Biggest stumbling blocks that hold back real estate wholesalers!


all right good afternoon there folks
this William Jaroske coming to you on a beachside community give a New Baltimore
nice small town in the southeastern Michigan and as one talk to you about
now and the wholesaling since there are a lot of people that that do
wholesaling and just looking for our part kind of three or four tips that and ends
up I kind of hold on bear number one is they end up getting in some kind of you
know they read books you know about wholesaling or how the whole sea of
houses with real estate you know deal with our contractors as they end up
getting and this is a mentality of research research paralysis which just
say they’re just aren’t going getting our training training reading books and
never getting out of making a deal but as a real estate investor extraordinaire
near Dylan Tanaka so as at some time you’re gonna have to
make it happen you know just get the deal down Mike and the second thing is
the the second kind of fear that’s like now is fear where they end up having a
hard time getting out of the comfort zone where they’re afraid to call
they’re afraid to talk to people there are books out there and they deal with
helping people get motivated such as Rhinoceros Success with
Scott Alexander and another one’s procrastination equation by Pierce Steele
the other thing is like no just are get out and attend real estate invent you know
start gathering your buyers list and as they you can end up just one I like you
want to partner with the other people networking with them before partnering
for some you want to vet them as the saying goes trust but verify
I think Ronald Reagan stated that on and all it’s like don’t be afraid like go to real
estate meetup groups there’s a ton in like your local areas across all the
United States there’s like other tips secrets mission and other matters you
can actually find that either actually for free there are actually people
mentoring for free out there they don’t charge the mentor people and like so
they are yet Stu’s go on find them ask to talk to them people that are at these
meetup events so the kind of to like part of these seminars that are recommend and
really see investing is than Merril know can probably learn a lot of stuff
you know teach you how to structure deals learn
how to form a corporation and the other ones Lee Arnold there it actually
probably pretty much like similar things plus you can also
like form partner deals with a either wholesale or private money for lending
that’s another thing that holds them back their a coverage they end up
getting this idea where I don’t have any money because you know it costs money to
invest in real estate you know but the deal did together there you know have it
you know go down y’all make a contract no no close the deal with either the
title company and you can turn around like I sell the contract to other
investors but you want to have some skin in the game so I deal with the prime
money scowling here with Lee Arnold with Cogo Capital I’m also like deal with
credit repair credit education with FES I do a couple other services a Ameriplan
you know which my it’s on my website there’s like you wish
to feel free to contact me if you like what I do is share view and hit the
button and subscribe because I do come up with our regular updates
and other tips I come across so I wish you well
which I probably show you know the the lake that are around which I do low no
around I’ll deal and then there’s actually a beach right side there and close by by the waterfront so nice little town they See they got
well beachside which it took a little like our videos a couple years ago
during the fall time and they had a little duck swimming in the water
so William Jarose here it’s like signing off with your happy success
trails to the next video I’ll be coming up with talk you later


  1. Hey William! Liked and Subbed for more of that great real estate content. I love seeing those great little nuggets.


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