Dropshipping in 2020: Everything You Need to Know (Shopify Dropshipping 2019-2020)


(Shopify Dropshipping 2020) In this video I’m gonna teach you exactly What you need to know to be successful in 2020 drop shipping and what are the changes that are coming and how to stay ahead of your competition and actually win? Next year and in the years to come I’m hearing tip ability. Georgia was amazing view. Let’s get into the video right now Hey, what is up, it’s Rafael here. And like I said in this video, I’m gonna show you exactly what you need to do in 2020 it’s right around the corner and you’re probably thinking this dropshipping going to die. What do we need to be successful? What do we need to be ahead of the competition in this video? That’s gonna clear all of those doubts. I’m gonna teach you exactly The steps my steps that you need to follow to be truly successful and start making a ton of money Next year and in the years to come but before we start as always make sure to click that first link in the Description to schedule a free call with me or my team We don’t have a course to give you we don’t have a super webinar that goes on for three hours and doesn’t teach you anything We actually want to talk to you one-on-one help you figure out exactly what you need to do moving forward to get the best success Possible on your business and analyze what you’ve been doing wrong so we can improve it later on make sure to schedule a call right now and comment secrets Secrets down below subscribe to the channel hit that notification now and that thumbs up button if you want to win an exclusive list of 10 winning products that I prepared for my mentoring program people have paid a lot of money to get mentored directly by me I give them a list of 10 Winning products that I’m myself I’m advertising If you want that list and you want to win that list for this video comment secrets hit that subscribe button that under fication belt And that thumbs up and i’ll choose a winner dropshipping in 2020 how to build a sustainable profitable business a lot of people have been coming up all these gurus have been just putting out a bunch of videos and they all have Contradicting strategies, so you’re probably a little bit. Should I go general store? Should I go in each store? Should I do it one product store? Should I use clickfunnels? Should I do Google Ads Facebook Ads Instagram influencers There’s so many questions out there and just by the students that I get I know there’s a lot of confusion a lot of students just don’t know what to do at all And there’s a lot of confusion I want to stop that confusion right now and how to build a sustainable profitable business Do not expect quick and easy results now She’s not gonna happen that was back in 2016 back in 2017 Now it is a competitive business. A lot of people get into dropshipping. They think they’re gonna make a bunch of money very quickly They don’t and they quit that is the majority of people So even though it is a very competitive business right now There is still that cycle of people that get into it. They expect results in two weeks They don’t get it and they quit just like any other business agency Consulting whatever you want to do. There’s always going to be people that enter the market go at it for a month It doesn’t work. They go out and I leave space for people that are actually committed to getting results and true profit So it is a competitive business you are catching on they kind of know what this whole Dropshipping or getting those products from China we get some customers on our scores that ask us Before they even buy the ask us is this gonna come from China because I ordered from somebody else I don’t want the same experience. So we did that we get that people are catching on to this business model Maybe they’ve gone already a product of China that sucked or took like two months together What was even a scam they didn’t get the product at all and now they’re kind of skeptical about buying so people are catching on It’s very important to look very trustworthy all these fatty countdown timers. All these family pages that you built in 20 seconds Do not work anymore because people know okay This might be like that other ones that I ordered from last week and they might screw this time niching down and building a brand is going to be the best way that you Need to stand out and create a profitable business. A lot of people are just creating a general store They’re scaling that up and they’re just doing general store general stores down so, you know store it But the real way to do it is brand one product store and scaling that as much as possible We’re just building a niche one brand like really a very very strong brand one of my students doing about 50 To 60 thousand a month in an extremely competitive niche the way he’s feeding everybody The way he’s profitable every single time the way he’s bidding All his competition is he has a very strong brand and just like I talked about in my last video You can’t start there. You can’t start with Aneesh You can’t start with a brand and say oh This is the thing that I’m gonna do and commit to 100% because you don’t know if that’s gonna work So I recommend going general niche and then build a brand so you do have to start general Just don’t expect your general store to be super profitable all the time. Like I have one buddy He’s doing about 300 to 400 thousand a month on Shopify with a general store and now he’s already built his brand his brands do about 40 to 50 grand a month and he knows she’s going the Transition from the general store his efforts and his money From the general store to the brand and scaling the brand because it is a more long-term Basis you will have a lot of more brand equity a lot of people returning customers a lot more Leverage to beat everybody else then if you just have a general sort you’re competing on price you’re competing on the next trend on a Brand you’re competing on this is the product that we love we understand their audience we know exactly what they need and we’re gonna be Everybody else as soon as our consistent move on with drop shipping agent or a fulfillment service I’ve talked about fulfillment services here on the channel I don’t want to promote any specific one because there have summed up being quite a disappointment So I don’t want to promote any fulfillment service at the moment The