Getting On Target with Twitter IMTS 2012

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assists so today we’re gonna cover getting on
target with twitter and how we get closer to what we need to
do my previous presentations i like to do a little bit of an agenda
at the beginning to give you an idea of what’s happening are what will happen we will talk about so we’ll talk about what is twitter why it’s important how’s it work will talk about some of the specific
nomenclature of the space which is our ttys ad mentions have skaggs we’ll talk about some dashboards and
aggregators and we’ll talk about the business of
doing business on twitter interspersed within this we’re gonna
talk about setup and how you set things up in twitter ticularly username and where to get
started so what is twitter uh… when i first started talking to
people about twitter a few years ago i was told voters like snack food splendidly that has absolutely no
nutritional value and in that can be the case i’m not going to say that it’s not
entertaining so you’ve got some people who are real people saying how do i do this out there had also heard i really don’t care would also save those doing for
breakfast it really depends on whom you follow how’d you do it you know how you don’t view it plans to
determines whether or not it’s spam so whom you choose to follow as either a
brand or an individual is totally up to you but i’m not going to say that there’s
not some entertainment value out there that’s fine so what is twitter it’s a social networking service and
it’s micro-blogging another name for it uh… essentially boils down to this bob follows bedi bedi follows bob there’s you’re following and followers it was started two thousand six march of oh six as a february of this year it has over
five hundred million user accounts foods grown gotten big and in simply put uses seven read text date based posts up to about a hundred and forty
characters and these are called tweets and when you treat something your followers regents weights talk about a little bit about some
statistics on this and before we talk about the actual
statistics we’ve got a look at uh… traditional marketing studies nineteen sixty two uh… book called diffusion of innovation the key point of this is it said that
there’s an adoption perfer any new technology or any new product out there and where does that happen once you hit the early majority which is
really the first thirty percent the population you’re on the curb to adoption until you get to a lot i people with the
farther and don’t care until the so this is the person in nineteen
sixty-eight it said i’m going to break down and i’m going to
get a phone so these are the latest up who were
concerned about is how it gets there first so from a technology perspective another study in ninety one book
identified at corp piece in here and this is what’s called the cats it at the chasm exists about twelve to
fifteen percent of adoption once you cross the chasm then the product of the technology will be adopted by the masses it’s on
the upswing of the car for adoption marketing this is really important with regard to
our sector in manufacturing there’s differences on powell different industry sectors are
adopting twitter specifically so has twitter cross the chasm in
manufacturing is a question i took a look at two different sets the
status over the course of three years for which
tweeters existed the first one was the pew internet
starting uh… of american america’s usage of
twitter over get over a three-year period and
globalspec who has a booth here because they’ve been publishing a similar study
amongst engineers and our audience so only overlay the two of them what we see the globalspec is in the orange on the
adoption rate the few general population united states is the blue line you can see the twitter has been growing
it’s almost twenty three percent in the industrial sector so has across the chasm ’cause the cousins about right there so both of the patriots pass the early adopter
phase were on the upswing ps twitter is valuable and it’s being used at almost twice the
rate in the manufacturing space as it is in the general population it’s a valuable tool so let’s look at some more things business-to-business on twitter there’s varying statistics on this
thursday from studies on this but we’re gonna look at two of them when you look
at these numbers when you compare ’em to face booking email sixty-nine percent of people who follow
your company on twitter likely to recommend it and sixty-eight percent are likely to
bite you’ll notice those of the two highest
numbers on the chart this is from september of twenty ten when we look at january of twenty eleven similar type question the number here everything below this thirty-seven percent will say they’ll
likely buyer recommend compared to the other spaces twitter is a very powerful mediums
probably the most powerful medium that we’ve seen statistically in analytically
out there four getting a message out now to some nuts-and-bolts water hashed
edgewater mentions the simplest way to do this is look at
an actual conversations we’ll look at a conversation so what you’ll see here’s here’s the
tweet dactyl twenty-one he says there’s a
meteor with a little from there’s the hash tag has tag is what’s
crispin palestine precedes the word and it’s all sandwiched together and it says it’s the end of times dactyl gets a mention so that little at symbol
