AZ-AZ Deal Finder for oaxray amazon fba sellers to do online arbitrage

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Hey guys! This is Ted with oaxray and today we’re gonna
be talking about a new feature called A to Z deal finder. If you run the extension on any page you’ll
come to a blank screen. And if you come over here to the AZ deal finder
you will notice that you’re able to put in keywords or custom URLSs. So, I’m gonna put in a keyword Lego and see
what type of graphs we get and I’m gonna show you how to use them. Now for the pages I’m always going to put
five pages. What this is gonna do is pull the first five
pages of this search and you’re also able to search in specific categories. So, I’m going to search right here and we’re
gonna see what happens. So, here we are looking at our graphs and
this is how I find AZ to AZ flips. And I’m gonna scroll down and I’m gonna show
you what I’m looking for. Okay So, here is in the upper left-hand corner
you’re gonna see lego Star Wars 75097at advent calendar or building kit. This is an item that I’m looking for and this
is something that I might buy. So, one thing you’re going to notice is that
Amazon is coming into or has this item in stock for a long time then they go out of
stock. And we can see those out of stocks by the
white spaces at the bottom and by the yellow spaces you know Amazon is in stock. So, we can see this item shoots up as soon
as Amazon is out of stock and then when they come back in stock it drops back down. But it shoots back up comes back down shoots
back up. This is an item that if I wanted to. This would be something that I would be looking
at the margin and something that I could flip. I could find it on Amazon and actually purchase
it there or I can try to find another source and purchase it from there. As we hit over here we’re gonna hit pull data. What it’s going to do is it’s going to tell
you the sales rank. It’s telling you the sales rank as of right
now. It’s going to tell you the low FBA price and
just the lowest price on Amazon overall. So, while you see that marketplace new is
57.76 there is no shipping included in that. Whenever you pull the data it’s just going
to show you the lowest price which includes shipping. So, you might notice there’s a little price
difference. So generally, from this graph we can see when
Amazon is in stock they’re selling it for about 40 bucks and as we pull this data we’re
seeing that right now it’s selling for 61. So, my goal here is not to post a bolo it’s
just to show you how you can look at the graphs and kind of tell what’s going in and on stock. Now if you look at the upper right corner
we see Lego town 60.99. Another advent calendar or building kit and
we can see that Amazon was in stock at about $30 for a while. And right now, since November hit it looks
like they’re going in and out of stock in and out of stock. The sales rank remains at 30 which means this
is selling a ton of units. And whenever they get back in stock it looks
like they’re getting in stock for a few seconds or a few days and they’re going right back
out of stock. So, this would be an item where maybe you
can get a Ebates. I know Ebates with 7% on Amazon. The other day if you are able to get any other
kind of discounts you see Amazon in stock. This might be an item that you buy some of
and whenever at least past history shows that they keep going out of stock. Another good sign you see here is some of
the times the marketplace new also disappears. So, some of the times the marketplace sellers
are going on a stock also. So, if you could position yourself at a good
time we’re going into Christmas right now and you bought a few of these and Amazon just
goes out of stock with the sales rank of 30. Even if they go out of stock for a few hours
or just a day or two you’ll be able to sell through a good amount of quantity of the item. As we’re looking at this graph in the upper
right corner we can also see that we have a green line which is the sales rank. The sales rank is remaining pretty constant. It’s almost always below 100 as we can see
by the keepa graph. And we can also click on the keepa graph and
get a little bit more data by going to keepa itself. So, this is what I’m looking for. When I’m using the keepa graphs I’m looking
for those spikes, I’m looking for items that are going in and out of stock and the sales
rank stays low. Because if the sales rank is low enough even
if Amazon is out of stock for a short period of time you can get some sales. This is a great feature. Right here I typed in Lego but if we go to
the top we can put in custom URLs. I just grabbed a URL from a page. I don’t remember what the search term was
but as we scroll down here we can see the pie face game. I think actually might be restricted So, I’m
not gonna advise buying a pie face game if it’s restricted I would say do your research
first. But we can see that the pie face game at some
point this year was going all the way for 60 bucks and it looks like it’s gone down
right now. But it looks like Amazon was in stock and
they’re going in and out of stock. And if this item is not restricted and you’re
able to sell it then like this would be something you might be able to purchase from Amazon
for 20 bucks. And as they go in and out of stock you could
sell it at a higher price. Again, we can click on the pull data button
and we’re gonna get the sales rank and we’re gonna get the low FBA and the low Amazon price. So, this normally sells for a little bit under
if I look really closely it looks like it’s gonna sell for about $15 when amazon has it
in stock. And here just from a keepa graph we can see
it as selling for 32.99 after shipping and everything. So, this is just one way to use the keepa
graphs. I know a lot of people are gonna find a million
other ways to use it. And thank you very much have a great day.


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  1. snh99osu

    February 4, 2016 2:40 am

    Are you allowed to buy prime, flip, and sell prime? Also is there a way to find info on the difference between mf and prime prices to flip that way?


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