Demodern Insight Chat #5: Which design trend will come soon?

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I’d say that regarding the trends for digital design on the following years… We will still have a lot of this 3D aesthetic, with really colorful compositions, Sometime even crazy compositions. And I also think that we’ll keep using what is in a lot of evidence nowadays, that is the focus on the materials. Mainly on the textures, mashes and properties of the materials, how it behaves, elasticity and so on… Another style that I think will be used more often is the one used in some Fashion Magazines… A more editorial style, with heavily distorted fonts, either condensed or extended. Some time even with distortions… like liquify, and other manual technics. Really aggressive typography, like the projects shown on Crap is Good And I’d also say that another stylle that is becoming quite popular now is… something that you could call a bit Trashy Vintage, inspired in the 90’s, that somehow has a bit WordArt and tacky, Like that video from Neymar’s Mixtape, it looks really cool. And i think this really colourful kind of psychedelic style, with some strange fonts, results in some quite nice visuals.


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