Fancy Stuff from an Indian Slum


“an Our Better World story” In Dharavi,
I saw a lot of potential. Every single house over there
has something or the other. People consider it to be poor, and criminals live over here. If you do visit Dharavi,
you’ll come to know that it’s just basically lots
and lots of craftsmen who work 15 to 20 hours a day. Everything–
Whatever I wanted to do in life, Dharavi game me that opportunity. A product goes from me
to the shopkeeper, or to the wholesaler, and from the wholesaler
to the retailer. Each of them makes some money
before it gets sold finally. So the profit is divided
amongst three people. They would stop after buying
as much as they required, so there wasn’t
a constant income. Doing business online
is beneficial not only to the business owner,
but also to customers. The advantage is that a customer
can order a product while in the comfort
of one’s own home. If a product gets sold,
then even I benefit. I get more work from this. When I see someone carrying
a bag that I made, I obviously feel proud and happy. My website is called
DharaviMarket, and I wanted to keep that name, because, for me,
giving that identity to the craftsmen was important. Dharavi had not explored
the potential of the web. So what we’ve done
is just a basic listing of their businesses online, and it just transformed
their lives. The community of kumbhars
(potters), which I belong to, still works
by traditional methods. Earlier, when we would make
and sell products, we would have to verbally explain
to them what we were selling. After all this technology
has become available, selling our products
has become much easier. Doing business online,
or on Whatsapp or Twitter, makes it possible
to directly get orders without the need
for verbal explanation. Through DharaviMarket, if a
customer buys a product from us, we get double the earnings. When we earn more,
it improves our lifestyle and we can provide our children
with good education. We never had free weekends
earlier. Now with this additional income, we can take our families out
to enjoy. The happiness that gives us
is immense. This was my calling,
this was my passion. And of course, it’s great that I have made a change
to other people’s lives. Telling stories,
Inspiring action. our better world POWERED BY SINGAPORE



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