Games Workshop UK Retailer Trade Terms Changes 2013


Hi, Its Dave here at WarGameStore. I’m here today to talk about Games Workshop’s changes to trade terms for 2013 14 trading year they do this every every year, they make changes to the terms that apply to independent retailers in the UK and this year is no exception We’ve been retailing Games Workshop products here at WarGameStore for ten years this year and every year we’ve seen things change and the general trend has been to make life a bit more difficult for people that
retail on the internet so without more ado I’ll briefly
outline what the changes are The big change this year is really simple Effective from the Seventeenth of November trade accounts are permitted to sell through
all sales channels however with effect from the seventeenth
of november two thousand & thirteen Games Workshop will only supply
trade accounts that have at least one outlet which sells products through the
shop front channel converted into english that means at the moment Games Workshop categorise retailers in one of two ways they are either distance selling which is usually internet retail these days or they are now what they are calling shop front which means they are a bricks and mortar retailer from the seventeenth of november 2013 they will only grant trade accounts to retailers who have a shop that would appear to mean that any retailer which sells on the internet and doesn’t
have a shop and doesn’t open a shop before 17th November will lose their trade account. The other change in the same category is that for the first time they are not only saying that as retailers we can’t break down products and sell say individual sprues or parts like some of the bits websites do but we also can’t supply those third party websites for them
to break down the products what they say here is that we are not able to sell distribute or
otherwise transfer Games Workshop products to any person or entity where we know or reasonably suspect or games workshop reasonably suspects that that person intends to alter divide or break down their products that is designed to try and stop retailers on the internet that are breaking down boxes of Games Workshop products for say Warhammer 40,000 and selling individual
sprues or individual weapons or parts of bodies because whilst they can do it if they buy the
product retail we can’t knowingly supply them and since some of these bits sites are
probably selling fairly substantial volumes of products Games Workshop will take the view that we could reasonably know So they are the key
changes this year this is a thirty page document that’s down from 50 pages in past years, that will give you some idea of how detailed Games Workshop trade terms are and they take a little interpretation Alot of this document is just slightly amended from
previous years so a lot of it isn’t of any great significance but the changes that overlay on top of
the idea that to open or maintain a Games Workshop account to sell Warhammer you’ve got to have what they
describe as a “shop front” is that they’re starting to define what a
shop front is in terms of what defines a bona fide retailer This has been a grey area in the past and to a certain extent still is is a shop front an industrial unit where the main business may be internet retail but there is some face to face selling in the appendix of this document they’ve started to outline what the what they, Games Workshop, see as being the criteria for qualifying as a shop front retailer. WargameStore meets these criteria I think this will be expanded in the
coming months and that they’ll tighten up a lot more on what they define as being a bona fide shop but to start with what they’re saying for the first time is that a shop front sales channel must be open to the public for
general retail purposes and they say here for unarranged browsing during its
trading hours it’s not uncommon to see websites that
advertise that they are open by appointment during the week so you can visit them when they are packing
orders but you can’t just turn up an walk through the door door there are a few websites that fits into this category that will not be acceptable to Games Workshop in future GW are saying that if you have a real shop the public should be able to walk in through the door and browse the products for sale without making an appointment or phoning in advance which to us at WarGameStore makes sense the other thing that they’re saying is that once you’re in the outlet you should be clearly able to see
what the prices for the products are We’ve queried this with them because you could just have a laptop inside the shop and prices could be displayed on a website. Games Workshop are saying this will not be acceptable to meet this criteria there will have to be a display within the store in fact i think it says here somewhere where you can see the prices of products so boxes will have to be physically price marked or coded in some way such as the colour coding system we use here at WarGameStore similar to the system Games Workshop used to use again we’ve queried that with Games Workshop and they have confirmed that our colour coding system meets their criteria we have a price list with colour codes on it which are available in the store it’s clear what the price of products are Internet retailers tend not to price mark products because boxes are usually sent straight out which is an unnecessary overhead if you are internet retailing This is another way that Games Workshop are seeking to to define specifically what a shop front is that there are also saying in passing that market stalls cannot be used not
only will they not give trade accounts to market stalls but as retailers we cannot supply any third party that might want to then sell their products on markets the other significant change is that with effect from 3rd July 2013 which is a couple of weeks away we are not allowed to sell
products through or sell or make available to a
third party including any affiliates so that’s any business that may be associated with us in the knowledge that they
should sell products through websites hosted by third party platforms including amazon marketplace eBay an any social media websites for
example facebook shops Its maybe three years or so since Games Workshop stopped us from selling on eBay so that’s new products on eBay they are now saying that Games Workshop products cannot be sold on any third party website, any auction site or third-party sales platform In summary I think Games Workshop are
continuing continuing a direction of travel that they started out on a few years ago which is that they want to be seen to be
supporting bricks and mortar retail stores and where that bricks and mortar retail store has a webstore such as they’re happy to support that They have made no secret of the fact that they have been moving against in the last few years is people that just contact them for a trade account and then just retail online In the introduction to this document it makes this clear It says typically hobby communities are centred on a retail outlet of one type or another where hobbyists can go to meet like
minded folks, get help and purchase their hobby supplies Games Workshop strives to support these
outlets which help build the hobby community in their local geographic area I think that use of words is very
intentional From WarGameStore’s point of view it doesn’t make any real difference to us because
as you’ve seen from from previous videos and from the Google virtual tour, business photos and the views of the inside of WarGameStore we are fully stocked what Games Workshop now call “shop front” retailer We see ourselves very much first as a shop and second as an internet retailer. In fact a lot of our internet retail is to shop customers who sometimes come
into the store but sometimes order online but they get the same good WarGameStore service on Warhammer, Warmachine and Flames of War, regardless So I suppose we’d have to come down on the side of
saying we think it’s a good thing we here at WarGameStore agree with Games Workshop that the hobby needs a physical environment to thrive the simple fact is that it is Games Workshop’s view I think in the year to come there will be further changes to this to make it more difficult for retailers that don’t have a bricks and mortar store that’s open at least
five days a week for eight hours a day in simple terms all businesses that do that fund the expense of having staff members behind the counter for
that period internet retailers don’t I think we can expect to see more changes that will for example very much define exactly what they consider to be a bricks and mortar retailer that’s another update from WarGameStore It will be interesting to see what the impact is
because there are certainly sixty or seventy or more internet retailers in the UK that are likely to be affected it may even be more than that From November 2013 Games Workshop will not accept new trade applications from retailers unless they can demonstrate
very clearly that they have a bricks and mortar retail store
that is open for a reasonable number of hours in the week and that it’s not just a front for an internet store Thanks for watching and we will be back soon for another update from WarGameStore


