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, , Leave a comment is a Russian leading platform for courier services. It connects customers and independent couriers to help with any type of delivery on the most favorable terms. There is an option to view and filter orders, offer your price for courier services and others. Also, there is a number of paid services. After the delivery is conducted users may leave a comments and rate their satisfaction regarding the services provided. Server side of this project was built in Yii2 framework. Such decision allowed the website to get high downloading speed and handle a large flow of users. On the Home page user can find information about the services, which the website provides, and some advices for new users.
Here we can easily arrange delivery that we need, or to sign in as a courier. After clicking on “arrange delivery” button, user have to fill in the application form, this also allows to register on the website during he fills in all necessary information to post the delivery arrangement. Here we choose the type of delivery: cargo, courier, by car; What you need to deliver (this information will be displayed in the title of our application); our city; (here you can add several places). Here we have integrated Yandex Maps API, which allows user to enter address just making a clicking on the map, and shows the proposed route of travel. Next is budget and delivery date (there may be several deliveries on different days). And general information about the user that can not be seen by other users. After the e-mail is confirmed, we moving to “my orders” page, here we can see our application and its current status. We can easily view or edit it. Here we can change personal information, and upload our photo. The website offers some paid services for customers: highlighted orders, SMS notification and all-inclusive. The balance is replenished through the InterCassa API which allows to choose the most convenient way of payment for user. In the section “My messages” we can see our chats with couriers. The chat module is implemented using WebSocket and allows user to send instant messages and receive them in real time without reloading the page. In order to sign in as a courier, you will need to enter general information and confirm our registration via e-mail. When login as a courier the user will move on to the My Orders page, where he can find all information about the orders he has applied. In the Search orders section we can see the latest orders placed in our city, as well as highlighted orders. By default, we always see the orders in our city, but if it’s needed we can set up necessary search criteria. For couriers, The website offers such paid services as: SMS or email notification that is similar to RSS feed. Allows courier to set the criteria of the orders which are interested to him, and when the order that will match his criteria is placed, the courier will receive immediate notification. Also, there is an option to upgrade to the PRO account, which offers a number of advantages, but it’s available only after 4 successful deliveries and average rating of at least 4 stars. In the Dashboard we see list of couriers, customers, orders, and if necessary set up criteria to sort them. Here we can see all pages of the website, if necessary we can easily edit them. In the paid services, we may view information about account replenishments and activation of packages, as well as changing the cost of paid services.


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