Cardmaking with Dies: Gatefold Parcel Pop-up


hello it’s Karen Burniston here with my
monthly designer challenge video in our Facebook group the Karen Burniston
pop-up peeps Michelle made a request she wanted to
see the parcel pop-up die set decorated as a present with a sliding lid so I
made a gatefold card with an extra flap at the bottom that animates the parcel
pop-up attached the lid to the sliding rectangle that reveals two little
reindeer as the card opens okay so before I get to the pop-up I need to
first make the card itself so I’m going to use our Flap and Closure die set I want
to make a five by five card when it’s closed so what I started with is a piece
of cardstock seven and a half inches by five inches and then I scored that
cardstock at an inch and a quarter from each side that leaves me a five by five
square in the middle that I added a piece of patterned paper to just a
little bit smaller than the square then from the same color cardstock as my base
piece I cut three flaps from the flap and closure die set for the bottom flap
I’m going to attach it in the usual manner so that means finding the fold
line folding it adding some adhesive and then attaching that tab up behind the
card so that the flap is along the bottom edge the flap and closure die set
includes a decorative piece that fits on the flap and I can go ahead and decorate
the inside part of that flap for the side flaps I’m not going to fold
on the score line instead the score line is just going to go right along the edge
of the card so that way those flaps will extend further into the center and
actually overlap each other and then I just repeat that same process for the
other side and the last flap so when you want to extend the reach of the flap you
just need to leave pieces of cardstock attached to your base card however wide
those pieces are is how far you’ll move the flaps towards the center I want to
get decorator pieces on the front of the card so the outside of the flap before I
add the closure and for that I’m just using the decorator die that comes in
the flap and closure die set and then for the extra part of the rectangle I just
used patterned paper that I cut on my trimmer so my initial thought was to
leave a gap between those two pieces that I would cover with ribbon but then
I changed my mind and decided for the front of the card I actually wanted to
make that stripe kind of disappear so since I used striped paper I just used a
piece of the same paper and lined up the stripes
so for the right side of the flap that’s where I’m going to attach my decorative
button and I’m sewing that on through the flap by just piercing a couple holes
and just using some thin elastic thread to tie the button on for the left side
flap I’m using a clear button that has four holes and I have it most of the way
sewn on but I’m going to leave a loop on the front of the card and on that loop I
want to slide a little bead onto the elastic before I go down through my
final hole of my button and into the inside of the flap and then I’m going to
test and make sure that loop is the right size to stretch across to my
decorative button before I tie off the elastic on the inside of the card and
then just cut away the excess now that my closure is complete I can decorate
the inside of the card flaps and for those I’m using those same decorative
pieces from the flap and closure set the rectangles I cut with my trimmer and
then those ribbon pieces that I had intended to use all the way around the
card but in the end wanted to use just on the interior since I am using striped
paper I took a little care when cutting decorative pieces that the patterns
lined up I just thought that was fun so that’s a fun card technique even if you
don’t plan to put a pop-up inside but we do want to put a pop-up inside so let’s
switch to the parcel pop-up die set now if you want to watch the pieces being
die-cut you’ll want to go watch the full assembly video for the parcel pop-up
I’ve gone ahead and done the die-cutting I’m gonna remove that little piece of
card stock for my pop-up that I don’t need and I wanted to address something
in this video that’s not in the assembly video and that is a little bit of some
extra help with this area right here where the tabs are so this little
section right here it lifts up as the slider arm comes up and then it lowers
back down as the slider arm goes down and in the course of making that you
have to get those little notches stretched across and into the other
notches some people have reported that they tend to tear them when they try to
do that so I’m going to teach this trick which is just to take a scrap piece of
cardstock over that section of the die and cut it again and then trim it out so
that you have just that little area that kind of looks like a bread clip so you
glue that section right at the top of the matching section on
the bass pop up and that will make that section very strong so it will do a
couple things number one is it helps it lower easier so if you’ve ever had one
where your materials seem kind of light and you kind of have to push it to get
it back down that’s probably the area that needs doubling and then the other
thing is because you’ve doubled the tabs themselves we’ll be able to actually
bend them out of the way and into the other notches and you won’t have to do
this stretch thing okay switching to my slider arm I want to work the side folds
so there’s this fold here and then one along the long section so those are both
reinforcing tabs that get glued down but not yet and then once it’s in this
position you want to find the two folds that are above and below the wider
