to an invalid selection of
shipping service by customers, or the shipping service may fail to return any
rates, or the customer selects another shipping service than DHL Express.
In such cases, the add-on can send shop owner an email notification. The shop
owner can then go back to the respective WooCommerce order, create the shipment,
and generate the labels manually. To enable failed shipment notification, tick
the respective checkbox. Further settings appear, where you can enter desired email
subject and content. You can customize the subject and content as you like. After you have done configuring the
settings, click on the Save Changes button. When a customer places an order
and the order moves to one of the configured order statuses, the recipients
will receive an email in this way. You can notice the email subject, sender
name, sender email, and email content is the same as you have configured in the
add-on settings. The recipient can click on the URL to view the shipping label.
Here’s a sample DHL Express generated using the add-on. If you want to
configure the label settings you can do so in the “Label and Tracking” section of
the DHL plugin. In this way, you can auto-generate and email WooCommerce DHL
Express labels with ELEX WooCommerce DHL Express Auto-generate and Email Labels
Add-On. In the upcoming versions, the add-on will allow you to generate return
labels as well. Go check out the latest version. if you have not purchased the
add-on, get it today at If you don’t have our ELEX WooCommerce DHL
Shipping plugin, purchase it today. Due to our constant efforts on making this
plugin, the most functional DHL plugin for WooCommerce, we have achieved an
“Official DHL Partner” status. Follow the links given in the video
description and get started with a smooth WooCommerce DHL shipment
management. Go follow us on our social media
channels and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more informative videos
related to WordPress and WooCommerce.


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