there because now this is allosaurus one thirty two is saying on the reads we can assist things
valuable be in the world zapping or and times and that’s an artsy worried suite you’ll see that it also gets the hash
tag a gag where we’re doomed everybody’s using the
same at stake for the past a criteria since how my into u_s_ that way you can find it in everybody
can be in the same conversation now look what happens this is somebody talking about justine
deboer this he’s not paying attention at all he
is not part of the conversation you’re gonna see that in the twitter
sherie t-rex came end and he said it’s and to
the world and he created his own at stagg what what happened out here he got yelled at he got caught by the
state one has tagged the meters coming here is the wrong
thing so this is a sense that what it’s what
our conversation looks like so some common hash tag stupid fall friday that’s where you say hey these are
people worth following these are some people i follow i think you should follow them to
telling your followers lots of common courtesy here and then there’s a face book like
tuesday that’s very popular in our industry and it’s uh… that the folks who do it best to do it booty everybody they’re wonderful people is kurt manufacturing and they’re very kind to push people to
everybody else’s page they do it very individually those couple ways to do follow friday
you can just was the names but it’s actually nicer to say harry follow this person not just because i
was in the name it follow this person here’s why i follow them and by doing that you’re telling your followers valid reasons the all of these people
why you think they are of the nation’s died there’s several services if you’re not
sure what has said there’s a couple services to find them first one has tagged out the other was
hatched eggs dot org you can type anything in after that like i n t s it’ll give you what it what the hash tag is used for and what the trend what the trends of very interesting when
you speak and note of what the trend uh… look that one up because you’ll
get some data and analytics that a company that so where do mentions appear there’s some confusion about mentions in this is a moving target if you respond to a username at the
beginning of it sweet so at username their war only appear to your followers
walls there following that username this is gone back and forth a couple
times suffice to say that that’s probably a good role to keep for
now so only be shared with the other people notice this one where i pleaded to
lianne with this show together and their superior here at the beginning so if you put any symbol prior to the name at username george dinosaur that’s a character before the username
is just not the at symbol to start it off and that’s not a bad way to address it
because you want to say dear sir dear madam hi how you doing it’s just common practice even in the
hundred foreign characters you could be nice in the conversation just to take a look
at how those conversations happen you’ll see here f_y_i_ a good business which we business i have a question for you as the conversation goes down you’ll see how were responding and you can follow that whole thread so
somebody comes into the conversation down at the end twitter names now unable to where you
can see the whole conversation previously that’s relatively new where you could always do that you have
to search and kinda hutton packed for where the conversation started piece it
together this is very important to know because
this comes into how they monetize it and this becomes part of their terms of
service when they believe to other accounts so i just want you to turn up
by all this away and think about this for a minute that will come back to it common courtesy in sweater a move that up this time in social media and all social media you want to be nice to people it’s the
same is going to a cocktail party your reception here and i n t s is someone talks to you healing nicely when you talk back to
them if you walk into our reception you don’t
know anybody and you get up he’s still a little rooms in my products
of the best products in the world jeremy walks away from you downloaded doll you wanna do is talk
about your stuff so it’s just not a message where you’re
going to talk about just your stuff you’ve got to engage in conversation
here just like in any other social media space if you only talk about your stuff and
tell me how great you are you’re going to come in all caps everybody walks away from you so this is what it’s great looks like it takes you but very short amount of
time to read it tweet once you get used to looking at him it’s just like looking at the stock
ticker we have a red-hot ’cause it took you a
team milliseconds actually read that week that support your brain process that so you can see this stuff happened very
fast and you can absorb that information
you’re getting sound bites but you can click down through it so let’s talk about auto followers and auto direct mentions will define some of these things direct message d_m_ similar to an email slight sending email twitter so it’s not
a public thing nobody can see it it’s in the back side of it now there’s some products out there that phil cindie twitter to help you manage twitter one of them is social on thick and
there’s a number where number of them out there and what it does anytime someone follows you it sends them a direct your new follower
direct message and it says okay thanks for connecting here’s what i
