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just like this. Today I’ve got four items from Big Lots that look an awful lot
like a few As Seen on TV products that I’ve reviewed in the past. Today I’m comparing
them to see how they actually stack up. But anyways I was browsing through a
Big Lots the other day and I ran across their As Seen on TV aisle and of course I
could not resist since I’ve done so many videos on As Seen on TV products. And I
noticed several of them were similar to As Seen on TV products but not quite the
same thing. So I figured since I had all the originals I would compare those and
see how they do. Now I’ve done three comparisons like this in the past where
I ordered items on Wish that were either advertised as an As Seen on TV product or
an apparent knockoff of an As Seen on TV product. I’ve done three of those but I haven’t
done one perusing the aisles of Big Lots before so this is my first time doing
this. But if you’re interested in my Wish comparisons I will link those above as
well, and I’ll link anything relevant in the description below if you don’t see a
link pop up from above. Here’s what I got, in no particular order. These are called
Clear Vision Deluxe glasses. I don’t think these were actually As Seen on TV.
I’ve never heard of them but they look an awful lot like some of those tactical
sunglasses that have been advertised. I’ve got a drawer of them so I’ll show you that a
little bit. This is a 2-pack. I got two of them for 15 bucks so this could
potentially be a pretty good deal. Next up my only non-outdoor item would be Eggs Fast, which looks an awful lot like the Egglettes, which I’ve also reviewed in
one of my Wish comparisons as well. Next up for 10 bucks, this is a pack of solar
pathway lights. This is a 2 pack. These are solar outdoor lights look a lot like the
Bell + Howell Disk Lights. I still have mine out in my front yard.
One of the four I got died pretty quickly. The other three still work but they’re
getting a little bit dimmer. I also have the Wish one. I might compare all three
of those and see how they do. And right here we got the $15 – I think the orange
means it was on clearance I’m not quite sure – but anyways this was 15 bucks, this is the Perfect Hose which looks a lot like the Pocket Hose. This one has brass
fittings. A lot of the pocket hoses also have brass fittings. My Pocket
Hose Brass Bullet stopped working after a few months. Actually I made it stop
working. I left it out in the searing heat for an hour and it burst. But I’ve
got the Pocket Hose Silver Bullet that came out earlier this year and I’ve got
two others. I did a retractable hose comparison which I’ll also link below.
So I’ll see if this one works as well as those three do. So I’ve got all four
items. I think it’s time to get started. It’s just kind of just sitting
in there. It’s not even… I guess it’s better than elaborate packaging but it’s
just kind of resting inside there. Instructions. They even give you a nice
little carrying case… two of them. Two. They’re not chincing out on us. These kind of look a little bit like the Tac Gasses. I might have to pull those out.
They feel very cheap. They say reduces eyestrain, glare-free, improves night
vision? You’re gonna wear these sunglasses at night? You’re not Corey
Hart guys. And lightweight. We’ll see. This is where I filmed my very first scene in
my very first video here on YouTube. Which is completely irrelevant, but anyways
today I’m looking at the Big Lots glasses that, it just has an As
Seen on TV feel to it. I did notice on the bottom there’s a warning here it
contains DEHP which in California is said it cause cancer.
So don’t wear these in California or it might be unsafe there for you. So I’ve reviewed
quite a few glasses here, at least four them in the As Seen on TV genre, one from
Amazon mail time. So I’m going to compare this Big Lots mystery As Seen on TV-ish glasses to all them. Let’s see what we’ve got here in my drawer full of glasses. Don’t
need Night View, don’t need night ones. These are just regular sunglasses.
Alright here’s some. Which one are these? Bell & Howell logo on that one.
Which ones are these? That’s from BulbHead. Trying to remember which one these are.
We don’t need the Redshift XT. We don’t need the Zoomies.
That’s from a Halloween costume. These are Tac Glasses Blue I think.
Um trying to remember. These are for a Walter White costume. My novelty alien glasses. We don’t need those. I got a handful of glasses that were advertised.
I’ve gotta figure out which is which. And yeah I don’t even bother putting them in the cases anymore because that drawer’s overflowing the glasses.