best route that you should go for is a Chinese drop shipping agent that has been the best for any student for anything They beat they are very reliable. They will take payments in bulk So you can pay them after let’s say 100 orders. You can pay them Let’s say a thousand or ten thousand dollars. You can pay them All those orders and be very reliable and you can build a relationship with them. Really really welcome So make sure to get the drop shipping agent as soon as possible if you want to know exactly how to get one check out the link down in the description You really should move from general store shipping in three weeks to brand shipping in two to five days Or as long as 10 days, but that’s kind of the the timeframe that you should ship with him So the next one here finding profitable products a product that provides Value to your customer creates a sense of FOMO if you are missing out or solves a massive problem This is gonna be the main thing for finding products. It’s not gonna be the next high p1 It’s not gonna be the next one. That’s like oh this is a wild product. I need to buy it Now that worked a lot before Now you really need to provide a value with your products if your customer goes to your page And it’s just another spammy product or spamming page. They’re not gonna buy it for you Not matter if the product is cool or if it’s a new trend is some you hype You will have to either solve a massive problem solve a problem that that customer is experiencing on a day-by-day Basis and they really want to solve that or it creates a sense of fear of missing out A lot of people are buying on this it is creating that trend and people want to jump on it as soon as possible As well as just providing value Like why would people buy that product you need to provide value in exchange for their money? that is the best way to get them to buy higher margin products with a higher perceived value and Are not easily found at the local retail shop So I’ve seen a lot of people promoting products that people can find anywhere. They can go to Walmart. They can go to Target They can go anywhere and buy it You really need to stand out from that and make that sense of you can’t find this in stores or very limited Because that is very important for selling online If somebody can go 10 minutes to the local shop get it right now and buy for cheaper you really have no leverage against somebody that can do that the way to do that is to find products that are Really not accessible to anybody only online and only to specific stores and also with a higher perceived value So not just some cheap product, but they yes for 10 15 bucks No something that really looks like it costs when you put it at a cost and also higher margin products are gonna be easier itself I see a lot of people selling like eight ten dollar products free plus shipping Is it son dead but it is a very hard business model to make work right now There’s a lot of competition to make it work. I would not recommend going free shipping from now really I would not recommend it I would go for higher market products 30 40 or even $100 margin That would be the best route to go for I suggest starting small to 20 to 30 dollars in price all the way up to 50 is a great way to learn marketing learn how to scale products properly and then go up and scale with more price And the lasting niching down and understanding and audience So what I was talking about from my last video is that you really need to understand your audience understand your problem So one of the brands so we talked about Corail makes products for only Cyclists or sell products for only cyclists people that cycle a lot and their bicycles and they really know what that audience is Constantly looking for the ad products that fit that audience solves a problem for that audience that audience is constantly looking for And they can’t find out in local retail shops They beat everybody else every other General store that is trying to compete against them because they know the niche being of the brand. So that’s what I say You start off general. You start off testing Then you find a niche that you love or that you’re really passionate about with that you have a lot of data proven that it is a gonna need to scale on and then you brand that and you absolutely Crush your competition from there now for traffic sources and ads basic as it’s getting more expensive by the doing buy today the way to beat it is one being better at ads being better at creatives themselves ad copy videos images and Technical testing we’ve been doing a lot of technical testing with CBO cast caps cost cap is one of the metrics that you can choose For one of the bidding options. They you can choose on Facebook. There’s big cap target cost and lowest costs I suggest trying out cost counts some students in my mentoring program have been trying it out very Profitably and have been getting a lot of sales below their break-even point by using cost cap As well as dynamic creative and different bidding strategies So the way to really be somebody at Facebook now that Facebook is taking control with CBO They’re trying to take control of the advertiser and into their platform into their algorithm You really need to create ads that stand out creative. Testing is gonna be key for anybody You need to beat other people at creative. You need to have better videos You need a better ad copy those days are putting just two random lines and then the link I’m really gone There’s way too many competition. There’s way too many people doing that. You need to stand out You really need to think your ad copy through. What is that audience? Thinking all the time that audience that you’re selling that product. What kind of value can you show through your at? What product is a problem solved talk about it in the ad copy test multiple ad copies multiple videos? Multiple images to really stand out from the crowd that it’s just doing those Dropship e style ads and also testing out the different technical tests I suggest you start out with CBO learnings to do really really well and doing cost gaps from big bidding options So you’ll understand the platform really? Well, if you want to know face you guys and how to create viral face you guys check the link down below There’s a video on that as well The second way is Google Ads entire intense traffic People are price hopping a lot and much