  1. Its a real shame that they are going this direction they wont loose new customers from this sort of stuff but they are loosing the long lasting trust with members of the community that has supports them and has supported them for years

  2. Madre mía GW, ¿Como se puede comprar a una empresa que piensa solo en sus beneficios en vez de al Cliente?, penoso

  3. Its just GW being brainless dicks and trying to kill their fanbase… Im happy I left them.. I wont look back. I will also pull as many friends as possible from GW.

  4. Great news for Bricks and Mortar stores, remember the/your LGS (not GW Hobby retail outlets) are where your game is supported, meet others in the hobby, develop a community/club. Pure internet retailer, while offering a better discount, do not promote this… A few years back at least 5-10 of us went to our local GW store, now they have gone to opening 5 days a week only and single-hand operation, and introductory games only, introductory modelling/painting only… Support your local FLGS!

  5. Judging by the number of days and hours my local GW store opens I'm not sure it would qualify for a retail account

  6. So Miniwargaming, who used to have an online store, didn't work to promote the hobby? Their hundreds of videos did nothing to teach people to paint, to play, or anything similar? Beasts of War, now part of an online retailer, do nothing for the hobby, no organizing on their forums or a sense of community? I love my FLGS, and shop there almost exclusively in spite of it costing a little more. But this 'community building' line is BS put forth by GW.

  7. I hate how GW continually curb-stomp on retailers and basically trying to monopolize their market, but I'm not going to quit as a result of it. I simply won't buy from them.

  8. I dont see a problem with GW trying to police their own business. The funny thing is, a lot of online retailers on ebay in the states were actually hurting their own business by charging more than it costs to buy from GW itself. They still offered it less than it does over seas and they relied on that to give them business, and I personally dont mind GW cracking down on people gaming the system. Hobbies are not free and gamers should stop expecting to be treated like anything other than adults.

  9. another thing that I find funny (and will be denied till they are blue in the face) is that most people who are "outraged" are people who ordered from places that sold GW products for less than GW does themselves. Can we see the hypocrisy here? And maybe the continuing undercutting of GWs price point is another reason why GW doesn't feel like losing money to indirect sales.

