Dasavatharam Movie Scenes | Avtar Singh arrives | Govind escapes | Balaram Naidu gets courier list

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– Dispose the tender coconuts
– Yes, sir You may go this way
They can come only through immigration They’ve come from US
They’re FBI agents Just now two of them went in They’re additional agents I’ve to get the permission
from my senior officers You stay here
I’ll go and check with sir Ok – Don’t push Listen to me The crowd is heavy
I’ll fetch the baggage and come You stay here Mom, bring the luggage Please pose for the photo Here you go You can ask in Tamil – Do you still remember Tamil?
– How can I forget? This land helped me for my living
I won’t forget Tamil Nadu I won’t forget it even
if I go higher and higher It is a temple of 6 crore deities She also hasn’t forgotten Tamil Yes, I didn’t forget Tamil But if keep on talking with you
I’ll forget our baggage She can even crack jokes in Tamil Sir, this is a restricted area – Please take them out
– We’ll go there It is costing millions
Ticket sales is also good Will you sing in Tamil or
Hindi or in Punjabi? Whatever the audience wish? You’re coughing
How will you sing? That is nothing – In two or three days…
– You’re bleeding Oh gosh, blood
From your mouth What happened? What happened? Move aside
Step back – What happened to you?
– Dad! What happened? Please tell me Dad! Let them not come in
You please take care Oh my dear! Don’t worry!
The airport doctor is available! He’ll become alright You hold him that side Be careful
Take him slowly Slowly! Oh boy! Do you have a mobile phone? Where are we? We’re going over the Chengalpattu bridge Then, tell us the address Take him to the hospital A cop is injured
Take him to the nearest hospital The goods have to go on time
If it gets delayed… If he doesn’t reach the hospital
then you’ll be arrested – Can’t you see he is a cop?
– Ok, get in Start the vehicle That vial is not in the container,
then why is he going out? That gang leader Govind may have
shifted the vial to some other packet Superb sir Call that courier office
immediately and get the dispatch list A foreigner and a lady came Is it only the foreigner? – Didn’t Govind come?
– Who Govind? Leave that…tell me,
what else happened? They came here suddenly
and destroyed everything Then, what happened? They asked for the list
of flights and dispatches – You didn’t give, did you?
– I gave They took it That… Then… They destroyed the
hard disk and left So, I have an additional dispatch list I was trying to give you that Who is he? What is your name? – Telugu?
– No, Kannadiga Doesn’t matter
Both languages have the same script How many dispatches are
over in this list? Around 200 Can we get 200 policemen Very tough
They’ve gone for PM’s visit Never mind We’ll manage
with whoever we get Send a cop to each address
We have to do surveillance Both Raos should co- operate The CIA is also with us
then, what else do we need? Both of them shouldn’t get away
All newspapers should flash their photos We should do in such a way that both
get disgraced overnight like film stars They shouldn’t be sight
seeing Tamil Nadu Chambalam Chambalam (remuneration)?
That you should pay me


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