post about you can also find me on face book read confide our website and there’s a variety of messages the composed out his direct messages automatically goes out to everybody however once you’ve been on twitter for
a while you start to realize that they are auto
messages nobody’s actually looking at you as a person so there’s some debate as is the howl valuable this
is because it’s not a personal touch it’s a
robot that you program because there’s also some of these programs were
you could auto follow people so somebody follows me on the follow them back the problem is you don’t know if that’s
a robot following you because there’s robot accounts we’re gonna talk a little bit about
robots but you may not want to follow or robot back so what’s twitter but look like they look at rocket bar on the front
side i mean at first glance he got to know
what to look for to recognize a bot nearly half of all twitter followers
were pots that’s one of the stats out there that’s what you’re following it’s not the pretty girl that you
thought it was by then i i don’t have a guy when im
type i didn’t have a guy bought the breakout number of followers is no longer valid
valid indicator of the popular but what are you sir and it can’t be analyzed for twenty bucks if i can buy a thousand
followers i actually cleaned most of the twitter
streams that but aren’t touch we touch monthly i’m climbing in and saying now uh… out were not following these
people are blocking this one and we’re doing that on a daily basis we’re keeping at a nice clean feet of
who we follow if somebody hasn’t we did in a while if they’re not posting
relevant information if it’s a pure sales message that showing the here’s
what’s on your floor and here’s the piece of equipment on selling i don’t mean to do that by don’t need to
see that you’re not engaging you’re not becoming
a thought leader you’re not telling me that information so quality in this case of whom you
follow who follows you is more important than the quantity in our industry is relatively small so
from the business side of it stay within our industry you don’t need a high follower county
needs dot leaders who can tell to friends about it so there’s an old faberge commercial
that’s entitled to friends and they talked to friends and they sold to
friends and so on and so on you want that first part time sharing to happen were t
people tell each other talk about your stuff ulpan this was from a decorative so how do you recognize a bot couple simple ways we’re gonna review
and how to wreck knows what a bodies first of all don’t tell you not all box or bag if you live in san francisco you may want to be notified on earthquake map from a bot of where it’s at there’s good box out there there’s bad
box out there second way is that will call them eggs no website know you are all no
description and it’s a new account the oldest winner by out there is kevin rails back january fifteen two two thousand seven
hundred frederick day seek oldest what or button down and eg there’s no description its default image
there’s no website that’s the first indicator or if you follow somebody or if you tweak
something and they automatically either send you a direct message back
from that sweet or reply to that say that’s a great article you’ve just
posted a blog post or a four minute video or three minute video clicking right back to you that’s a bot devon read it why it wasn’t that important evidence
read it so were ways to recognize baat the follow being count is too high in the fall her count is too
low so look at the numbers lenin again after you look at these for
a while you start to see very low tweet zero tweets in this case but they’re following eighteen hundred
and sixty nine people even follow a maximum of two thousand as a first go
around on wetter and really have a hundred fifty-four
lords those hundred and fifty followers of
people in auto followed and they quite possibly could be box so it could be box following box that
happens discounts up so they tweak the same thing to everyone over and over again it may change a
little bit but here’s some anti-virus software with the way and they’re just going to each one of
these people insane antivirus there a lot of the payee account one
list article slot and get blocked for spam early on but there’s some big ones
out there let me know have ten twenty thousand
followers and they’re treating this same message his habit dot so they follow anand follow you within
twenty four hours scott of the deceiving and then they mention lanes at mentioned leagues and that’s what this looks like it may
be interspersed these are the better pots it’s gonna be interspersed with other
messages other stuff it’s gonna say random stuff you can look down at some
of these that i apologize for not having the example of it but it won’t have an accent at all say john smith i sought out hahaha but it’s not really talk to anybody it’s
just nonsense language i’m telling you all this so that you
don’t get hacked because it someplace everybody gets hacked it’s going to happen if you assume that you’re gonna get
hacked you probably won’t then here’s how it works within twenty four hours your account will be followed by abad like libel put money on it some of your first followers will be abad your first floor there’s a high probability will be a bot the very first person that
followed robot apology will be about if you click the link in your account this is real important if you get