I keep adding to it. I don’t really wear that type of glasses
anyway so I don’t only take the great care of them. Not to mention that these tactical type glasses are supposed to be so tough. They should be able to handle sitting
in a drawer, right? Well maybe not. For my first test of these Big Lots glasses,
let’s see if they’re actually polarized. This is the Big Lots glasses in question here.
This is actually an Amazon pair I did my Amazon mailtime. I thought I’d throw in
the mix here. These are the infamous Tac Glasses. These are Battle Vision.
Tac Glasses Blue. HD Vision Special Ops. So the first test I’m going to do is
pull out this card that’s supposedly tests for polarization and as you can see
there’s no Statue of Liberty. But if you have polarized glasses on, the Statue
of Liberty will show up. HD vision: Statue of Liberty’s there. Tac Glasses Blue:
Statue of Liberty is there. Regular Tac Glasses: So far so good.
Battle Vision: Statue of Liberty. Amazon: Oh. Where’d it go? Does this deserve to be on the shelf alongside them? Let’s find out. Oh no it failed. So it appears that the As Seen on TV glasses are all polarized.
The Amazon the Big Lots are not. Disappointing but we got more to check out.
I’ve been driving around with these kind of As Seen on TV-ish glasses from Big
Lots and here’s my initial observations after about a half an hour in the car.
First of all, the frames are very cheap. They feel like more like they’d be
dollar store glasses than $15 for a two pack of them. Number two is the lens
is a little weird because it changes from light blue at the bottom to kind of
an amber in the center and then back up to a darker blue at the top so the tint
you get changes depending on what angle you’re looking at. There’s some design
features that remind me a lot of Tac Glasses. They’re not as dark as Tac Glasses.
They’re an average pair of sunglasses. They’re nothing spectacular but they’re not
polarized though. I think they’re alright. Is $7.50 really worth it? I’m kind of on
the fence. There’s some $10 As Seen on TV glasses a little bit better made that
are polarized so I’m still… I’m still trying to figure it out.
But we’ll keep working on it. So what I’m going to do now is show you
the Big Lots glasses versus all the other ones. I’m gonna hold
up the Big Lots on the left and each one of them on the right and as you’ll see
there isn’t a significant difference in quality of the lens between the two of
them. I mean all the lenses vary a little bit as far as the different tint. The Big
Lots has kind of a weird progressive tint to it but otherwise I don’t see a
huge difference. They’re all pretty cheap and this one is actually not polarized
like most of the others so I’m not sure if you’re looking for a certain tint but
it depends on what angle you’re looking through what tint you’re gonna get.
And finally let’s see how all these glasses look stylistically side-by-side. All right let’s try these solar pathway
lights. Two pieces. It was ten bucks. It reminds me a lot of the Bell & Howell
Disk Lights which I reviewed in early 2018. Boy that looks familiar. Actually I just
bought a new package of them because the ones I reviewed are kind of old now and
one of them stopped working almost immediately afterwards so I figured I’d
get a fresh batch of the Bell & Howell to compare to the fresh Big Lots.
Also I’m going to throw another one in the mix. This is a Chinese knockoff from Wish
that I did in my Wish versus As Seen on TV comparison, which I’ll link above and
below. So I’ll throw this one out there as well. So let me unbox these, put them
out in the sun, and see how they look tonight. Big Lots. Oh yeah this looks familiar.
Very familiar. These are stakes you use to put it in the ground. Goes like this and
these go in these four holes right here. Like that. I’m not using these. I’m just.
gonna put them on the ground. We’ve already seen the Chinese Wish fake Bell+Howell Disk Light. Let’s unbox this brand-new Bell & Howell Disk Lights.
See, that looks quite familiar huh? Bell & Howell. Big Lots.
Pretty close. At least the Bell & Howell Disk Lights say “Bell & Howell” on them.
We’ve got Bell & Howell, Wish China, and Big Lots. I’ve got two more of the Bell &
Howell which I’ll just set aside for right now. I might even go grab one of
my original ones from the front, throw that one of the mix too, so we’ll have four of them to compare. Let’s do it right now. These Disk Lights have been out here for a
year and a half. I’ll try to clean that off a little bit and see how it looks
compared to the new ones. Before I put these in the yard, how about a quick overview
of all four of these? Here are the old Bell & Howell. As you can see it turned
yellow. It has the the Bell & Howell name though, that’s good.
