Dropshipping businesses for sale – Another income stream


– Hi, guys, Neil Waterhouse. Diversification, of course,
is critical with any business. You never want to have all
your eggs in one basket. In this week’s video, I
want to share with you another way of generating
another income stream. I got a lot of inquiries
asking if I have any more drop shipping or importing
businesses for sale. Over the years, I’ve
sold many drop shipping and import businesses in
Australia, U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Ireland, South Africa, and Spain. And you can do the same as well. Bottom line is there’s a huge demand from people who want to purchase an existing turnkey drop
ship or import business. And they’re willing to pay. One business I’ve sold off in the U.S.A. was purchased by a guy in Abu Dhabi. He flew me first class with
Eddie Head to Abu Dhabi, just so I could train him for a few days. Not everybody’s an entrepreneur. The classic archetype of the people who I’ve sold businesses to over the years have been the people who worked in the corporate world
for most of their life and that could be for the
last 20, 30, 40 years. And they’re used to following manuals. They’re not entrepreneurs. Instead they cashed up, and they want to purchase
an existing business. You know, often these people, they’ve got their golden handshake after working in the corporate world for, you know, 20, 30, 40 years, and they now want to have their
own Internet-based business. They’ve paid the house
off, kids have moved out, and they’re looking for an
Internet-based business. You know, they don’t want to
build a business from scratch, they want to purchase
an existing business, which is already running, and most importantly, running by itself. And this is one of the
reasons I harp on so much about outsourcing. Because if you’re gonna
sell your business, or part of your business, it must be running 100%
by itself without you. The prospective buyer needs to see that you’re not an integral
part of the business. And your business not just runs by itself, but just as importantly,
it also grows every month, by itself, without you. If you’ve already got a drop
ship or import business, selling off part of it can
be a very lucrative strategy. And it’s another income source as you can keep selling
off parts of you business, over and over. And you can do this all over the world. Now I don’t recommend
selling your whole business. Just sell off part of it or
one or more of your niches. Now what I mean by this is if you have a lot of, say, pet products, toys, garden products,
baby products, or whatever, consider opening another
eBay or Amazon account, and putting all those
items from that niche into that one account and sell it off. You can also just take a
percentage of your listings and put them in another account
and sell off those listings. Now you can normally sell your business for one to four times its
annual profit plus inventory. So in other words, if the
piece of your business your selling is making
say $100,000 a year, you could normally sell it for
100k to 400k plus inventory. Yes, you’ll normally have to
sign a no compete declaration saying that you’ll not
sell items in that niche, or into that niche into that
country for two to three years. But after two to three years, you’re gonna again start to
lean back into that niche. And don’t forget, that no
compete declaration that you sign is only for that country, so you can continually sell in
that niche in other countries and also sell businesses
in all different countries in all the 36 other different countries. That’s all this week. Please scroll down,
leave me a comment below. Until next week, list more, sell more. This is Neil Waterhouse.



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