Embedded Forms with Quantity & Variation Options – WooCommerce Handsome Checkout


Hey what’s going on everybody Chris here
with WooCurve and gonna show you a couple new features inside Handsome
Checkout pertaining to the embedded checkout form and the first one I want
to show you is this option here where we’ve added variation and quantity
support inside the checkout form and in the two-step it’s going to be in on step
number two and obviously if it’s if it’s all in one that’s just gonna kind of be
part of the flow of the checkout form but here you can see we’ve got an option
selected here’s most popular but we’ve got this pre-selected if we want to have
this one pre-selected it’s just like any other Handsome Checkout form where you
can do that and if somebody wants to make that change they can do that and
it’s going to update down here and then you’ve still got your order bump and
everything else and so this is the the first thing I want to show you is this
here the other thing is right above here now let’s say you see this edit this
form this is only going to be visible to you if you are logged in as an
administrator okay so your customers aren’t going to see this but what’s cool
here is you know as you’re building out your experience or in a you know
whatever a campaign and promotion you’re running you might decide that you want
to make a quick change to this and just to save some time we added this option
to where you can click Edit this form and it’s going to take you directly to
the backend of Handsome Checkout where you can see everything here and then you
can go and you can make any of the changes that that you like so those are
two really cool updates that we’re pushing out as part of this new release
with Handsome Checkout lots other ones including abandoned cart and a couple
other cool things the ability to do a pop up in the embed form which I’ll show
you that in just a little bit but that’s what I want to show you in this video
hope you guys are doing great and we’ll talk soon


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