Dropshipping $0 to $250,000/Month in 5 Months Case Study (+ Top Winning Products To Sell Right NOW)


(Shopify Dropshipping Case Study) In this video we’re going to see a store that went from zero absolute zero no traffic no sales to win 250,000 dollars per month with Shopify drop shipping in less than six months I’m gonna show you their whole strategy how they test products and how you can spy on stores just like them to replicate their success Let’s find out Hey, what is up is Rafael here and in this video? We’re gonna go over the Shopify dropshipping store that I found through an ad that one of my students shared to me He was like, hey this product this is picking up It’s doing really well only launched a couple of days ago and now they’re absolutely Smashing it and basically they’re just scaled up from nothing all the way up to like two hundred and fifty grand a month Sales source says they’re making one a million a month Which I don’t think they’re making a million, but we’re still gonna go through the whole store Absolutely everything they’re doing and how you can replicate their whole strategy But before we start make sure to check out the first link in the description. I prepared a $42,000 per month Student case study that you can follow along and see all the steps at that student took to get from zero to forty two thousand Per month in my metric program You can see all the strategies completely for free and if you want to schedule a call with me or my team make sure to check the second link in the description completely know pass free call a Strategy called to see what you need to do in the next couple of days weeks and months To take your business to the next level firstly second link in the description and lastly in every single video. I give out eight three 101 consulting calls directly with me to look over your store your ads and everything that you’re doing on To analyze and give you the best action plan All you have to do to win is comment secrets Secrets down below subscribe to channel hit that notification mail and the thumbs up button on this video. I choose one person per video So probably you’ll win if you comment secrets subscribe to that notification belt right now Alright, so to the store that I was talking about You’ve probably seen this at a lot of people have been targeted with this ad it’s growing like crazy in the past In the past week in one week Like I told you my students said this to me cuz I hate in the past three days This video had 100,000 views. I think it can be solid in a week it almost has 500,000 views 450 mm with solid engagement right here from the page called gadget garden. We’re gonna go over the video And it’s just a little couple Pillow that basically doesn’t numb your arm, which is it’s not a huge problem But it is a cool product and even if somebody doesn’t have a significant other and they’re not sleeping with a significant other It’s still a problem for people that sleep on their front on their chest their arms get super numb It’s still a solid product that solves that small problem that people have if you go to the store It’s called gadget cap right here. And as you see this is the homepage They’re just a general store selling multiple kinds of products Not one thing specifics not a one product store. Not a niche But selling multiple kinds of products and if we go on similar web this chrome extension right here We can see that in February and March every they had 200 visits in March They had zero misses and they scaled up to 45,000 in April 67,000 in May 200. Mm and then 108 thousand based on what we research on the store this stores making around 250,000 per month right now about 10,000 per day if we go on sale stores, so let’s take this out Click on the sales stores and analyze store if you want to get the software Is in the description if we check and analyze the store with this software It says they’re making about five hundred and nineteen thousand per month all the way to a million a month I would think it’s that much because the traffic doesn’t match up to that amount of revenue but still they’re absolutely crushing it in that time period and one thing that I really really want to study with you and I want To show you that they are doing is that they’re launching? So many many products if you see the products that are recently uploaded right here It says five minutes ago two hours ago two hours ago two hours eight hours eight hours eight hours and if we click more it’s 19 a day ago a day ago so per day they’re launching about twelve to fourteen products on the weekdays from Monday to Friday and In Saturday and Sunday, they’re launching like five or six products So these guys are adding Product after product after product and the cool thing that they are doing if we go to the Facebook page right here Gadget garden and then they’re actually running from multiple Facebook pages. This is the one that I found so if we go to the Facebook page and click on page Transparency right here. We can see that the pages creator in 2016 or 2019 so there is a very very young page Let’s click see more so we can see their ads and then we have here a lot of people 17 It says not available one person. I serve at John one person in Bangladesh and one person in China I’m not really sure why it says seventeen not available, but let’s go into the page Let’s go to the app library and check for country. So let’s type in United States right here So right now they’re running only six results But yesterday we checked it out in my mentoring program with the two calls every single week to live calls with me and they had about twenty as at that time right now what they’re doing and their strategy to follow is basically they add a lot of products about 10 products per day But they only test one New one per day and the one for today is this comb? So if you look at this product This is new style comb and is the one that they’re testing right here with this particular video here I’m just gonna zoom into it And right they’re testing that particular product the rest of the ads or just proven ads for your pillows So they have these three solid ads for the pillow. This one was launched on 7th of August this one on 1st of August and 1st of August so a week ago literally like eight days ago They launched all these