more now than before So if they find let’s say your product on your store or on another store They’re going to go to Google and they’re going to type the name of that product on Google and see if they can find it Cheaper or see if I can find it from more reliable source So if you’re running a product on Facebook It just makes sense to run it on Google because one you’re gonna get people that are already searching for that product on Google already they’re already searching that product already searching for keywords related to that product. So you’ll get those people as well I don’t get the people that come from your face to cast They look up your brand or they look up your product online And that’s the first thing that pops up you get the sale from that happens a lot Especially for my students that have brands They look up the brand name for the brand products brand reviews And then they find the first Google ad that pops up is them with their product? They buy it off of that. They get a constant purchase of like 20 cents because they’re coming from Facebook getting retarget It’s not technically retargeting but it is them going from your facebook at your Google ad and then buying from there. So that’s Definitely something that you need to know and the place to go for that there’s Google is definitely recommend you start looking into Google Ads and what to do in the platform and the third thing is Instagram influencers and fueling organic growth. They don’t Instagram giveaways and fascia groups as well in my mentoring program I’m teaching them a lot about Organically because a lot of students they come in and they have a very low budget So I teach them as well organic traffic. One of the students is absolutely blowing up on Instagram He’s doing giveaways of very small products Not really that much cost of the product for him and his giveaways blow up because of the higher perceived value If you can get a product that doesn’t cost that much and you can put a higher perceived value like 30 $40 and do it at giveaway on Instagram getting people hyped up getting people to comment add their friends onto the account You can really blow up an account very easily Facebook groups as well creating your own Facebook group getting an image of yourself and of your brand and another pretty screwed that helps a Lot and getting people to buy from you as well getting an edge over your competition selling a product that is digital a digital product as well as your physical product or a complimentary laughing forming product helps a lot There’s a lot of people doing this and one of the ones that’s doing it very profitably and I’ll show you right here. I Saved it here. I’m gonna show you right now. It’s called twice the speed comm and you can check them out They’re a very very good brand and they’re selling these little training bands these resistance bands But they also sell an accelerator a seven-day accelerator and a 30-day speed training systems They they’re absolutely blowing up on Facebook Ads if you check them on Facebook and we’ll go back to twice as Peter Calm this particular ad is doing insanely well in ten months. I think it’s been running. It’s been running for 11 months at this point and it has Million views with huge engagement right here, and it’s just absolutely going crazy You can see this little band and when you go to a particular website You have both the bands and but also the digital product adding a digital product whatever that is That’s why understanding the audience and understanding your niche It’s going to be key for anybody that wants to be their competition just succeed over everybody else if you know your audience if you know what they’re looking for if You know the digital products that they’re looking for You can combine that in a bundle with your physical dropshipping products and just absolutely beat everybody else because you have that edge of Not everybody else is gonna do that digital product as well and that creates a higher perceived value again It’s gonna help you a lot. So for example, they have 30-day faster training then run faster within seven days and then activate fast-twitch Plus muscles with the with the resistance bands Then you have correct speed ladders how to jump higher sports with ziget workouts They’re absolutely filling it with this and they have once college Fulbright finest so they have a college scholarship fact finder, right? so people that use think about what are people using your product for and what kind of people are using a product so for this one in particular is For people I want to be faster. They want to be this one. Let’s go back So this for people I want to be faster. They want to be better athletes They want to essentially perform better at the gym or perform better at their sport. What else do they need? For example, they sell them how to get a collars college scholarship how to train faster workouts. I’ve had a train faster It’s not that hard to create a course. That’s small, right? So if you want to create a course that’s like $1,000 $2,000 where you’re selling really really high mentoring programs It’s gonna take you ages. I know personally creating a course takes an insane amount of time But if you’re creating like a seven day course and selling it for twenty thirty bucks, it doesn’t take you that much time It might take you maybe a week to create it and now you have an extra product an extra bundle That’s gonna be everybody else selling the same stupid thing So if you’re selling a product that’s saturated sell it with a bundle I have one of my students of selling resistance or Products just like these ones and he’s selling a training on that people by the bundle It creates the higher perceived value than everybody else So selling digital products definitely key example, if the dental products can be ebooks digital guides mini-course cheat sheets You can even send them a PDF on how to train better how to be better athletes better people if you want to sell something Like for beauty you can put a guide on ten tips on how to get better makeup Or you can create a course on it If you’re a girl and you want to do the makeup on yourself Create a course on it hire somebody to create a course on it Just there’s so many options to create a different course on top of your physical one It’s gonna help you a lot and lean on with a digital product as well and then