nothing out of this once you go into twitter please do that please pay attention this
section if you click away your account will start to send out you you’ll get
hacked in your account will start to send out
the same message that you clicked on here’s what they look like somebody saying this rumor about you here’s the link or page thanks for the connection
fleischer awesome opportunity with you that’s what we recognize that it’s been that’s a bad one this website is bleaching there’s no
billing page you can get it for free okay you get what you pay for you’d act high some person is saying very bad
things about you same theme somebody’s posting pictures about you all my god
they got this picture of you it’s on this page take a look at it it’s tougher to encourage you to click
for you get there it’s a deadly what it’s actually done is attacked you when you forget about it you’d start sending out mass messages what’s nice is one of your good follows is bishop
whites carver uh… machine shop in northern california
pittsburg california and you’ll see they’ll come it it is your friend and
say your account sending out spam you just got hacked you need no this to the setting up a
wreck messages you don’t know if setting up direct messages so be aware of that if you don’t know what it is it that
somebody you never heard of even if it’s your best friend and they say there there’s posting bad
pictures miss lott language they use don’t click the way so some things the door things to do or things to be aware of things to be prepared to be annoyed by because it happens is there’s a there’s a service called true twit which the number of people use in seem
to like after you’ve been using twitter for a
while they ask you to come in and validate
that you’re a real user ids to combat pots the problem is the plots are going to do it but you
have to click through taken time out fill up the service comeback it’s annoying to me that’s annoying you need to monetize it if you’re
automating this kind of stuff when you’re not checking to your followers
are any your automated it’s not personal i’d never put the truth to it it’s not worth my time because you’re
not a real person either you’re no better than the bot eyes it drives me crazy dodder think you’ll see a in some of the
early users of twitter will post out quotes quotes are great if they’re relevant to
the subject at hand quotes are wait wait suppresses something and bring it in and say this is a quote
relevant said write tight she’ll know or lean manufacturing any articles about that and that’s a
quote for a bullet point within it fantastic but if you’re just quoting putting quotes out the put quotes out
look like you’re important because you copy and paste plus it’s not necessarily a good way to go
about it that’s annoying people put following you so some basic wiring how did things get put together how do
you push work i mean how twitter is part of the whole ecosystem and how did things get put out his
information so start with say a blog the blog has an a_p_ i feed were you push it to
something else that leans to it everything’s connected through a p eyes
it’s automatically this is that link your account together if you if you’ve seen that blog can automatically post a face book
face book can automatically feed it to twitter twitter up until june twenty ninth th that
automatically feed it to linkedin we’ll talk about will come back to that the beauty of this is that you can
connect all of these things together so you can
take it from your website to face book to twitter from your youtube channel to face book
to twitter from face book to twitter from any space to twitter too we’re talk about from twitter in a
minute again you can pick it up from face book
fear god of twitter you get to get from twitter and feed it
somewhere else t_v_ in some ways this actually is just
chain you can’t do that anymore you can’t have your twitter updates feed
a face book because remember i said now you can search that whole thing you concerts that whole discussion unless the service that it’s feeding too canals what you view that entire
discussion then you’re not in compliance with
sweaters terms of service as a nother social media service dominique a system here so how do you wire with a dashboard you take your blog per your website you take those links link them into one of the various dashboard
services and there’s tons of them there’s market me sweet who’d sweet
seismic sees mc but then they go on and that allows you to pre schedule
things through a fee and then it posted either all of these a
one-time or individual space but what’s the schedule manage everything all your
social media functions most of them started from twitter let’s look at some gated communities did
you have to understand how each one of the social media platforms make which will bennett’s lane why they do certain things they do so if you’re here on linkedin that means or your overhear on face book that means that you’re not here on
twitter if you’re on the one platform you’re
only one person you’re not on the other platform twitter needs to monetize the hunley monetize we gotta keep you within their walled
communities derek ecosystem the war they keep you there the blessed
time you’re somewhere else the more valuable it is to advertisers you got to keep that in mind of how this
connection happened so was your building your strategy keep in mind how they might be making money down the
road as a platform so what can you expect you can expect that these people are