The brand new shiny new Bell & Howell. It’s beautiful.
They’ve added a texture to this button that was not there before but otherwise
it’s in pristine condition. The Chinese Wish knockoff also has the
same kind of button and like the Bell & Howell, they have a place you can actually hang it. And otherwise looks very similar.
Now for the Big Lots version, no place to hang it in the back, it’s a slider switch,
so definitely a difference but otherwise this portion of it looks very very similar.
Alright here we go. I’ve got the old Bell & Howell Disk Lights over here
from 2018, the brand new ones I just opened, this is the Chinese Wish knockoff,
and here are the two Big Lots. Well look what we’ve got here. The Chinese one from Wish, not working. One of the old ones also not working. So these are the two
brand new Bell & Howells and these are the Big Lots which I really care the most
about anyways but this is what the Bell & Howell look like in a year and a half.
It may work and it may not, and when it does work it’s kind of dim.
First use right out of the box they look pretty good. Pretty solid. It’s a slightly
different color between the two of them but that’s not a problem. I got three Big
Lots items at the same time. I got my Big Lots sunglasses, my Big Lots hose.
I’m gonna spray the Big Lots disk lights. I am simulating rain. This is not real
rain everybody. This is fake rain. Make sure they’re waterproof.
Alright tonight I decided wait a little bit longer. It’s almost midnight here so that means
they’ve been shining for about four hours. Alright well here we go. The old
Bell & Howell Disk Light, very very dim. The other one is not working at all.
The Chinese one still doesn’t work. This one I actually saw flickering when
the sun was first going down so it’s not completely dead but it’s just very
weak. What I find interesting though is that the brand new Bell & Howell Disk
Lights are not as bright as the Big Lots versions. These are clearly brighter than those.
It looks like they all held up from being sprayed with the hose earlier
which I’m gonna keep doing, but right now I’m a little shocked that these are actually
brighter than those. Bell & Howell, Big Lots. Old Bell & Howell not looking so great. This one does still work. You can see
there’s light but it only lasts for… not even an hour before it burns out.
So I still think there’s kind of a tie between the Bell & Howell and the Big
Lots but as you can see the old Bell & Howell is not a lot of consistency
between how well they age. This one isn’t doing as well as that one and they both
look kind of yellow. Alright guys it’s one o’clock in the morning. So the two
Big Lots you have one that’s still pretty bright and one is
barely hanging on. Of the new Bell & Howell Disk Lights, one’s completely out and
the other ones hanging on. Of the year and a half old Bell & Howell Disk Lights you got one kind of hanging on. The Big Lots’ I think little bit better. Shocking. It’s raining
outside. The Wish one is actually working. I can’t believe it. All five of them
working for the first time since I’ve started this test. So the Wish one isn’t
broken it’s just not very good. “Pull out and unwind it.” Okay I can do
that. “Establish the entrance and an exit into the hose.” I can do that, too.
What I was wondering about, which I do see, is the warnings in here because a
lot of these early retractable hoses people found out you can’t leave them
out in the heat because they burst. Can’t leave them out in the elements because
they burst. You have to drain them after each use because it wears them out faster.
That’s why I like the Metal Garden Hose better. But their warnings do account for all of that.
“In the summer, store in a shaded area. During the winter
store it indoors. Do not leave the water on when not in use.”
A lot of people like to leave the pressure on their hoses and just use a
nozzle. That’s not a good idea with any retractable hoses. They never stand up to that.
If you want any retractable hose, including this cheap one from Big Lots
to work, you’re gonna have to drain them after you use them and take them inside
after each use. Again that’s why I like the Metal Garden Hose better.
I mean it feels cheap. It feels like a cheap retractable hose. The fittings are
kind of are kind small, kind of thin. I wouldn’t expect anything less for a $15 hose.
All right well so far so good. Bailey what do you see? Don’t step on it, okay good.
No leakage, no leakage. She’s very curious. What do you see Bailey?