upsell the drop shipping products So if you have like a seven-day training you can create adds To the seven-day training get their email get that maybe Even give it for free like give the seven-day accelerator for free and then sell them The product on the back of that so that that could be also another angle that you can use that we recommend you get into That because it is changing the game a lot selling a digital plus a physical right now Scaling into a real business hiring a team is definitely a big ones. You can hire one with upwork.com Or online job stuff. Eh definitely for hire and Filipino People are great and also systemizing product research launch and creative testing process I definitely recommend you start getting people for product research that’s going to be 100 biggest time sinks and it’s really easy to outsource, like if you look at hub work, there’s a lot of people that do product research we go to upwards calm and We kill a cure chronic research And we type that in and we look for that there’s gonna be a lot of people available for this particular position I give my students my own product researchers and who to use for about it research But there’s a lot of good ones Shopify product description expert. Let’s see this one web research ecommerce ecommerce product and category description writer data enter specialist Amazon product an FBA Amazon product research probably description web content product research. There’s a lot of them There’s a lot of people here that don’t charge that much. This one is a bit ridiculous But let’s say 16 per hour 11 per hour 12 per hour and you can really find really good people for not expect I recommend you outsource that one as soon as possible It is going to thank you a ton a ton of time and it is easily outsourced and systemized to scale to a really good distance and how you gonna beat everybody else is Systemising the process systemising your product launch like for example We don’t spend let’s say like 10 12 hours launching a product. You have somebody looking for the product we have somebody importing the product and then creating the Infrastructure for the product I then go in create the ad copy We have somebody creating the video and it takes us maybe an hour an hour and a half of our time To actually launch the product. We have a team in place to do that. Let me systemize everything So as long as you let’s you start getting to five thousand six thousand a month in profit Systemize create a lunch process creative testing process where you know exactly what’s needed to put where and you can launch very very easily That’s a way to stay ahead up in competition and then using tools and systems like asana Block your calendar specific work times and having a product success manager. There’s something that’s key I highly recommend it If you look at my calendar, you really do need to have things blocked off and I’ll load my calendar here Just so you know what I’m talking about. And then asana there’s a great tool that I use for task management You’ve got things you need to do during the day don’t think you’re like having a nine-to-five that you need to do this to-do list But it is a great great to-do list that you can follow and you can uncheck things. You can put due dates So for example here I pulled up my econ secrets mentoring to-do list and you can put for example I need to do a YouTube video. For example today YouTube video filming and then I can put down here I need to order three videos for dropshipping order three videos for dropshipping And then you can pull it here drop shipping and then you can pull it. Let’s say you hire a new product researcher hire new Product researcher and then you can put due dates so September Maybe I need to do it by Friday and then also assign it to somebody so if there’s somebody else on your team This particular one is just a demo I’m not showing you the real one that I want to show the names everybody, but you can sign Assign people and also put mark for today and more for upcoming mark for later. You can put sub tasks on them so it’s if it’s hired new PR it could be trained new training or product researcher so you can do sub tasks on I definitely Recommend you get them. They didn’t pay me for this. I have a free plan that talks only for free So it says upgrade here. This is the free account, but there’s really no cost to it and they pay me anything I just really like the tool and also in the calendar on Google Calendar. You will see here that my days are packed So for example when I wake up in the morning, there’s research and development I wake up later on because right now I’m in Tbilisi Georgia and it’s like 7 p.m. Here and it’s like 11 a.m In the US, so I wake up a little bit later and then I go to bed maybe at 2 a.m Or something and there’s always things to do in my calendar. So for example from here from 6:30 to 8:30 I’m filming a YouTube video, which is what I’m doing now And then we have mentoring content that I’m going later checking on my Facebook groups and then 10 Xing students So I have a call with a student right there and then neck tomorrow It’s going to be research and development so researching for Either my drop shipping stores all my consulting business one of the two I’m going to do research on then it’s all drop shipping work From 2 to 5. I’m going to do 3 hours of John shipping work on our stores maybe Launching new products hiring somebody for the drop shipping work. The specific ones go into. Lisanna. The overall ones go into the calendar So I know exactly what I need to do at what point in the day and if somebody says hey Can you ask can you answer Smee some question tomorrow? But can I get on a call with you? They have to fit into this So then if it’s a make a Facebook page or post and then in the bottom, it says publish YouTube video So I’m going to publish this video tomorrow when you’re watching this mentoring content again mentoring content. I’m hitting mentoring contact really hard So now it’s it’s one of those times in the year. We’re really improving content and updating all the things for our mentoring program So again Friday drop shipping work and then the same thing next week I have all these things that I need to do and on Sundays I take my day off with my wife date So I’m not gonna do anything during that day, except just check some messages from a mentoring program film YouTube veo and