gonna get more angry at each other each one of the company’s everybody’s gonna
while stuff to go outbound to draw stuff back to them but not inbound necessarilly that makes sense think about how they need to make money
that we keep you there that’s the key point here twitter is going to disconnect the
outbound a_p_ eyes they’ve already started with linkedin their time a lot
of this up you’ve got a display the full gamut of everything it what you need with the system multiple accounts a lot of people say i have my own personal account i_d_ to
twitter business account that’s good you can have multiple to
order a business account ford motor company has accounts for on
their different cars considers eighteen different accounts to the ford mustang a
four trucks but they’re very specific to a specific target audience so if you’ve got multiple audiences woodworking metalworking metal cutting middle for me and you’ve got products that fit their
by all means have multiple accounts these guys do use them as an example you can see that it’s manage they tell
you who manages elizabeth and jennifer manage this account and pay and manages this account she is
the present of the company it gets better though because there can
be multiple people in the company the guys from x error were here earlier
in the week for arts weed out uh… monday night because monday night running there tuesday you can see how many people were there from exeter within the company and they talk about their blogs and they
talk about technical articles they talk about their job duties we talk about what they do and people follow them and they’re very good at it so within the company you can have
multiple twitter feed you can have a branded product as well which is right here at the top that’s the main company feed for news
and information now when you do that sometimes like
myself i’m outsource social media for companies and you’ll run into postings i’ve blocked out the names the protect
the guilty here if you noticed this all twenty one minutes ago see how it’s all the same message cites three different companies gradually all equipment builders they scheduled them that the agency click bing bing bing post this message we’ll do that anymore this was a mistake i happen to be watching and i said all my god that has to be the same
agency do you recognize stuff is you’re here you want to be real careful about
scheduling if you have those multiple accounts like
those guys i’ll post the same message does you’ve
got a group of followers within our industry that are doing it roberts personal it’s about engagement though don’t have an ops moment so why should you tweak we shouldn’t wait in the fire when you shouldn’t we is to sell to make new contacts to work ’cause it’s a news resource so this is a
warning for as much as it is is selling for gold just looking at is the selling
tool explain you can explain what you do what you’re good at you can share events i am t_s_ here’s what we’re doing here’s what on
seeing here’s what’s a value to be here’s what’s a value to my customers here’s what’s of value to our company here’s the things i need to remember to
look at you should check out too blogs technical information these are the kind of things that should
be treated about videos videos are great to share the moto man with his movement he goes like that that’s fantastic post that people laugh at it people’s i love it we talked about that on twitter actually yesterday ensure pictures pictures are worth a thousand words during pictures that you know you can
get a lot of information across the most important thing here is to
engage in conversations conversations with the knowledge knowledge leads the
business people respect you that you know which talking about when you tweak becomes the next question so when’s the best time between when your customers are online if you don’t want to do it when they’re
not online so where’s your customer based you know
where they’re at who they are and when are they on line
it’s going to be different for everyone but generally different days a week have better times for for activity monday’s
generally are good many platform i mean statistically there’s a monday as
of people don’t have time to check their
busy catching up with everything that they left to do on friday but there are good times breakfast as a good time as you read the
paper in the morning you reporter in the morning once is a good time once again your
meeting in reading i don’t know everyone’s biological
schedule for restroom so it’s impossible to predict when people are reading there
but that’s a good time to so weekends are a good time before mediates and i threw this in here if you’ve been sitting waiting for a meeting to start because
somebody’s late and you’re looking at twitter that’s a good time for youth week it’s
not that that your audience is there a bit that’s when you may come across dot
that you found that make you a thought leader to engage i recommend this and this is the time to read when you’re
reading or schedule it and obviously a good time between is a
dime si es everybody should be treated i n t s because you is this show is so massive
that you’re not to be able to see any everything if you’re sharing pictures
out there please tell me what’s hot show me what’s good cuz i want to go
look at it too and and i’m for either honestly i’m finding cool
stuff to look at it this show that i would completely missed without