  10. last but not least, those people who are "outraged" who bought for less online, actually are contributing to their own LGS losing business. They buy online and play at their store. Thats both unfair to the LGS but incredibly rude and detrimental to their stores business and thus their ability to offer a place for these same people to play. So next time people complain about their local game stores closing, they need to stop and look at themselves in the mirror.

  11. Yes yes, I am sure somewhere around my backside is where I stick it. So glad you can contribute something intelligent to counter with. Explain to me exactly how they are doing anything wrong, could it be them making you upset that you cant afford something? I cant afford a Mustang or Mercedes, but you don't hear me complaining do you? And cars are even more necessary than plastic toy soldiers. This also might surprise you, but GW isn't the only company increasing prices, ever hear of Hasbro?

  12. You mean the company that charges less for a full rule book than GW does for supplemental codex.

    The GW in my area is on the verge of shutting and to be frank I won't miss them one bit.

  13. again, you are attacking a price point, and the only thing that I am hearing is "I cant afford it!!!". Thats not a valid argument against a companies pricing policy. Maybe if 7 billion people said the same thing, then maybe. And maybe them closing the store has more to do with people undercutting them online than anything else.

  14. these are not valid reasons to be against a company. they in themselves are not doing anything wrong or illegal. Its like nobody is really reading what I am writing and only having knee jerk reactions about something they cant afford or dont want to pay for. GW is a company that can sell or do whatever they want with their product. Its up to the consumer to decide if they want to buy it or not. Not being able to buy something is not a justification to hate on a company.

  15. and again, the shops closing down are due to the fact that, yes people dont want to pay the prices GW is putting out, but they also are not buying at GW prices because other places have undercut the prices so much that people dont feel the need to even buy at their OWN LGS. I feel more for the mom and pop shop who's clientele buys online for cheap but uses the store to play games in. Besides I buy mostly from Mantic Games anyway as I kinda like their style more anyways. But I just cant bring

  16. myself to bash a company for acting like a company and making decisions as a company. Its childish to have a fit and cry about something that people either cant afford or dont want to pay for, either reevaluate your budget and decide what is best for you or pay for what you want. But this is all philosophical at this point. Bottom line is, you either buy GW or dont. But ill tell you something, if you think there wouldnt be global supply problems if they lowered their prices you havent taken an

  17. econ 101 class. If they lowered prices demand would sky rocket, supply would drop incredibly, laughably to Privateer Press levels, and then the prices would have to increase anyway to increase production of their stock and meet the supply demands. Its like fuel, you would have a complete supply shortage if the price of fuel dropped to a certain level. Its why I always laugh at people living in big cities when they complain about fuel prices (American cities).

  18. So then what is your issue? You as a consumer made the decision not to buy from them. You are either made that they have prices that you dont want to pay but want their stuff, or you would pay but dont want their stuff. All you have expressed are your personal opinions and make it seem that the only thing keeping you away is the price. if its the game and the figs that keep you away then its not the price and you are really here for no reason. I am confused at where you are coming from,

  19. especially when you say that it doesnt affect you anyways. I get the impression, and I cant say one way or the other, that you do want to buy GW but are put off by the price. Either way however you have expressed what I was talking about and that it really is a consumer choice at the end of the day.

  20. fair enough. Lol. like I said, I personally buy mantic games stuff and so always try to find the best deal I can for their stuff. Just found a LGS in my area that offers reward points for every $1 spent on top of the discounted prices they give.

  21. When will GW figure out that with the rich getting richer, theyre sales will be fewer and fewer. Anyone feel like purchasing 35Cents worth of plastic for $200.00 usd? What you can get a hooker for that kind of money! Damn, had I only known sex is better than getting a toy you have to pay quadrupal the price for, build, paint, and own another 150 dollars worth of rule books for just to figure out how to play. Oh and so does the fat guy next to me.. seriously lots of longevity in this investmnt

  22. I am all for supporting local shops but there is one small problem… I live on a fricking farm in the middle of nowhere. It is literally 2 and a half hours to any GW store! I used to buy everything from Miniwargaming because it was easier to order online rather than drive for hours just for a piece of plastic. So IMHO the "shutdown" of GW products being sold online has pretty much kill a large fan base who cannot get to a gaming store/club. I play warhammer with friends who live close by.

