Getting Started Selling On Amazon Australia – Tips

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hey everyone Alex Ryan here if you’re
looking for the steps to selling on Amazon Australia thanks for joining me
so I’m based here in Sydney my goal and my business is teaching people get to
get started on Amazon and finding winning products to sell on Amazon and
today I’m going to reveal the the steps involved for finding and launching your
product on Amazon oh don’t forget guys make sure you subscribe to my youtube
channel check out our website we’ve got a free video training there as well and
get in contact if you’re actually serious about getting coaching and you
want advisor all you want to find out whether on Amazon Australia or the US is
for you there connect with one of my team members today to answer that for
you so the steps involved are really simple guys really simple it’s finding a
winning product now there’s certain things we look for when it comes down to
finding winning products to sell on Amazon whether it’s Amazon Australia or
Amazon America but the things we look for is it needs to be obviously turning
over some sort of sales right you don’t be jumping out on products that that are
doing less than 3k a month no that’s that’s the rule breaker if it’s doing
less than three grand a month I don’t jump on it right so it’s got to be doing
minimum numbers I would usually say about five grand
AUD okay five grand a month alright so then it needs to not have so many
reviews now under 300 reviews and if you got a pen write this down guys right
it’s if it has less than 300 reviews I’d give it a second look if it has less
than a hundred reviews that’s really good and that’s something that I would
actually get excited about I would make sure that it doesn’t weigh too much
they’re heavier the item is it’s an ax costume or in shipping to your to the
Amazon FBA warehouse and to your customers alright so you want to make
sure it’s under a kilo if it’s under 700 grams that’s ideal and that’s something
that we look at all right we also look at other things like is there a way to
improve the product so the product if you look at existing Amazon sellers and
you look at all the listings and some have got like maybe one star out of five
star four reviews you got to figure out well why are they getting one star is
this something you can improve now or is this something that you can
better you know better the product somehow so it’s just a matter of getting
on the phone and chatting to the supplier and making sure hey guys can
you improve this this bag the the shoulder strap keeps falling off you
know can you make it no better so improve the products that way your
product when it reaches the market is going to be 10 times better so once you
find your winning product and guys we actually give you a lot of ideas don’t
forget subscribe my youtube channel because I’m releasing videos pretty much
every day or every two days we’re actually giving product ideas
alright so once you find and narrow down maybe five or six product ideas then you
go to Alibaba it’s a matter of just connecting with suppliers on there so
you connect back and forward find out basically making sure that there are
safe suppliers that they do deliver good products and they’re they’ve been in
business for a while that they’ve made a bit of money as well and then it’s just
a matter of ordering a sample what a sample is it’s just one product it’s hey
guys how you going hope you’re doing really well can you just send me one
product over just so I can have a look and have a play with the right you so
I’ll make sure it’s really good so you know if you get a product over but if
it’s a bag you want to throw the bag around you want to make sure the
shoulder strap is actually quite you know tough you want to make sure that
the zippers all working and they’re not falling off your make sure it’s well a
well-put-together product all right now once you’ve done your sample testing
it’s a really a simple matter of doing a test order so maybe 50 units maybe a
hundred units doesn’t cost you a lot of money people sometimes think they need
ten grand or twenty grand to get started on that Mazon you do not that’s baloney
all right that is baloney you can get started some of my students have got
started less than $1,000 AUD all right you can get started on very small very
small budgets alright so guys keep that in mind all right you don’t need a
massive budget you just need a small budget and now of course this actually
does come down to the product if you’re bringing in you know big products and
you know you’re gonna need a bigger budget and if the moq what we stand for
minimum order quantity is quite higher than obviously you’re gonna have to you
know order a lot more so guys once you’ve listed your product so once
you’ve connected a supply you got a sample it’s just a matter of listing the
product and sending the product to Amazon and then selling and there’s a
lot you know there’s quite a few steps involved but they’re not it’s not rocket
science but there is a system and unfortunately most Amazon sellers out
there they wing it they they don’t really plan a lot they basically it’s
50/50 they play Russian roulette the products that they choose and with their
business and that’s not a way to do it and what I’ve done for the last 10 years
guys is I trained Australians mainly Australians and we do seminars of boot
camps what we call the the Amazon boot camp right on the Gold Coast and in
Sydney and we’ll a train you every week for two years now I want you to get
started up and running usually most of our students get something up and
running and only in a few months but I will I’m there for you for two years
training you side by side holding your hand through the entire process so if
you’re looking to get something started if you’re looking for product ideas if
you want to know the first steps reach out to one of my team members today
connect with them go to our website now our numbers on the screen here it’s a
sydney number zero to eight thousand three seven five three four give us a
call today let’s chat about getting you started on Amazon alright my name is
Alex Ryan thanks for joining me have an awesome day and I wish you the best on
your Amazon journey bye bye for now the number one factor for success on
Amazon comes down to your product that that’s essentially it it comes down to
your product if you don’t have an awesome product it’s not gonna sell no
matter how good your marketing is it’s just not gonna sell so most people go
down the shotgun the shotgun strategy which is they have a shotgun they try
like 20 different products and fingers-crossed hope that it works right
but that’s no way to build a successful Amazon business right so you need to
make sure that the product that you’re selling is going to be a killer it’s
gonna be a winning product that’s how you make money on Amazon you know some
people say they they don’t have the time they don’t have the money they don’t
have the experience their husband won’t let them they’re their wife won’t let
them that pet rock won’t let them and listen you’ve got two choices right you
either make excuses or you make money you can’t do both
alright you either do one or the other now personally I would rather make money
I don’t know about you right but that’s something you gotta commit to are you
ready to make money are you committing to success are you ready to start your
business on Amazon it’s good question for you are you ready to find your hot
product are you ready to launch your Amazon Empire


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