section those get accordion folded so you have a mountain at the top valley on
the second one then here on the back oops I want to glue down the little
reinforcing side tab for that’s that upper section so I’m not going to do the
long reinforcing tab but I am going to glue down the short one and I’ll just
clip that to let the glue set up okay so here’s that little doubled up tab
section and normally you would do a stretch thing but this time since we’ve
doubled it we can actually fold over the tabs so see I’ve just folded it over to
make it where I can get the slider arm into that section and then unfold it so
it probably wouldn’t do that trick if I was using just a single layer of
cardstock because I think it’ll make that tab too weak but with a double that
works so here’s the notches that need to go in that section so this piece comes
up through and then on the left side I can just wiggle the notch into the notch
and then on the right side I can now take my folded tab pinch it and bring it
around and then unfold it so that should be a little easier than doing it where
you have to stretch the entire tab around okay so now the slider arm is
attached at the notches and then I can accordion fold that down so the mountain
fold and the valley fold make it look like an accordion it gets down into that
flat position now on the red pop up piece there are folds at either end of
those thin little sections and I work the back ones as valleys and the front
ones as mountains and that will basically collapse down that pop-up box
in such a position that on the back of the
piece the little small tab that’s out on the end is now in line with our slider
arm so keeping everything nice and flat is the best way to do this and I’m going
to coat the inside with adhesive I’m using my Lineco neutral pH adhesive in
my fine tip bottle and we do sell both of those items on our website a quick
check that everything looks straight and then I flatten everything down fold the
red tab over and into the adhesive and then when I close up the green piece it
will trap that red tab in between the layers okay so that pop-up mechanism is
mostly done I just have one fold left and it’s right here at the base of the
box and that would be a mountain fold okay so taking a look at this from the
side you can kind of see how it’s going to operate once it’s against a card then
the motion of opening the card will cause that slider arm to come up and out
of the box and then what I want to do then is just add the rectangle that
comes in the set is designed to attach to the slider arm you’d actually line it
up on the top edge and then you just want to make sure that the tail of the
rectangle is down inside the box as it closes okay so here’s how that operates
and then I want to do some decorating of it before I install it inside the card
so in the parcel pop-up set there is a big square after I cut that out of that
same red cardstock as well as the piece that can be used as either a lid or a
flap when you’re doing the cardboard box look also in the set is a stitched
decorator square in a stitched decorator flap and both of those have cut out of a
red polka dot paper and what I’m doing with the square is decorating it like a
present by using the signpost die that’s in the set so that kind of has a fun
little woodgrain texture on it and I’ve cut it four times and used it as ribbons
and then cover the seam in the middle with the little heart that comes in the
set and then rather than cut off the excess I decided to fold it to the back
and glue it down and now I have my little decorator present it’s a little
bit smaller than the red square so then I can just glue both pieces together
okay and then for the lid of my present I would like to make sure that I place
my decorator cardstock that’s acting as a ribbon in the same spot so that it
lines up with the present when it’s closed so then I just use that as a
guide and do the same thing with wrapping the ends of the cardstock to
the back and then gluing it on to my red present lid the parcel pop-up set
includes a nice big bow for when you’re decorating it as a present so I’m going
to glue that up at the top of the lid okay adhesive all over the front of the
pop-up and then I’m going to place that present to it and I do like to just have
a little bit of extra room along the fold at the bottom so I don’t bring the
present all the way down to the fold but actually leave just a little bit showing
that gives it some room to fold down in the finished card and then along the
back here I’ve got this little seam that’s a great spot for a piece of just
regular old scotch tape that will make sure that that can’t become a catch
point in my case for my little reindeers feet to come down and possibly catch
against that ledge I’ve cut a piece of cardstock to two and a quarter by three
and three eighths and that will be perfect for sliding up and down inside
the box and holding the lid so I will attach my lid to my cardstock that’s
going to slide up and out of the box so I’ll just use the tab that’s attached to
the lid now the lid is wider than my piece of cardstock so with the little
leftover pieces of tab I’ll just cut them at an angle and then I can put
anything on that rectangle slide up and out of the box and I have chosen our
Christmas animals die set and cut and decorated two reindeer and then for
placement I’m putting them so that their antlers are right up next to the fold at
the top and then their bodies stay within the limits of the rectangle
itself so that I know that they can slide down into the box and not get