  23. i worked at GW and newhoped has hit it on the head befor i left thay stop use having people in the store by having less free playing tales and not only this the fact it say to start talking to other hobby sentor and shops that slea GW stuff to come together

  24. and be bigger and better is being fased out and the gameing club in the stores them self ar ether been toled you can only do what thay wont you to do and theres not freedom out sid of the store or just clossed sadly the head office are not intuch with what happen i had this prob with do this it wont work because of X Y and Z and toled no thats yuor folt for not doing it right thay never sore that some people just do not like some thing that we did and were not going to buy them with basic bore

  25. not a lot of freedom the store are now die people just come and go there no more talking laughing or feeling of gaming communality any more it make me sad to see the hobby i love the most go so rong and soo bad that people don't even like talking about it as the story will just change to somethings that is ether RELY RELY SHIT or just make no sens with what thay have at the time

  26. I won't buy GW stuff, I will buy them second hand but never from GW. All my paints will be Vallejo/Army Painter, especially seeing how overly priced the GW paints are compared. I will support my small model shops, but not GW.

  27. It seems to me they are trying to hold on to an old way of doing things that is globally being phased out very quickly. I simply cant afford the outrageous prices they ask for these days, which is a shame and with a lot of the online 'discount' stored being hung drawn and quartered by GW means i'll probably have to give it up.. its a shame but will bit them in the long run

  28. GW really are killing themselves. Annoyingly I still really like their models but I also so want them to be on the brink of going bust due to all these stupid rules they make up. Then someone who has the money & love of the hobby to come and buy them up. Remove the stupid restrictions which I then feel will take it out of near bankruptcy and make them massive profits. I really would like to be in the meetings for the idiots who decide this.

  29. The EU may be a pain in the arse but someone, somewhere REALLY needs to bring a case against GW regarding monopoly or anti-trust like they did with Microsoft several years back.

  30. ah but see i live in the US but i know some of the EU laws. One of them being they see a monopoly differently then the US. it sucks but i do not think they are in violation of any EU laws.

  31. um…no LGS is gonna tell you you have to use a certain kind of model, no GW store has ever banned old models as long as they were GW models *just get new bases*, and nobody can tell you what models to use at home. Your example is wrong on every level. If however you are talking about tournaments, well then that is a purely personal choice on your part and the terms set by the organizer, which is their right. Changing the rules only makes it your choice on if you want to use the units.

  32. take the necron pariahs, the unit was removed from the book, but nobody said you couldnt use the models as proxies for some other unit in the book. I just feel that some gamers, those heavy in the tourny scene, are making it more difficult than it has to be.

  33. Squats are the only thing really that can be used as an example, however as that change happened 15 years ago, and to that single army, I hardly count that because not everyone played that army.

  34. Thanks for the honesty and the update Dave, it is good to see the other side of the coin from a retailers point of view. Sounds like they are stitching up the market even more. Seems that they are better at wrighting legal documents than they are wrighting rules for their own games. Small retail has taken a hit and I have seen small shops close down all over the place. Now it is a case of roll a D6 and see who goes next.

  35. Do you also have restrictions on the mail order only items like in other countries? Many stores in Germany are unable to provide all products to the customer as they would go over their 'allowance' of a measly 500€/month.

  36. As long as other smaller companies (Mantic, AoW, Shieldwolf, Puppets of War,Raging Heroes etc) keep on pumping products out, GW will start having serious problems.
    Like so many others have allready said, greed will not work out well for them…

  37. So they are dictating that shop or internet site owners are not allowed to be a modern and sell via the internet. They are a bunch of dicks in my opinion as the internet will replace the high street shopping and if they do not move with the times then this company will die a death. I will not buy any more products from this company and many business will go down.

  38. It will be interesting to see how the EU courts will respond with GW attempts to control the market place. I'm sure they are breaking international trading laws by placing these kind of restrictions on business through out the EU. I'm not sure what they are trying to prove but the internet is and will be the main place to buy goods going forward into the future, it's a shame they are playing with many peoples lives. Just look at their website to see why they don't like internet…

  39. The main problem withe the new rules as outlined in the vidio is, that only the small internet-retailers are hit. If a store is big they will jused put up some alibi store open to the public and continue to sell there stuff online.
    So what we will most likely see is a lot off the smaller internet stores closing while the big ones will get even bigger.

