Duraflo Pro Turbo RETAILER


This product was developed for use in areas where they have high snow loads that would bury pot or ridge vents. We really wanted to improve upon the traditional whirly bird type of vent. We have observed that those type of vents had moving parts that would fail and corrode or rust because they were made of metal. The Pro Turbo has no moving parts so there are no squeaky bearings and no issues with rain or snow infiltration in low wind conditions. It’s maintenance-free. It’s sort of a set-it and forget-it type of product The wholesalers love our product because there are no returns. If it doesn’t get to the job site or the roofer says “it was crushed, go back and get us another.” We have listened to the wholesalers, we have listened to the roofers. This box is double-corrugated. It will not crush, it will not dent. It can be strapped on the back of a truck simply and easily. You can ask all of our customers. They would say “we all love Canplas and Duraflo boxes!” Our boxes can be double or quadruple stacked to take up less of a footprint. Canplas has an extensive, live, customer service department. If you have problems or questions you have the chance to talk to a real person on the phone. The Pro Turbo is both Miami Dade and CSA approved. We delayed the launch for a year so that we could get this right. We know that we are giving the customer a high-quality product. Our products will not crack or split at -40 degrees. [Celsius] It will not corrode or rust like other metal products do. It’s a prime resin with a very long polymer chain which gives us the benefit of having a very ductile material throughout it’s lifecycle. The WeatherPro feature is unique to Canplas. Other vents typically have a mesh that is protected from the weather. What we do is slow down the air with the use of baffles. It stops the weather from going inside the vent, then hitting the walls and draining out. The WeatherPro ventilator offers a 35 year warranty. It is, by far, the best warranty in the industry.


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