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Hey, what is up guys, it’s Rafael here And in this first edition of mindset Mondays, we’re gonna talk about when should you quit online business? Should you quit is there a moment where you feel like? Okay, this is the moment where I’m not doing any progress I’m feeling really bad. I should quit right now. I got this question for one of my students in my free Facebook group So we’re gonna dive into that right now before I dive into Specific questions that you need to ask yourself when you’re thinking of quitting online business You have to realize that a lot of people go through this right a lot of successful people that are right now Before like years before they got their success. They had this thought right? They had the same thought that you’re having It’s like should I quit is it worth it? Am I gonna make a lot of money in the long term, right? Successful people also have these thoughts. We’re all cut from the same cloth. We’re all the same people It’s just different people take different choices and different people in those obstacles and those situations where you know, it gets hard You’re like, ah, maybe I should quit the successful people are like no I need this and I want this so bad that I’m just gonna Go through that and actually make it a reality So a couple of questions that you need to ask yourself is are you making any progress, right? Let’s say you’ve been Going at it for like three years and you’re going at it every day working really hard working really hard Are you making progress right? Because when I started four years ago, I essentially the first two years were a disaster I lost a lot of money. I wasn’t making anything. I was just really really really bad and I contemplated Hey, is this for me or should I just like go to college and get a normal job? That’s my That was my thought process in that moment. It’s okay. Should I quit or not? And I decided that I Was making some progress at least I was learning a lot of things I was meeting a lot of people that were successful and I was slowly Understanding more and more how to make money online now if you’re making that progress There’s no reason for you to quit because that progress is gonna continue on and on and it’s just gonna compound, right? That’s that’s why it’s so cool to own a business and have skills that you can build online It’s just because it’s compounding every month that you go at every that I work on Shopify and e-commerce every month that I do coaching I learn more and it compounds and I get better and better and better even though I’m not you know I’m not making eight figures I got well, I want to make eight figures a year right 10 million a year That’s my goal Even though I’m not making that right now I’m making progress Towards that so that’s the first question I need to ask yourself is am I making progress? Am I making any progress? If you are then you have to look at the progress to see okay if it’s gonna compound year after year a month after month Then there’s no reason for you to quit Another thing that you have to look into yourself. Why do you want that success? Is it because you want to take care of your family is it because of your ego isn’t because of you know? you just want a life of freedom, which is my goal, my goal in life is freedom and everything I do is Alive with that goal of freedom. I want to be as free as possible I want to determine every single decision that I take is my decision It’s not based on you know, someone that said control me or whatever other person or whatever other company, whatever right? It’s all based on freedom so my goal four years ago was I want freedom and The way to do that the way to get that freedom is through an online business So for me there was just no other choice. There’s no other decision Even if I wasn’t making as much progress as I want it and I was really hitting some obstacles and really like bad moments There’s no other choice right this just like this is what I want. I want freedom Um, so you have to look into yourself and see why what do I want this? Why do I want to have a business? you know if it’s and if that goal if that main focus that you have is Very very powerful and true to you. Then. You will never quit right it’ll go through your head. It’ll think ah Maybe I should quit but if that’s in that pure goal that you have in life As to why you’re breathing along on business if it’s strong enough, you will never quit right if it’s like hey I want my kids Let’s say you are like, you know A lot of you guys in this channel are you know between like ages of 18 and 25 1830? so if it’s like, let’s say you’re like 25 and in the next five years you want to travel the world and You want to take care of your family you want to make sure that your family is financially independent That’s your main pure goal. Right? Those are your three goals Travel? Family financially independent and then just freedom for your family right security for a family if those are three main goals that pure goal then even though you’re not making crazy progress you have to keep going at it because that is too strong to quit it and that is why you know simon Sinek talks about this a lot is you have to find your why and In order to find out why you have to look into yourself self-awareness, right? I have to think why do I want this am I making progress and do I wake up every day? motivated to work at this because Even though it wasn’t making any money three years ago I was like everyone every morning I would wake up and I was like, I’m going to crush it today Even though I didn’t make any money I was like, I’m gonna crush it today. Tomorrow’s gonna be a better day I’m gonna crush it today. Tomorrow’s gonna be better bump a bump a pop. Oh If you have the little progress and that motivation every single morning to work and do the things I have to work Then there’s no way for you. There’s no reason for you to quit There’s no way you’re going to quit because that pure goal Is there holding you and you have to think like six very very successful people. They go through all these obstacles They just they’re why is too strong that the reason for doing is way too strong, right? it’s too strong like Elon Musk has built Such gigantic and amazing companies because his Y is to transform humanity is to change people and change lives that’s is why and Even though let’s say he needs 10 million dollars to launch a spaceship or whatever and he only gets eight million dollars from investors He will find a way he will find every single way to get those two million dollars because his Y and his pure goal is Too strong for him to not do it right so that you need to find a pure goal and a pure Y as to why you’re creating this whole thing we’re trying to learn more money online we’re trying to learn business So yeah Are you making progress if you are there’s no reason for you to quit cuz that progress Compounds and then if your Y and your peer goal are very very strong Then you’ve got to keep going at then other things you have to essentially look into yourself and think you know how many times I’ve failed and then If that time is it like if you can count how many times you failed you haven’t failed enough? Right the one who fails the most is the one that gets success the fastest, right? I failed a million times before I ever made my first money online, you know it’s like I tried I tried I literally tried everything every single unlike this is I can think of I tried it and I sucked at it, so The more you fail, don’t more you realize okay. I like this. I don’t like this. I like this I don’t like this and then you’ll find that thing that you love and you keep making progress So even if it’s small every single day, you’ll keep making progress and you’ll crush it at that. So yeah Those are the three questions am I making progress? If so, there’s no reason to quit What is your why what is your main goal? and Then the third one you wake up every morning motivate it to work at that and then the last one is Essentially how many times have you failed at it and if you haven’t failed enough times then you gotta keep going daddy I don’t want you to quit Obviously like I want to change people’s lives and I want to transform people’s lives and give them freedom and security and everything That’s why that’s why I started this whole challenge as well as hard as this whole coaching thing I was making money for myself dropshipping making a lot of money in Shopify, but that was like, you know I’m making a lot of money, but how it does teach people how to do it like there’s there’s a way for people to learn this through what I’ve gone millions of failures and I can just Skip that for everybody and just teach you what works and then you can do it right? So I Honestly don’t want you to quit and if that pure goal is strong enough You’ll never quit like as long as you’re making progress, you’re gonna get there Thank you so much for watching this video and you know If you liked it, leave me a thumbs up down below, please subscribe to a channel when I get to 2,000 subscribers We’re at almost 1,600 right now. So that’s pretty cool And yeah, thank you for watching and I will see you in the next edition of mindset Mondays You


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    Sometimes, it is necessary to quit. What is a sign that you should quit? When is it really necessary?


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