following the hash tag sultry scheduling pre scheduling is valuable so we talk about rescheduling this is like a television commercials so
you have to see of video or cn ad statistically let’s call it three to six times before
it registers what the brand is or what the name is or what the messages c even a television commercials supreme schedule e becomes valuable to
get your message out under uh… social director for the
pittsburgh vintage grand prix we have some common stock just like i am t_s_ or any event that we have to get out here’s the directions here’s the hash
tag here’s a location for the tram stops here’s the maps here’s where the look trees are located i mean hewlett
there’s just a ton of things for that event that we have to get out but there may be a ton of things within
your company that you need to get out these well there’s information that just the
standard information that you have to broadcast everyone’s will say this is
what we do this is what were about but if you’re you start you there’s a
balance here so that you’re engaging you’ve got a balanced sales than the
marketing message within gauge knit and sometimes that balance of the
message of what we do gets lost she want to make sure that that’s the
kind of stuff it’s free reschedule it also helps improve your search engine
optimization we’ve we’ve had numerous discussions on
a ceo it will also drive traffic in make u the leader within the space help your market share within the space most important reason the free schedule quite honestly is so you don’t forget there’s a stat standard messages that
has to go out you’re going to sit there at some point
if you’re not free scheduling it you don’t have it at four and you make an
editorial calendar for this just like with all social media you want to have an editorial calendar what am i going to be tween about when what needs to go in the cycle so once a
month i should mention that i’m located in x_y_z_ city or or whatever that piece of information
is the just want to have cycle in there history mein people that’s the kind of stuff you’ll forget
to do unless you schedule it unless you make calendar for this though create an editorial calendar i’m sorry but i mentioned create an
editorial calendar nuts-and-bolts setting up a twitter
account how do you get a username so let’s pretend that your company is
called be number one machine shop company you know you want to be in the yellow
pages as they number one so you wanted a pair for so that’s how you chose your
name remember footers a hundred and forty
characters in length in a tweet so if you use that entire company name
you’d use up thirty three of those characters we’re just gonna pretend that we use
that company name and some of the bill that somewhere so if we take that that leads us a
hundred and seven characters remaining to put in the tweet so really when you select the username which one’s
best a number one machine shop company eighty-one machine shop buddy one machine shop like this i would like that with an underscore or that is it even available recommended length for eight weeks is eighty two hundred and tear twenty
characters because remember when the dinosaurs’
worry tweeting stuff it had to put their username there right so you have to allow space you can use
up all hundred forty characters you have to allow space for people to come in and reach wheat
you or mention your name from in their name gets to be included in that so that leave let’s take the middle of
it will go to the high and will say you’re
tweet length is actually ninety characters long that leaves us with seventeen characters remaining what’s gonna happen though seventeen
characters here’s the average length of twitter
names over time the keep getting longer ’cause username
more people to join the less that are available were almost eleven sir member that reads we let’s call eleven lot ten point nine
seven percent of half characters and twitter but this is an average we take that eleven out for the other
users username because they were each we did you and that leaves them six characters to comment that’s no fun that’s five characters so you want to be careful and be very
aware of your username because the decision you make a new username
selection at the beginning is you’re going to be stocked with for a really
long time take your time think about a carefully good place to start is no one especially you haven’t done any social
media at the beginning issues all the time all of the same usernames as best as
possible all of your social media spaces nome is a great resource instead of
going insane is a twitter name available to you to do in the billboard is that
this mail available there’s needs to assume your sites
there’s a ton of let’s take a look so let’s pretend i want to have a
username printing because three-d_ printing agar get
pretty but let’s just talk printing pairs bookmarking sites these are all business sites you can see
which ones are available which ones aren’t just for the word printing it allows me to search across all these
platforms entertainment information micro-blogging like twitter is available designed travel video news photos sites community sites you want to have the same brand name in
all of them so just because it’s available in twitter you wanted to be available in the other
sites when you’re selecting the username try to get it across the board so it’s
the username everywhere and people know you because you’ve got the eschew reasons for this one you what we want to be called george
