Franki & Diana // Frankiana #11 – Part 1 (EngSub)


It’s a dance-off. Girls vs. Boys Argel was the only one dancing at first but then the other boys decided to join in with Argel, so that happened We’re not gonna back down, Big Brother This is just our way of removing or lessening our sadness Narrator: Mae lead the dance routine that she and the other girls will perform [Mae is telling Big Brother how she got closer to the other housemates
and how they all bonded especially through the no sleep task] Narrator: After everyone had practiced, it was time for their dance-off We are the “LPG” “League of Pretty Girls” Diana: It was fun! I don’t usually dance like that before so it was liberating, in a good way And it wasn’t awkward since we’re all closer now. I didn’t feel any kind of awkwardness Franki: I forgot a lot of things, but I felt like it was fun and exciting performing [This happened hours later]
Narrator: While they were all chatting, Banjo told Diana something Banjo: Can I touch your hair, Diana? Diana: Huh?
Banjo: Touch your hair Touch my hair? What? You’re insane Sky: Are you always like that with hair? even before? Banjo: That’s my weakness I want to sleep like this, in someone’s hair Diana: Just buy a wig then spray it with a scent of your choice It’s really unusual. This is the first time I encountered something like that If we didn’t know him, it’s weird And then, randomly he would smell our hair, stuff like that Narrator: With Banjo’s actions, the girls are starting to feel uncomfortable I don’t know! Franki: It’s really weird
Kiara: really weird The first time I think I thought it was a joke, so it was funny but then I realized, he really really does like to do that so then it was kind of weird It was slightly weird, slightly uncomfortable Narrator: The morning after Banjo and Big Brother had a talk about the issue with the girls, Banjo, once again, started another joke Banjo: It’s unsatisfying every night, he doesn’t let me embrace him anymore Banjo: Do you guys embrace each other? so we’re the only ones who don’t? Banjo: Bro, are you disgusted with me? Wealand: You two don’t hug, but me and Argel always gives each other hugs Banjo: Are you disgusted with me?
Akie: I’m not used to that Banjo: Just one night boy, and I’ll be satisfied
Akie: I’m scared of you Banjo: Why are you scared boy?
Akie: When I turn to you at night, I don’t know what I’ll see Banjo: You’re scared of me? Banjo: Are you scared of guys?
Akie: No Banjo: We’re not in the same wavelength! No one is gay between us! Narrator: Banjo continued to joke around, this time with Gino Banjo: I bet this one is good to sleep with Sky, can we change beds just once? Banjo: I’ll just rape him Banjo: I’ll just rape this one for a bit Diana: It’s uncomfortable for us, especially when we have breakfast together He always makes jokes like that. Dirty jokes Banjo: When this one wakes up, he won’t have anything on Jamie: Those kinds of jokes are alarming, even if it’s told to another guy and then there are still women around Banjo: Good morning (makes panting sounds) Mae: Truthfully, it felt disgusting It was so ugly to hear Diana: “He won’t have any clothes on and he’s gonna be tired and panting when he wakes up.” those kind of things Big Brother For me, that’s not appropriate anymore. He’s very insensitive with the things he’s saying Jamie: I just laugh along but I’m also looking around to see who are those reacting to that I’m observing Narrator: Jamie couldn’t help it and finally talked to Diana about Banjo I’m gonna be open with you. I can see that you’re getting uncomfortable I’m really uncomfortable with it I told myself, “If I didn’t-” Diana: If I didn’t have to be in the same house as him
Jamie: Yeah, me too Diana: I wouldn’t choose to live with him, really
Jamie: It’s really uncomfortable Truthfully, It’s kind of- hey, it’s Franki The reason why I don’t wanna like talk to him directly, because like, what if I’m the only one who thinks that he’s making us girls uncomfortable Franki: Oh, we’re talking about-
Jamie: ssshhh Franki: I didn’t realized that other people thought it Jamie: You know what, I was-
Diana: I feel the same Franki: Are you serious?
