Elite: dangerous Imperial Courier Paint jobs & ship review


hello i’m ricardo and i’m still playing
elite dangerous horizons so i thought i’d take a bit of time away from the
bigger ships like the Imperial clipper and also the Federation Corvette and go
back to some of the smaller ships of more maneuverability and more speed so
I’ve gone for the imperial courier an imperial ship I’ve not gone for an
imperial ship before as it says in the blurb that you get for the description
of the ship that the imperial courier is a quintessential imperial ship though it
does mention that about the more you can tell from the inside of the cockpit it’s
all about the design and functionality not as angular is what the Federation
ships are nice and white looks like you’re sat in an apple ipod you know I
think it’s very good very stylish lots of lighting you know and you can tell
that it’s all been done and the copy has been designed for functionality so we’re
at no man doc we’ve just dropped off some some documents so let’s take it and
see what this the ship sounds like so let’s launch okay here we go it’s clear the aperture love okay and we’re out so four pips two
engines at rest we are hitting around 277 with a
boost 374 we saw it now I’ve got this much
pretty much SPECT up as high as it can go which is great I had the money to be
able to afford this the sounds of the engine sound fantastic it’s very
maneuverable in short I think a good ship I’ve taken
it into combat against the Python an expert Python and with pulse lasers that
I’ve got fitted which I turned off the dock it was quite good i’ve got one gimballed
laser and two static or fixed lasers and I can fire and fire and fire with my
class b power distributor for quite some time
so that’s quite good engines boost well I’m very happy with
this ship I could highly recommend it for short runs I’ve currently got this
configured so i can hold 16 tons of cargo because i have some discovery
scanners vance system scanners installed and also a fuel scoop so that was my
quick review on this imperial ship I’ve been Ricardo thanks for watching look
out for some more videos you


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