caught up anywhere now even though I have tape inside the
box at that potential catch point I have a lot of feet here that could
potentially catch so I decided just to tape them down since the feet actually
aren’t going to raise high enough to come up and out of the box okay so I
slid the rectangle down into the box and now I’m going to attach the pop-up to
the card so adhesive on the base this is just usual parcel pop-up assembly
I want the ends of the pop-up right in the fold of the card they can go
anywhere along the fold but today I am just centering it so just giving that a
second to set up and I can see where that’s going to be that looks good okay
keeping everything flat now I want to add the adhesive to attach the other
half of the pop-up and one thing that I want to make sure is that I’m only using
adhesive on that back red piece and only on the sides like you see me doing here
so nothing in the middle well the slider arm needs to go up and down then I close
the card against that exposed adhesive and give it a second to set up now
remember my lid and rectangle isn’t completely attached inside there so as I
open it it’s just going to kind of fall out of there what I need now to do is
add the adhesive to that green slider rectangle part and then I think it’s
easiest to get the rectangle all the way down into the box and then close it up
and then give it a good press so that it will attach to that green slider in the
right position okay so the pop-up is working nicely and all I need to do to
finish out this card is add some decorations the swoopy vines from the
flowers and be set it can be arranged in a circle and they make a pretty wreath
and if you’d like that wreath to look a little bit more like Holly you can do
that with just a standard hole punch so a regular office hole punch and I just
take a little divot out of both sides of a leaf and then that makes it look a
little bit more like Holly and I will sometimes stack a couple vines on top of
each other and punch through both layers because that makes it go a little bit
faster and obviously optional I just think is kind of a fun adaptation to
turn that vine into a sprig of Holly you can experiment with different angles
between the vines as you glue them together and that will increase or
decrease the size of the finished wreath what I did is I just made two sets of
four kind of in a rectangle shape like this and then I turn one 90 degrees and
glue it over the other one I actually made two of the reeds so I
could put one on the front of the card and I’m using pop dots since one side
has to go over the top of that clear button there’s that big bow in the
parcel pop up die set that works great on the wreaths and then for holly
berries I just used red enamel dots there is a tag dye included in the
parcel pop-up and I dug through my stash to find a greeting stamp that would fit
on that tag and stamped it on both sides then I attached the tag using a jump
ring to the elastic and then a couple more of those little holly sprigs that I
made on the right hand side with some holly berries okay so let’s go ahead and
open up this card and look at the interior decorations the left side
features another one of those reads and then I kind of mimicked that look on the
right side using our crosshatch circles as a place to write a personal greeting
for an inside greeting I went with Merry Christmas it’s one of our big script
dies I cut it out of white glitter paper but then also out of red cardstock and
glued them over the top of each other just since that s was going to be
suspended out over the air I wanted to make sure that it was plenty strong the
finished card measures 5 by 5 square when closed so that fits in an a7
envelope for mailing but because of the bulk of the decorative button and the
bead it would need the extra postage if you swap those out for something lower
profile then you wouldn’t have to worry about the extra postage at all so you
can imagine this card being done in other occasions you know you could
decorate that present as a birthday present it’s basically just a little
surprise whatever is going to come up and out of the box makes a lovely
display piece as well the description box below this YouTube video is where
you will find supply links as well as link to the blog post and on that blog
post our pictures of this card as well as all of the cards made by our very
talented design team thanks for watching if you click on the website link you’ll
go to where you can find out information about purchasing
these dies as well as links to all my other social media accounts you can
subscribe to this YouTube channel and check out some of my other videos thanks
so much for watching and I’ll see you next time


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  1. Charlene M.

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    Such a cute card! TFS! What were those clips you use to hold your pieces together after glueing them together?

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    Muchas gracias por compartir esta hermosa tarjeta pop up
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    Hi Karen! Great way to mix the dies ip! Turned out so pretty! God bless you and yours, Tree 🙏😊❣

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    Wow this is so awesome. I shy away from interactive cards however you made it look so easy I may try them again. 😉

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    Beautiful card. I love the red base really gorgeous and want to make one right away! Thank you. Denise

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