Diana: That’s why I don’t say anything The other girls and I haven’t been able to talk about that because, well of course we’re scared to start something, because what if we’re the only ones who feel like it’s only just one or two of us that noticed that If you noticed, I haven’t been okay lately Really. Even during the first week, I was feeling not well about this person and I just can’t be at peace I felt this, yeah, probably like day 2. I know, yeah If you just noticed, I go there everytime you’re alone together, because I’m worried about you Franki: He’s still not as bad
Diana: And especially this morning Like when we were having breakfast, he keep on making jokes. like, dirty jokes but you couldn’t- but you weren’t able to understand it because it was in Tagalog but it was very nasty like, “tonight, I’m going to exchange beds with you, I wanna rape- I wanna rape Gino, blah blah blah” Franki: It’s so gross, it’s so gross. I’m glad I didn’t understand that Considering we were all having breakfast all together, and there were girls Franki: Sometimes Banjo feels like, he’s with his friends at home or something like that He forgets that he’s in this environment where it’s not okay to be like that Jamie: I’m sorry girls, I didn’t talk right away
Franki: I wish I did too Jamie: I didn’t want to judge people
Diana: Same! Same, same, same Franki: I thought I was being hyper sensitive
Diana: Oh my god, same! Diana: That’s the reason why I didn’t say anything
Jamie: Me too Like, maybe it’s just me Diana: they’ll just say I’m overreacting
Franki: And I always try to laugh Franki: I would just laugh and-
Diana: Same, same so I’ll just go with the flow Jamie: I knew my instincts were right
Franki: I cannot believe Narrator: After hearing the other girls’ thoughts, Diana wanted all of them to talk to Banjo We have to talk to him tonight Jamie and Franki: I don’t wanna talk to him Diana: We have to
Franki: We have to? Franki: I’m not speaking- I’m not, no. I’m out of it, no Franki: I’m sorry, I’m too scared
Jamie: I’m sorry, that’s not what I’m going to do Franki: Yeah, I’m way too scared Diana: So what’s the point of raising your issues? Diana: We have to- Someone has to talk to him If we are feeling uncomfortable, we have the right to say something right? We can’t just raise issues and do nothing Jamie: Well yeah…
Franki: Yeah, yeah. You’re right Narrator: With the continuation of their talk, they also asked the other girls what their thoughts are about Banjo’s joke Mae: I have no worries about his attitude, but with the way he talks, his actions, the way he jokes around we just laugh at it right? like we’re okay with it but truthfully, for me,
I’m just laughing along but I’m not open to that kind of things It feels different It’s not right anymore, the words that are coming out of his mouth especially that he’s in your house I mean, he apologized. He apologized yesterday? but he still can’t stop himself from saying nasty things so maybe, for me it’s better if we talk to all the boys, and tell them not to tell jokes in a bad way because if we just let this one pass, we still don’t know the kind of
things he could say, or make jokes about Kiara: It didn’t feel right but I just didn’t like um, really think too much about it because I felt like everyone was okay about it It’s really offensive Big Brother, especially to those who experienced that those who got raped, and yeah, it’s a bad joke Hasna: I have five brothers Five, and I’m the only girl. So I grew up with them so to me, I didn’t see it, like I didn’t noticed it I was laughing with Banjo, because I grew up around that with my brothers but a thing that’s- the suffering of other people like, to those who got abused or raped. They carry that for life and we just laughed about it even those who laughed, including myself, I laughed. I was being really insensitive Kiara: Me also. I also have a fault in this, because I didn’t say something, or didn’t stop them from doing it because I was I was, y’know- I can say that I was a part of it also because I let that happen Actually, there are jokes that I really appreciate. Even Banjo, I appreciate him like, he’s insensitive with his jokes but I know he’s a good person Everyone of them Hasna: We don’t know what are the things he went through that made him like that
Kiara: Yeah, we have no clue Hasna: because we all don’t have the same level of education, experiences


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