what have I done guys we have something to tell you so you know we’ve been seeing a lot of comments lately a lot. and seeing replies to our tweets and I get hundreds of replies that’s like Jungkook’s hurt. Jungkook’s hearts broken. you’re cheating on Jungkook. and that’s funny and stuff guys but the reason we’re saying this is because like we we’re reading all these comments and we thought it was a joke at first, the whole Taekook thing was was just like for fun. yeah. or whatever. like we’re just best friends. we’re not like in a relationship. but literally 80% of comments on this one video. yeah they were literally like oh my gosh I started crying when jungkook said he was straight or I bet taehyung is just joking, yeah it’s all staged. and like we we just fell like OMG guys we took this to far. and like yeah honesty we’re just friends. like you know what I’m saying like we’re just like two best friends can two guys be best friends without being called gay? No. two best friends, we hang out all the time for sure, yeah we have a bromance sure. but that doesn’t mean we’re gay YEAH, get it through your heads. so we just wanted to set the record straight here. we needed to get it off our chest, yeah exactly. we’re not gay. there’e nothing wrong with being gay. but we’re straight. we love gays which is why we’re gay. HAHAHAHAHA that’s going to confuse everybody that’s why we want you guys to know this. because it was getting a little to far. and people, I know there’s going to be people in the comments section that are just like they’re lying. yeah they’re lying. they’re just trying to protect their relationship. yeah they’re trying to cover it up, but I’m. you can think what you want but we’re just being honest and real with you. and we’re telling you so… we’re straight. no you know. sorry. and I’m sorry if you thought differently. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA alright that’s it. see you guys.


  1. ha ha omg..its rly wrst nt mare fr us tho..i vl b so hrt broken…bt i vl acpt no mtr wt..bt this video is so hilarious lol..

  2. Ik who was talking in the beginning that one of my favorite youtubers Brennen Taylor and Colby Brock their ship name is Brobly.

  3. https://twitter.com/prettaeshook/status/961913749836738560?ref_src=twcamp%5Ecopy%7Ctwsrc%5Eandroid%7Ctwgr%5Ecopy%7Ctwcon%5E7090%7Ctwterm%5E2

  4. Even thought they are not really taekook…I feel so upset when they said they are not in relationship…you were right that truly is taekook shipper worest nightmare

  5. I'm an ultimate Taekook shipper. But not to the point that I want them to together. I do, but jokingly.

    Well, these kind of things are just normal in Korea. So yeah!


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