eBay Tips – Are those one per-centers holding you back from selling more on eBay


Hey guys, this is Neil Waterhouse. Today, I want to talk to you about 1 percenters. 1 percenters are tasks that we do that make less than 1% of difference to a business up to 12 months. We all kinda get sucked into these, certainly I, certainly do as well. Now, what I try to do to stop myself getting sucked in this much is I have a pop-up coming up from my diary once a week that says 1 percenters. As soon as I get that, I stop I look at what I’m doing, I look what it’s in
my diary for the next couple of days and see if there’s anything there that I can
get rid of. How often have you been to a seminar or read a book, and you make a big list of all the to dos, the to do list from the book or the seminar
saying what to do. Now, and then 12 months goes past and how much of those tasks have you done? Like, I’m gonna run another seminar in a couple of weeks, which I attend every year. And I always reflect to what I’ve done. I take my notes from last year, and I read them on the plane and look at what I’ve done. What I try to do after the seminars these
days based on the 80-20 principle, 80% of the results come from only 20% of our actions. So, of course after the seminar, you read
the book you try to sort them all out of what’s gonna
give you the biggest return. When we do the tasks, we try to break things
down into the $2 an hour work, the $5 an hour,
$8, $15, $20, $100 an hour and a $1000 an hour work. That being, the $2 an hour work is any tasks
that we can outsource to VAs, overseas virtual assistants which cost US$1.44. Then, there’s $5 work, which is really the
$3 and $4 an hour work. Because that’s what costs for PhP programmers,
graphic artists, HTML editors, those kind of people normally
run at $3 to $5 an hour mark. Next one is the $8, the $8 people are teenagers, high school students who come in to the warehouse and help out on busy periods. They might put stickers on boxes, take out flatback boxes and sticky tape them
into shape. They might print out instruction sheets, staple them together, print out labels, all that kind of stuff. That’s an $8 an hour work. The $10 to $15 an hour work is how much we pay for high-end programmers overseas, like people who fix up other people’s mistakes, bookkeepers, all those kind of people, are
$10 to $15 mark. The next one is $20 mark, $20 an hour people. And that’s how much it costs us to get packers to come into the warehouse and pack. Most of our staff, of course, are all overseas because it’s way cheaper. Now, the $100 an hour work is the stuff that we should be focusing on as business owners. It’s the work we do to build a business, not the work we do just to maintain the business, like not replying to emails, that kind of
stuff. It’s actually doing some proactive to build
the business. So, we all got sucked into working on things and we work on the business, but we’re not
actuallt working in it, we’re working on it. And then there’s a $1000 an hour work. And a $1000 an hour work is the the work you do normally when you’re not in the office, it’s normally not when you’re working. It’s when those great ideas come to you. You could be singing in the shower You could be out doing golf or whatever your hobby is. Personally, my favorite hobby is flying radio-controlled planes And there are many times good ideas come to me when I’ve been driving my car there or I’ve been driving on dirt track or there. But I’m not thinking about work, it’s the last thing I’m gonna think about. I’m just thinking about my model planes and chilling out, relaxing. But I get great ideas come to me often then because my brain can do it. It can answer questions It might have been an issue going on there’s something, then suddenly the solution will appear. Like when you wake up in the morning one day and the solution appears. How the hell did
that happen? Well, it just does. But you need to take time off to do it. Some of the work that we can get bulked down with, with eBay, what’s gonna generate more sales the fastest in over 12 months period? Because most people way overestimate what they can do in 3 months, but they way underestimate what they can do
in 12 months. To build a large eBay business normally just involves adding more products. So, it requires product research. Some people say, “How do I add more products
when I have cash flow issue?” Well, if cash load is an issue, don’t import as many products. Import as many as you can, then start doing drop shipping. Or buy and sell used items There’s a hell multitude of other ways to increase the amount of excuse you got listed
or the amount of items you’ve got listed on eBay without requiring cash. Other thing could be photo editing You can bulk down with that Photo editing is $2 to $3 an hour work Emails Are they crippling you? How about putting in someone to do that overseas? How about putting some software to automate
that as well? All these tiny tasks, you got to write down “what’s taking your time?” Because as a business owner, to start building
an eBay business is putting an extra strategy in. In other words, an extra strategy, say, is perhaps one day sell the business but whether or not you sell the business is beside the point. If you have an extra strategy, build a business that works without you. Which means, you can take time out and do all the things you love, that you enjoy. You’re an owner, you’re not a worker. And the fastest that you get more products, the fast that your business will grow. Any tasks that you can document, in say words or pages, you know, you’re a Windows person or a Macintosh person, any tasks that you can document with screenshots and texts that you can train a 10-year old
to do you can easily outsource to a $1.44 an hour
person. 10-year olds are pretty smart I got a 9-year old and it’s quite amazing at what they can do these days. All I do is get her to read some of my instructions
sometime and see if she can follow them. If she can’t follow them being 9, I rewrite
them. That way, I can just get a VA overseas, give them my instructions, and BINGO, they’re up and running. So any tasks that you’re doing that you can
document with screenshots, get rid of it. That’s the quickest way to build you business Get rid of these tasks so you could spend more time building your business. When I first started writing instructions,
I was like, here we go, it’s gonna take some time before
I get air on. Get myself a large coffee, get a camping chair, sit down and start writing. But, many times, 15 minutes 30 minutes later, instructions are, I’ve done it. It doesn’t seem really take
that long. Now, I’ve got them saved in Word Next time, I’m gonna get another VA to do
the same tasks I just email it to them BANG Done What’s crippling you? I love to hear you comments Let me know what are your word on 1 percenters Do you get sucked up in 1 percenters like
I do? How do you grow your business? What do you think is the most important? Let me know and leave a comment down below If you’re seeing this video anywhere else
besides my blog Neilwaterhouse.com, please come one over I’d love to see you. Give me a thumbs up or a thumbs down, I don’t
mind either way. Please leave a share down below. It’d be great
to have a share. Until next week guys, list more sell more This is Neil Waterhouse.



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