ads are absolutely crushing it with that one indenter testing one ad For each product that they’re adding. So basically they add around ten products They test one of them only on Facebook. If it does. Well, they launch more ads for that particular product This is something that you can do for your products as well let’s say you’re adding like four or five products a day or you’re Finding four or five products a day from spike tools If you want to learn how to find products make sure to check the video that I did before a week ago Make sure to check in the description. It’s my entire strategy to find products. That’s you’re finding three to four per day You don’t have to test three to four per day. You can test one every three to four days Then you one every day if you have the budget and the time to actually do it so you can test one with one single app the only test with one actors that testing with one ad they basically have a call to a little bit of Attraction hook new-style comb or the name of the product and then three check marks to see what the features are So they essentially tell you positively-charged natural Bristol’s longer-lasting volume sleek ergonomic design So they’re essentially doing attractive top Then three check marks right here and then a five star emoji and then buy an app that is there ad copy They’re not really putting down much attention. Obviously, they’re probably busy making the video launching the ad launching the product So that’s essentially what they’re doing They’re adding a lot of products for day testing one per day And then if that one ad works Maybe they’re testing on 46 audiences If that works then they launch a ton more and then they go ahead and launch a lot more ads so that essentially their strategy adding a ton a ton of products what I suggest you do and what I do and what I recommend my students to do with very successful stores Let’s even go on Facebook and you find a very successful ad so for example What you can do is click the turbo app finder right here and we can see only ads on the face of newsfeed So let’s say we find solid one For example, this one this little security camera. Let’s go to the particular page that is or the particular store That is promoting that product what you want to do is look at the products that they are recently Launching and the ads that they are recently launching So this particular one, we’re trying to find the Facebook page right here. And then in the face of page we go to the page Transparency section and then we click see more and in the see more then we click the go to add library So this one has three people from the Philippines 30. No three people from Canada three people from Philippines Probably the Canadians are the ones running it Filipinos are just the Virtual Assistants. They’re launching. They’re only running Oh, they’re running a lot of ads, but they’re running it mainly to this particular. Hi, Jeannie hydrogen Emax So for example right now we found a solid store that is selling this Where’d you go to the product the ad has tons and tons of views This one has yeah, it has like six point six thousand 596 comments to 1 to K share So it’s a solid ad that we just found on Facebook What you want to do is look at what other ads and what other products this store that’s already successful It’s already driving massive traffic What other products are they testing that you can then implement to your store as well before we go on I do want to congratulate ayran salsa Aaron Sosa for being the winner of the Consulting cough if you want to win a consulting call for this video comic secrets subscribe hit that notification and that thumbs up one important Thing to note is the date of launch from the ads in the ice packs library There’s something that I love that Facebook shows you is when the app Started running because then for example, this one started on 9th of August night follows, Micah Vargas And then the rest are just for the security camera So it’s just one particular app that’s running for this hydrogen Emax and they’re launching massive amounts of volume right here You can see six different ads. They launched them on the 9th of August and today is the 10th So they just launched it yesterday. They’re putting a lot of money behind this It could be a solid product for you to test that is how I find some of the most successful Products that I find I go to an already successful store and find their ad but then look at what kind of products are they? Launching what kind of products are they’re putting their money on now and for example this one in particular And if we go on sale source Let’s see how much money the actual store is making how much traffic they’re driving in This particular store is making one hundred thirty five thousand two hundred seventy thousand per month throughout all the products It’s a very successful store. They’re now launching this new one It could be a very solid winner as well as a recently launched right here Let’s go to the recently launched right here recently uploaded five hours five hours. Twelve twelve twelve a day two days So it’s important to really stay ahead of the competition by just analyzing stores that are already successful Now what is their new thing that they’re launching? What you can do as well on sale stores If you get it in the description below is click track store What that will do is it will track the store new products that they launch if they have a spike in revenue It’ll tell you basically everything that sales source can find for that particular store You can stay up to date for that this particular one now attractive now I can see everything that they on a daily or weekly basis another store that I wanted to show you is this particular ad mouths app store and it’s this little automatic portable creme maker as I said most of these ads I found them on my newsfeed just by Optimizing it Like I talked in my last winning products video how I find the best at is just by going onto the Facebook Newsfeed and then going through every single ad that I see I click on shop now I click through the website I do the checkout. I do basically everything and this particular one in three weeks. It has 1.5 million views with massive engagement So this ad is absolutely crushing it and if we go to the building