What is that? Seems like it’s completely expanded. Let’s see how it works.
Look at all my weeds out here. This is horrible. All right I’m gonna see if I can water some these weeds out here.
Uh-oh there goes Bailey. Bailey! Okay Bailey approves of it.
Alright well it’s working okay. What I’m most curious about is how this is
gonna hold up though. So it says not to leave it under pressure when you’re not
using it, but how long should I leave it under pressure which would be
representative of ordinary use? Maybe about 15 20 minutes? Let’s do that.
I’m gonna leave it for 15 minutes under pressure and see if it holds up.
I mean it should hold up for 15 minutes under pressure right? Right?
Alright it’s been 15 minutes. No leakage. That’s great. By the way one more thing I
want to try before I drain this is, a lot of these retractable hoses say that
they won’t kink. Let’s see if that’s the case with this one. It doesn’t say it on
the box but I’m gonna find out anyways. I’m squeezing it here. I would say
it’s pretty kink-free. The flow of water doesn’t seem too affected. Oh wait I just…
Oh wait look. Uh-oh we’ve got a development here. I did kink it. Oh! Oh look, it’s not
really that kink-free. So after about 15 minutes or so I would say it’s
held up, and it’s somewhat kink-free. I’ve just got to drain it now and Bailey
really wants this. All right it is retracting now. The initial test of the Big
Lots As Seen on TV-ish hose did pretty well, but I’m gonna pull up my Pocket
Hose Silver Bullet now, which admittedly has already passed this test because I
did the same test with three hoses and it did pass. But let’s see if it
continues to pass the test. I’ve got the Pocket Hose Silver Bullet ready to go.
Now this does not have the on/off lever that the Big Lots version does.
They’re both 50 foot hoses by the way. And we’re off. I have used this quite a few times
since my original review. It’s still held up. No leaks and it looks like it’s
filled up so let’s give it a little test. I’m squeezing it as hard as I can and it
is still working. With the Big Lots hose when I squeezed it, I could feel that if I squeezed it harder it would cut the flow off, but this one I did not get that
feeling. Alright it’s been 15 minutes and once again the Pocket Hose Silver
Bullet has passed the pressure test. I’m going to drain it, put it away, and we’ll
do this again tomorrow. And now before you say this is an unfair
test keep in mind this is double the price of the Big Lots one and it’s
already passed this test. So really it’s just a matter of seeing if the Big Lots
hose can even hang with this type of hose. And this one at double the price
should definitely hang with the brand new Big Lots one that’s only 15 bucks.
So it’s kind of a two-way test. I’m gonna do this again tomorrow, and the next day, and
the next day, and see how long it takes before we come to some sort of
conclusion. All right it’s time for day number two, but you guys don’t want to see me do the same test over and over again, so this might be a good time for a musical
montage to speed things up a little bit. Cue the music right now. 15 minutes, Day 2.
Day 2 for the Pocket Hose Silver Bullet. Right Bailey? All right it’s been 30 minutes. Still holding up. Time to drain it, switch hoses.
Right Bailey? All right Day 3 for the Pocket Hose.
It’s expanding right now. Day number four. I’m having a slight problem with the
Pocket Hose on Day #4. It’s not coming out. The Pocket Hose Silver Bullet might have bit the bullet, I’m not sure. All right it’s Day #5. This is the big test where I do one hour each. So I’m not just putting it under pressure and leaving it. I’m actually coming out here and
watering a couple of my dead plants and these lights out here to see if they’re gonna
hold up underwater on a daily basis. Doing my best guys. Bailey. Bailey! It’s been an hour and it’s still holding up. Every day Bailey. What a weird daily routine. Very strange. Minimal instructions, that’s always good.
Here we go. These look extraordinarily familiar. I got four of these for five bucks.
So a $1.25 a piece. I’m gonna put three of these to the side.
This is the Eggs Fast. This is the As Seen on TV Egglettes, and this is a Wish knockoff
of the As Seen on TV Egglettes. The only difference I’m seeing between
any of those is that the Egglettes has the word “Egglettes” on it. Eggs Fast. Egglettes. That one has the word “Egglettes” on it. Otherwise pretty similar.