by one person michael by another person in everybody’s
confused you know george no i don’t michael you want to have the same name more importantly what have the same name for robots
’cause robots are indexing you this is the asio stuff to some people search
happens you want to have the same name in all your spaces so setting up sweater there’s a really simple rule out here it goes back to uh… do you think you’ve heard the
phrase we all the hammer everything you see is
a nail rule number one in the count setup not only in twitter bid all social media every blank fields and they’ll your keyboard as they hammer fill in the fields what that looks like here on twitter this i start off with my user name first use like to be using we’ve already
talked about that put your location the best relocation is an empty field but it is so people know where you’re at you would be surprised how many
companies don’t put that in where they’re located putting your website now that’s the basics in a lot of people
get then there’s a bio section where you can put information that’s
what we’re really going to take a peek at because you’ll notice that you can put
in past eggs in there were to come back to
that so when things when you search on
twitter how do you get found on twitter twitter is let’s put it this way twitter is not known for its search
capabilities is this is not doable all right so it doesn’t have overly
friendly search let’s look at these guys if you don’t i
put the robot can’t find you them i don’t wanna call either the mat
be these some of these shots are old some of these when the account for just
set up but notice there’s no description here there’s a day everything else is in that
there’s no description there’s a description but what is the descriptions say description says that we provide the wider strains of advanced
technology equipment system for product idiot uh… improvement of manufacturers is a descriptive is it going to be found anybody who’s in the industry probably
knows that a booth you want to find people that the sea and sees how do you
know that they do ciency equipment so i say fill in all the fields be
descriptive in your field you get a hundred sixty characters in your
description make sure that it’s the stuff that’s
going to be found in search within twenty picture it’s going to be keyword so use keywords like ciency appear
ciency equipment builder if you’re making metal stamping
equipment put the word metal stamping this is similar think of this is a lot of companies will
come in to put their mission statement we believe in customer service where the
greatest thing since like rather customers of the greatest thing they
mean the world was we will respond within twenty four hours and nowhere that mission statement that they’re putting out a marking the
girls does it say what they do because they could be anyone ever
thought they could be a long lowing company and a guy out of his pickup with a lot
more because they believe in the same thing v specific here and what you can also do look down here you can put ciency and that’s a hash tag so the hash tag spot in the description you can put hash tag in your hundred
sixty characters scription so people can see why you’re using that what you’re
talking about indie gets down there in the search site look at the profiles when you’re in this in setting up look
at some people that you follows profiles which ones do you find the most
informative will keep your competitors look at your customers julia like and what provides information
on how the robot search for it so some key points to remember here three frequently so people don’t lose interest i look at an accountant hasn’t posted
anything it it used to be six months on down to
about two months if you haven’t posted in ninety days when he died i mean i don’t know ibiza company out of business i don’t know here was an account but now the accounts
gone well maybe the person’s maybe a person
that was doing it isn’t there anymore they lost the password who knows but they’re not posting so there’s a ratio that’s where has it how
many people being followed how many followers you have if you’re following somebody that’s
useless you can’t follow more people that are
good see do you clean respond others tweets with questions or
opinions it’s a conversation tool it’s like being at a cocktail party if they post something you read the
article miles from p_m_p_a_ appear and i have
had numerous technical discussions about his blogs and back and forth about technical
information it’s a great place for that exit wiki
exchange of information you got to maintain balance and so this is the promotion verses the
engagement peace and tweak in non business hours that the first one to three scheduling well i think tweed in non-business hours
that’s when people are doing their research they’re busy entering the phone
moving paper respond to e-mails putting out fires during the day they’re doing the research in off time lot of its happening for mobile it’s happening when you get a chance again i don’t know your biological schedule for when you’re doing your reading so share photos and videos thank you so much for coming to uh… to our twitter discussion here and uh… if you have any questions you
can reach me here or just by scanning that you are covered and skin if you are code that i am csk
is they’re very helpful have a great breast implants yes


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