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Hey guys, this is Neil Waterhouse. Received an email from Janet Johnson “Neil you will probably think that I am crazy asking this question however, does the weather have any effect on sales on eBay?” Well Janet, no, I do not think you’re crazy In fact, this is a very good question. This is the same question that plagued me for years before we finally found a way to actually measure it. Back in 1997, I was selling a house and the real estate agent that I was using told me the market was gonna be quiet for the next 3 weeks as there was an upcoming election. My immediate thought was “election . . .what the?” He then went on to say
the market would pick up again after the election no matter who won the election My next thought to myself was Why would an upcoming election dramatically slow down the market? Sure, a different Prime Minister
might have different policies, however he saying the market will slow down now but no matter who gets voted in the market will pick up again. At that time, these don’t make any sense to me at all I did not voice my thoughts back then as I had known this real estate agent for a long time and I have a lot of respect for him His name is Rod Jameson and he was a former Qantas 747 Captain My thoughts were if one is smart to be a Qantas 747 Captain then surely he must have a reason
for saying this. I did not say anything to Rod at that time however, everything he said
proved in the end to be correct. Just like Rod had predicted The manner people going through the Saturday morning inspections of the house increased dramatically after the election And 1 week after the election we had a deposit on the house. For over 10 years this niggled away at me why this has happened And I couldn’t come out with definitive answers
as to why Finally 10 years later, we used the Internet to test the theory. We did this by comparing the amount of Internet traffic to our websites against whenever there was a significant news event on the television. In other words, when there’s a big event
on the news did this have any effect on the amount of traffic we’re getting to our websites
in comparison to other weeks? Here is how we tested it. Over the years we got more and more tools for measuring Internet traffic. Tools like Google analytics that allow us to monitor exactly how much traffic we get to the websites every day, every hour and these days, every minute you can even see the traffic live. We started noticing patterns of when traffic would increase and also die off. We then overlaid the dates of significant news events on top of the traffic reports for each day. To get the significant news events, we would record the top news event of the day from the top television stations and also the major newspapers. It turned out Rod was 100% correct. What we discovered whenever there is a significant event in the news i.e. an election, bad weather, a major game football, a climatic event, significant world event etc. traffic would simply die off. On the reciprocal, we discovered we get the most Internet traffic
when the public is bored. Another example is when there is an approaching holiday, the public is less bored
and traffic/sales slow down however, as the end of the holiday approaches and the public needs a retail therapy fix, the traffic climbs back up again. This also runs in line with what we already knew about eBay auctions. Sunday nights for most items is historically been the best time to sell and Friday nights for most items is the worst. Using the same theory, on Sunday night the public is
spending more time on the computer with the thought of the looming work week ahead. Time again for them for some retail therapy. Whereas on Friday night, there’s one
thing in their mind and that’s “Get it out of here, here’s the weekend approaching.” So when regards to the weather, yes the weather has a definite effect on sales however the weather can increase sales and also decrease sales. If rain sets in for a period of time i.e. a few days, the public get bored and they turn to their computers and smart devices for amusement. This triggers more sales. If the weather gets really bad, and there are say floods, significant winds etc, the public turn on the televisions
for news instead and because of this, the sales slow down. Another way of looking at all this is if people have a hot topic to talk about i.e. a significant news event, they are less bored and in turn are less likely to require the feeling of excitement that many people gain
when they purchase something, myself included. When there is nothing to talk about, the public purchase more as they are bored and require the excitement they get
from purchasing something. This of course is also known as retail therapy. As an eBay seller, I love it when there are no
significant news events on the TV. Well Janet, I hope that answered your question and the good news is you are not crazy! That’s all for this week If you are watching this video
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