it’s all really structured and you know to the to the owl or what I’m doing every single day because if not, I would go insane and all my business would go bankrupt if I didn’t have this Let me know exactly What I needed to do at every single time and I highly recommend you do it as I live fast enough It really keeps you on track of everything and they’re both free free trophies. So the last thing is finding supplementary products to up salts Ensuring customer satisfaction. You can even run an ad for post purchase So if somebody buys from your store, you can run an ad after they buy saying hey Are you satisfied with our product or satisfied with the purchase satisfy the customer experience? Can you fill out the survey you get a survey of people I do this with mine mentoring when people join and like a month later I send the survey to fill out and see if they’re satisfied with the program that helps a lot You know products could do the same thing. You send them paint Can you leave us a review on Luke’s and also fill out the survey to tell us, you know? Don’t make it too long like make it easy for people to do so, you know, what’s wrong with your process? Maybe it took too long to get them. Maybe your customer support sucked. So now, you know directly from the customer What’s suck and what did it or what you can improve on and the nailing down on the products to be the top? destination for anybody that wants it So if you want to be the top destination if you want to be everybody else you really need to have an edge over Everybody else and if somebody’s looking for that product, somebody’s looking for your brand for your niche or something in your niche You are the destination to go through so now what to do next 2020 is gonna be the year of ricers and quitter. So drop shipping is getting more and more competitive But at the same time more people are throwing in the towel So more people are getting into it and they don’t get results in three weeks They really just quit and they throw in the towel and it’s just like any other business There’s going to be more competition But the ones to stick with it for the long term are gonna win and also something that I did not mention I didn’t want To show other case studies here for example lens ball is one that I’ve talked about a lot and then nine months sober so when it comes to branding your store and creating Just domination that market domination in the niche This is gonna get you to a hundred thousand a month level this particular store Nine months silver is absolutely dominating baby niche crushing. Everybody else. They’re making a hundred thousand a month or more This is what you need to do You need to first create a general store test then fire in each Absolutely hone a lot of these do not give up animation after you’re a hundred percent sure of it and just master it these particular ones are launching a lot of products and these products are Products other people are trying to get trying to launch trying to get profitable and they’re annihilating everybody else Does that focus on my knees need to be searched every day try to learn about? The niche as much as you can like really just master your niche master audiences figure out the problems figure out their why Figure out exactly why they buy your products. What does their life look like on a daily they day by day basis? I go 100 percent into this because those are gonna put you at every competition already I copy you gonna be ten times easier to write it if you understand what kind of person you’re going to beat it So make sure to go through just your niche and just analyzing absolutely killing everybody They’re crushing it on sale sources shows or making ninety six thousand two hundred ninety three thousand per month on the baby niche Which is an insanely competitive one they’re questioning everybody and absolutely beating them because they narrow it down on it and they’re mastering it and also the lens ball one you Can also create very personalized products or not personalized just customized for new products in the market that don’t exist So when you really know your audience like these lens ball, they really know photographers and what they want or what they need They’ve created this Alliance ball for photographers. I’ve talked about them a few times You can create amazing pictures with it and they crush everybody else in the photography niche just because they understand the audience so well They create products of that audience is looking for and they do videos they do better ads better just for those audience for that audience for those particular photographers that are looking for a better product to Improve their photography lens fall makes that lens fall provides that because they just understand the audience better than everybody else so when they’re selling a brand understand your audience having faster shipping times creating a sense of trust and Safety in your store and your brand is gonna be the way to beat everybody else. There’s no easy way You’re not gonna make money in two weeks. You’re not gonna make a ton of money in a month You are going to make a lot of money if you stick to that means you stick to up brand new absolutely master it you can get to a level of Ninety seven thousand two hundred ninety four thousand per month For short you can get to a level if you first do the process that you need to start So master Anish become number one in your industry and the last thing schedule a call right now With me or my team go to the first link in the description schedule call right now We want to help you 101 take your business to the next level not some random course that doesn’t teach you anything there’s a lot of new courses popping up every single day and they disappear in two to three months because they don’t work down their Results what talking one-on-one to somebody gets results. So make sure to schedule a call right now It’s video call and lastly if you want to learn how to turn a thousand dollars into more than a hundred thousand dollars per month Check out the video right here Check out this video right here how to turn it $1,000 drive shipping into more than a hundred thousand dollars per month Check it out right now subscribe If I want to catch about that thumbs up comment, see below and schedule a call right down in the first link


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