Birds Nest & Parcel Delivery – Australia Post Case Study


Well the story of Birdsnest started when I was silly enough to fall in love with a farmer and move to the beautiful Monaro. And I was really just looking for a business I could be passionate about. And that’s how Birdsnest came about at the very beginning. I was a corporate girl, if you like and was
working in IT of all places. So I moved to the country into what am I gonna do
and I fell into country town retailing and just fell in love with it. I think
I got on the shop floor and I realised the power of a really good retail experience. I guess who my background in IT I thought wow why don’t we combine this with the power of the internet yes with the power of the Internet and
reach more women and reach beyond I guess the 8000 people we have in Cooma and open up our market. market I just wanted to make sure that
was just the best experience a customs could have in order for them to do that
they needed partner with somebody that was reliable, that could get their product to their customer in quickest way possible with the least
damage. As a team we’ve grown. I’ve got an amazing support network and team around me and we’ve brought all the people on board that
can help us — all local people and I guess as a team we’ve done it. To
give you a good indication of our growth when we first went online there were
three of us and now this over 100 of us. So it’s been a crazy wild ride. said that we’ve got
103 birds he worked for South fairly common leaps
and bounds So the bird analogy has just grown and
everything we do have birds. It’s very quirky. I think we’ve
definitely build the business on building that relationship with the
customer. So making sure that when they have a
wardrobe dilemma we can solve it for them. So effectively we are a big warehouse, so
we get stock in we get stock out and so that’s the most
important thing for our customers getting their items. Every single
customer gets a hand written note about whatever it is the bird who’s wrapping it wants to talk about. So if it looks like if the cocktail dress
or something like they might say they hope you enjoy the party or have somewhere fun
to wear it. So we just make that connection. As women we knew when we ordered
something we wanted it now. So we knew we had to partner with
someone that could get our parcels out as quickly
as possible. We give a guarantee that if you do pat place that order before 1
o’clock we will get it out to that day And as soon as we promise anything we make
sure that we follow it through without Being in Cooma we really understand the challenges of receiving parcels. I live an hour and a half round trip to get a carton of milk so I
understand what it’s like to be in a remote place and want to
receive your parcels in a convenient way. So we needed to find a partner that
could reach all the customers that we wanna to reach in the most convenient and fast way. So
that is why we chose Australia Post. We expect that in the next few years
that 16 percent of business will be conducted as the result of an online transaction. Currently it’s sitting at about 10 percent, so it’s
pretty amazing. The big thing that changes as we’ve
grown, we’ve had to adapt how we’ve done things, so originally we
would pack all the parcels up, we would put them in trolleys and walk them to the local post office. And once we moved to our new premises and our parcels have grown unbelievably. We now get the
truck to come pick him up. Being based in a regional area, it’s
very hard to compete. We ship 3,000 parcels a week. Australia Post has enabled us to be competitive, so we now post all around Australia, next day delivery. and that’s crucial. So they can reliably pick up from us at 4:30 every day. And I know that the customer is going to get that parcel first-thing tomorrow morning The opportunities that the digital economy are providing Australians are enormous and I
think there’s a lot of potential negativity around the fact that retail is going online but in fact I think it it actually opens up huge opportunities for
smaller, independent regionally based businesses to get online get amongst it, open up their market and
increase their opportunities and the opportunities for their communities. So if anyone can learn or be inspired by the story in the
world Cooma town, then that’s that’s a really exciting thing for us here. It’s
fantastic business You know we are so pleased to be a part of this business. Their successes is our success. It’s helping your business by you can get
a better satisfaction than that. So it’s just been brilliant.


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  1. Malcolm Fisher

    September 14, 2017 4:58 am

    We are frustrated with Australia Post with parcels if the item is too big for the Postie's bike then we get a card and we have to go to our local post office Irymple 3498 and get the parcel that we played for delivery.


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