you can make this exciting science model using
very simple materials. two plastic bottles, stiff straws, some rubber glue, tape and scissors.
apply rubber glue to flat ens of two bottle lids and stick them back to back. these are
the two lids and then you also tape the joint for additional safety so that there is no
leakage of water. now make two small holes in both the lids and then insert stiff fruit
juice straws about 5cms long. these are the two straws and you can see how they are attached.
now fill one bottle completely to the top with kerosene. in india color of kerosene
is blue. fill the other bottle with ordinary tap water. now screw on the twin lid on the
kerosene bottle tightly and then upturn the kerosene bottle and screw it on the water
bottle. not much would happen right now. now you invert the bottle so that the water is
at the top. kerosene being lighter then water, little drops will go in top bottle, water
drops will come down in kerosene bottle. you can see water drops falling and a small layer
of water. in top bottle you will see on top a small layer of kerosene and almost blue
pearl like kerosene drops. its an amazing sight to behold. kerosene going up and water
coming down. you can also do this experiment with cooking oil. cooking oil is more viscous
and so you will need thicker straws. once again the cooking oil is below and its lighter
so oil drops will go to the top bottle and slowly the water drops will fall down or they
will sink down. now you can see oil drops slowly going up and water drops coming down
and making very golden layer of pearls at the base. we can see water drops coming down.
its a very beautiful and amazing sight, a whole bunch of pearls and you require very
simple materials to make this amazing and exciting science model.


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  1. Carlos Gaete

    January 27, 2015 8:17 pm

    Nice video!, however, Kerosene is flammable and dangerous, so, let me a suggestion, You should show the experiment with vegetable oil, or/and warn children do this with an Adult.


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