  40. im excited. cant come of out the reality of getting a iphone for doing some questionnaire 🙂 . i am telling you, never forget to fill with your mail id and ph number. rush it here >>>

  41. While I think GW should perhaps move with the times a little more I think perhaps they are just doing their bit to keep the High Street alive. Perhaps they should just limit the products that can be sold via web

  42. Something to reflect about: although they state a retailer may not sell to a party that may intend resale….. Go To Gm workshop site NOW and admire the highly discounted and USELESS complete space marine collection 1100 minies for 7000 pounds LOL. on sale to whoever has the cash and in no way being "investigated" the contract sets a condition that not even the author can handle DISGRACEFULLY UNINTUITATIVE !!!

  43. The price of GW models has increased so much you're better off spending that bit more and buying a FW model.
    That said… FW postage pricing is so ridiculously high unless you're willing to spend a whopping £250 you might as well not bother.

  44. The hobby community has changed. So they kill it in areas that cannot support a store to sell their product. They just push people to buy models from other suppliers or change hobby to something more cost effective.

  45. GW:
    -LOWER prices! Check Warlord: very nice miniatures for half the price!
    – stop changing rules and armies (pls move back to WHFB 7th ed.!), instead make new armies
    – forget Matt Ward, call Alessio Cavatore back
    – LET the retailers LIVE!!!

  46. While I appreciate that GW is supposedly attempting to support bricks n mortar stores, I can't understand why they're stores frequently carry very limited stock, and under the new one man model, are often closed. They violate they're own trade conditions. I can't go in and browse and purchase whatever I want, having to wait at least a week while something is ordered in, and problems accessing the store when it is closed at times during the day. I think they're actually looking to dominate the Internet market themselves, and that's why they're stamping out the online sellers. It allows them to control the prices that goods are sold for online. They certainly are not offering any discounts when purchasing through the online store.

  47. Perfectly reasonable changes!  Look at it from GW point of view! 
    Sell my product for £30 to a customer or sell my product to some dude in a basement for £15 and they can can sell it to the same customer for £25.   

    Frankly, letting people with shopfronts like yours sell their products online for discounts is a good compromise – it still directly competes with their online website but keeps hobby shops up and running.  GW understands that online retailing is a vital part of any business and to succeed without it is very hard but also holds firm opinions that hobby shops and centres must stay open to promote the hobby.  

  48. the bitz bit is annoying, bitz are heaps usuful, im not going to buy a whole tactical squad just for the extra plasma I want, I just want to buy the plasma by its self, what right does gw have to control their product after they have sold it? if I buy there product its mine , yes? if I want to sell bitz to people I can, yes?

  49. Can't believe WarGamesStore really think this is a good idea.  Short sighted or what? This means that GW hobby will be shrunk down to little islands surrounding the retail stores.  I don't have any games retailer within 20 miles and buy all my games/miniatures online or at conventions and shops I have visited are tiny and have very limited range.  Things which shrink the hobby are just plain stupid

  50. There are plenty of game systems out there and this is GW shooting themselves in the foot.  With the price rises and constant rule books coming out every 5 years, people will move to other games.  Warmachine, Firestorm Armada, Mantic Games, etc. 

  51. I switched to Mantic Games. I continually check back with GW and consider their prices and products. I haven't bought anything from GW for more than a year though. I am invested in Mantic Games now with hundreds of Mantic miniatures (more than GW figures at this point.)

  52. "games workshop strives to close down all of the discount stores so all of us have to pay through the nose for their products" i think is the jist of this whole thing innit? haha

  53. This policy is sad for those that live in remote area with no direct access to any Brick&Mortar store. In my case, closest is 3hours of cars away. I would then prefer to order online, but the prices are not appealing since you need to had transportation and the various taxes that come with Mail.

  54. that GW policy,  is perfectly legit,  How can any one have a problem with it?
    Unless your a blood sucking online shop parasite.

  55. I began playing and collecting Bolt Action models from Warlord games which has a LOT of top veterans from the old GW company and it shows. Discounts, contests and a very friendly attitude towards the customer. Something I have not seen in GW for more than a decade.

  56. all this does is screw over gw customers that dont have a "brick and mortar" store close by.  also it is important to note that i know of at least 1 gw retailer in ada Ok. that doesnt even exsist there is NO store at the location on the store finder and the owners business phone is his personal cell phone.

  57. If I was retailer I would like this, especially because they can sell online themselves as authorized dealer, if they have that store front, which offers gaming activities & campaigns which create social aspect & selling of these games.I would blockade all tunnels right now


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