link right here We can go to the particular store. And this one is just the same thing just a general store It says since 2010 but it’s probably not that old if we gotta analyze store of the store is super Super super young yesterday. We’re looking at it in the mentoring program live quote We’re looking at this particular store and it’s itself unknown, but it’s problem that the store is very very young so this one in particular has 4,000 to 8,000 and the Traffic that they are getting on similar way Look at that if we got a similar web it has zero zero zero So just zero all all throughout until June July a hundred and sixty nine thousand visit absolutely insane They’re probably making way more than 8,000 a month this prior like a fifty thousand two hundred thousand one store just because of that Massive spike in profit and it’s all based on this particular product this their best winning ad if we go to the page right here moths app store We’re gonna click on see more for patients Perrin see and you can see the page was created on July 12 Less than a month ago wearing August 10 right now. The pace was created less than a month ago, and they’re absolutely already killing 171 thousand visits that is insane let’s go to a library see the ads of the everybody unless I’ve been here United States and they’re running a massive number of ads So right now they have a thousand two hundred results. All these are in active inactive This one in particular is active for this sofa cleaner this leather cleaner Let me see if this one is active as well. Yeah, these are both active So this is a product that is probably doing really well They have a lot of products that have been launched like for example A lot of ads this one in active inactive and active inactive. These ones are active right here So this is probably doing them a lot of money this particular product that traffic spike that they had those 170 1000 visits are probably from multiple multiple products Which is what happens a lot of the times you will have a store that isn’t doing really well at all like sometimes you’ll have a store that’s like on cero cero cero and then you have a really solid winning product that one spikes to Make a ton of money and then you find a second one and that one spice make a ton of money And then that is essentially what they are doing right now. They’re combining all of these solid products to get to that massive level They’re probably one hundred thousand a month next month if you guys want I’ll update on the store It’s probably gonna be making a hundred gallon one for sure in the analytics. So let’s keep going down these ones active active active So have a lot of at this a solid product, honestly Like if I see so many active ads from somebody that is launching so many products and said leather refurbish or cleaner Definitely a good product itself. I do not know if how saturated it is right now I do have to study into and analyze how saturated it is But it’s definitely a product that looks to have a solid saw a potential Let’s go down because they have so many different ads This one is well naturally glossy hair. And for example, look at this app copy this ad copy is pretty solid to Look at it says five stars five out of five Tara shine and made my morning routine much simpler I wake up with salad ready hair and no longer use my styling tools been receiving many compliments it’s a great touch ad copy that you can use also for retargeting is by using a Testimonial on the top of the ad copy and then get yours people Really like to know that somebody else tried the product they had a positive experience Remember when you buy something and you hear that somebody else had a great experience? Buying it or have just an amazing experience with that particular product. It helps you in and bind in the buying process So there’s one in particular solid saw an ad copy. I’ve been really just study all of these like for example another one I don’t think anybody likes scrolling the toilet I just drop it in one of the fee see tablets in here for 10 minutes, and it’s good as new They’re launching so many products I definitely suggest I’m actually gonna take this and post it down in the description right now So you can look through all these ads are launching so many and so many ads right here Another one. This one is actually the best invention to make pancakes and crepes so it’s just a very simple headline because the video doesn’t all like the video in this case and You look at the video size as well like the horizontal size of this is massive I’m trying to stream out and the video captures the whole image So when you’re looking at this in mobile, it literally captured your whole phone and more and it just takes over your newsfeed This is also a type of ad that you can run. It’s just have a very long video instead of a horizontal video have a vertical video a massive massive video shot on mobile So when people look at it on mobile, it really covers the entire page and they put more attention Into your product you can see all of them right here. They’re absolutely correct Like a thousand two hundred ads, that’s insane Insane and saying how many ads are launching and they’re absolutely crushing up to people in the United Kingdom nine people in the Philippines So that’s also you can structure your team You can have one or two partners that are you know You and your partner for example with just you and have a team of virtual assistants Launching products of making sure everything is running clearly I really wanted to show you this store because of that massive spike that they had they’re just absolutely Crushing it from zero zero zero all the way 269 thousand visits in a month absolutely. Say I hope you really got a lot of value from this one store that’s it for this massive video if you want to learn how I find my $12,000 birthday winning Shopify products. Make sure to check the video right here. There’s gonna be a square right here Click that square right now to go watch that video comments secrets em below subscribe to channel and I notification bell Let’s get to 15,000 subs when you’re watching. This video will probably get 15,000 are almost there Make sure to subscribe hit that notification bell and click this video


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