DON’T Run Ads Until You Know This!


you need ads a skill any business
quickly we all know this why then doesn’t anybody warn you about
this there’s definitely a big consequence to running ads on your
channel and this scariest part about it is you might not even be aware of it
until it’s too late so if you ever plan to run ads or you ever plan on scaling
any business in the future make sure you watch to the end of this video we’re
gonna talk about the mistake that I made the consequences it had from my channel
what you can do to avoid it and more importantly what you should be doing
let’s get into it welcome to the video guys alright so
I’ve been running ads on a bunch of my videos lately to kind of test out the
platform for myself see what it’s all about and see what kind of return on
investment I can get from the ad platform to my videos and my products
and recently I actually looked at my analytics and realized just how much
this was hurting my channel so since I started running ads on my channel you
can see here that the audience retention has dropped significantly
it has also decreased a lot of other important metrics that we’re gonna go
over here in a second so two important questions why is this happening and what
can you do to reverse it or for you specifically what you can do to prevent
it maybe well we all know that YouTube has an algorithm that they use to track
which videos are successful and that people respond to vs. which ones they
don’t and they also do the same thing for channels as a whole overall and we
know that YouTube values for things overall and that’s
audience retention click-through rate leave YouTube great and watch time now
click-through rate to put it simply is essentially the rate at which people
click through your video or the percentage of times that it’s shown to
an audience versus how many times it’s clicked and YouTube tracks that as an
important metric now they also track leave YouTube’s rate which is the rate
at which people actually leave the platform from your video and your
channel as a whole now this is important because YouTube’s number one goal is the
key people on YouTube so that they can ultimately show them more ads and if
people are leaving YouTube from your channel or your video specifically
YouTube’s gonna ding you for that another important metric that they track
is watch time which essentially to put it short is the amount of overall time
that people spend watching your video and finally audience retention is the
amount of time that your video retains that audience or that viewer and YouTube
also tracks us as a whole overall overall your videos for your channel so
specifically if an audience member that was watching this video stayed on for 30
minutes or thirty minutes Oh 30 seconds then my audience retention
for that viewer would obviously be 30 seconds now that’s averaged out over all
the people that view this video as well as all the people that view my channel
as a whole that in and of itself is audience
retention in a nutshell now if you look at my analytics you can see here that
while the ads have increased my views they’ve killed my watch time view
duration and estimated revenue which are all major indicators of channel success
and the direction that your videos are trending clearly you can see as they’re
literally the first things that YouTube shows you in your analytics so what
exactly did I do wrong am I telling you to just avoid ads altogether of course
not I specifically went wrong and most people don’t actually know this is
because I ran ads from my own channel from my own channels account and those
four important analytics that we talked about before then got factored into my
channel as a whole not just for my YouTube videos but also for my ads and
because a lot of these people that I was running ads to weren’t necessarily
subscribers they just happen to be random viewers on a video surrounding
that topic my metrics obviously suffered which then signaled to YouTube that
people were responding a less and less to my videos and a less and less than my
channel overall therefore what actually happened was YouTube stopped promoting
my channel as much and that meant killed visibility across the platform for my
subscribers as well as not being suggested as much as I would like to be
across the platform as a whole to new users now that’s important because we
all know that in 2018 if YouTube isn’t suggesting you you’re not going to be
successful period so then what should you do about
this well you should start a new channel just specifically for your ads that way
you can get all the benefits of running the ads but you don’t get dinged for
having all the poor metrics that come with it the bed audience retention
click-through rate view duration and watch time percentages won’t be added to
your overall channel stats and you won’t have to worry about any of these killing
your channel simple but it makes a huge difference so there you have it guys
some key info for running your ads and potentially scaling your businesses in
the future I hope this video brought you some value today and if it did please
give it a thumbs up so my channel can be resurrected from the slums of YouTube
also let me know down in the comments section if you’ve ever run any
on any platform whether that’s Facebook YouTube Bing or Google AdWords and what
was your specific experience running those ads did you feel like they were
profitable that you track your return on investment or did you feel like you were
just kind of throwing your money down the drain
I’d love to hear from you and with that being said I’ll see you guys in the next


  1. I love the word 'dinged' I'm going to start using that! I never would have known this. Haven't run any ads but when I do will definitely do this. GOLD

  2. Never ran ad but learned a lot today from your video, I always wondered about watch time. BTW Bryan if you didn't remember I launched on Amazon two weeks ago for RA and I'm over $400 in sales. Thanks for that class! A little plug for you lol

  3. Whenever I have some free cash available I experiment with ads on Facebook and see how people will react to them. I try pure contextual and video ads to see what works the best. I have found out that I get better responses from short videos that range from about 30 to 45 seconds. So I guess a lot of people have ran into that one guy videos "if you give me just 45 seconds I'll show you how to wash your butt with bleach and sell this mop handle" lol

  4. #metrics Okay, letʻs sort this out. I need to add to my list ads as I scale my business. Next, I need to start a separate YouTube for ads and a separate channel to drive subs. Next, I need to keep track of my metrics so YouTube can recommend me to other views who are not subs of my channel. #okaygotit #morestuff #Iamjustgoingtokeepitsimple #alwayslearning

  5. i started runing ads with facebook platforme from the last year firstly i spent more than 500$with just little benefit but i learnt so much about the zuck platform .

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  7. Hey Bryan, you have our attention! Our main concern with running our ads through another side-channel will lead our subscribers & clients scattered between the both of them. Ideally we would like them in one place. Do you yourself manage 2 channels regularly? Just looking for some clarification


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