Wish, no logo. Same ridges as the others It’s time to test these out. First step
is to spray them heavily with some cooking spray. I’m gonna do that first.
Good stuff here. Wish, Egglettes, Big Lots. That’s enough I think. Even though I have an extensive
collection of egg crackers, I’m gonna do it the old-fashioned way.
Wish, Egglettes, Big Lots. Wish. Egglettes. I put a little mark here on the Big Lots
one to make sure I get that one straight. So there we go, Big Lots. The Big Lots instructions didn’t have a time so the Egglettes instruction said 13 to 16 minutes
so that’s what I’m gonna do this time. This isn’t really too hot. I mean I don’t
know if you should do with your fingers or not but I’m doing it. It’s not burning
me so I think I’m okay. Bailey wants some. Let’s start off with the official Egglettes.
Now if you put a lot of cooking spray in there you shouldn’t
have to dig it out with a spoon like they recommend, but I have one on hand
just in case. And? Boom. That’s right. Woohoo! Let’s cut this thing open.
Alright we got a pretty good hard-boiled egg I think. Let’s move up to the Wish
version now. Oh that one came right out. I attribute
that to the cooking spray more than the actual device itself to be honest. Alright, and? Nicely done as if I expected anything else. And now drumroll please.
Get the timpani going. It’s time for the Big Lots Eggs Fast. Let’s check it out. There we go, boom. Perfect. All right they all turned out perfect.
And they’re all so similar. I mean you wonder if they’re even made in the same place. It’s gonna be hard to tell these apart. I’ve actually had to
make marks on them to keep them separate. So I think in the case of the
Big Lots Eggs Fast it works as well as the Egglettes. And that concludes yet
another egg test on Freakin’ Reviews. Alright quick recap here. With the glasses, I
think $7.50 I’m not sure because I think they’re a little bit below the
As Seen on TV average. They’re not polarized, they feel really cheap.
I’m probably going to stick with the As Seen on TV glasses over these, although neither
one are a style I really wear that much. I think if you buy them, they’re gonna work
okay but I think there’s better options out there. As far as the Egglettes versus
the Eggs Fast goes, they’re identical as far as I can tell. There was no difference
in the performance. So I if you see them and you want to pick them up I
say go for it. It’s not really a style of egg cooking
that I prefer but it does seem to me like they work equally as well as the As Seen on TV version. Now for my two-week hose comparison, I kind of see the
retractable hose as something that you’re gonna use for a summer and you’re
lucky if you get at any additional years out of it. So in that case I think that
the Perfect hose versus the Pocket Hose, it worked pretty well. The Pocket
Hose feels like it’s better made but in my brief test I don’t really see a huge
difference in performance. Now as far as the Disk Lights goes, I actually think
that Big Lots lights worked better than the As Seen on TV lights. Now I
haven’t tested those long term but in the couple of weeks I tried them out
they were brighter and lasted longer throughout the night, so I actually might
go with those over the As Seen on TV. So it’s kind of a mixed bag. Some things worked
better, some things didn’t. Next time you’re down the Big Lots
aisle check out the As Seen on TV section and some of their versions of stuff. Maybe
you’ll find a good deal there. Have you guys used any of the Big Lots items or As Seen on TV products shown here? Tell me what you think in the comments below.
Please follow my social profiles for progress pictures, videos as I go.
And please subscribe for more product reviews from me James White with
Freakin’ Reviews. Hey Bailey let’s leave it under pressure 15 minutes
and see how it goes. By the way those of you who complain for me wearing sunglasses in the shade,
this is what I look like without my sunglasses on. It’s bright out there. So get outta here.


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  30. Something you may not know but polarized sunglasses are not good for skydiving. Can’t read a digital altimeter with them. So everything I have is not polarized

  31. Every product in this video:
    "It's not really something I would use, but if you like it go for it"

    Thanks for the help with that decision -.-

  32. James – don't know if you will see this comment as I am late to the view of this video, but is there a nozzle review that you could do for outside hoses? I didn't see one when I looked at your past videos but maybe I missed it. I can not seem to find on tv or anywhere one that has worked for more than a season – sooooo if You see one? maybe?


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