ClimaCell Design


When we started three years ago, we set out
to rid the world of unnecessary packaging waste. Our first product, the JuteBox, a fully compostable
liner, set the bar for sustainability in insulated packaging. We manufacture hundreds of thousands of liners
every week, but we’re also always reevaluating our materials and products to push the market
forward. Today, we raise that bar with ClimaCell. ClimaCell is a proprietary material that we
developed in-house at Proving Ground, our R&D lab. It’s specifically designed for the needs of
the perishable shipping market – high thermal performance, a unique hydrophobic formulation,
and curbside recyclable certification. We looked at the key pain points among our
clients and their consumers and rethought the way we manufacture our products. We studied countless formula configurations
before landing on an ideal solution. ClimaCell represents our understanding of
the insulation market and seeks to improve the category by pushing it toward a more sustainable
future. To create ClimaCell we reassessed the entire
manufacturing process and developed our own custom machinery to control the process and
to ensure the overall quality of the product. This integrated approach was necessary to
be able to offer the bespoke product specifications we’ve grown accustom to offering our clients. ClimaCell enables us to design products that
optimize both performance and sustainability and delivers what we believe is our best insulating
material yet.


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