Okay!!!! Hi guys! It’s Misthy here. Today, we’re gonna head back to another reaction video…. of Hau Hoang. It’s quite a long time that I’ve missed a great deal of reaction videos. Today, we’re coming back to a video about “different types of people in movie theater”. Let’s go!!! Here are some first words before we start. I hope that you bear in mind that this video is totally based on my feeling. It means that I’m just a normal person who use feeling to react video. If you think that I’m just an amateur, yes, totally true that I’m just an amateur. If you think that I’m just making ridiculous things…. it’s true anyway because that’s how I am. But never insult me with “F*ck your reaction, screw you!” I just want y’all to respect my feeling. That’s all. Thanks guy! Watch!!! [ Gossip with Misthy ] Wow… They leased the whole theater as film stage for this video, didn’t they? That’s cool. Wow! So cute!!! I really love Hau Hoang because his camera style is very cute. That hat! I had that one too. Actually, I stole it from Mazk. Where the hell were those children going? Her hair’s color is very beautiful. How can he make corns out by sitting down? That’s super. Oh! F*ck…. He’s taking… Whom is he going to worship with those fruit and food? Ah! I know this rhythm. “Naive eyesight, don’t go off me!!!” I sleep from morning to noon on Sunday. Morning to noon… I hang out at movie theater in the evening. I’ve been waiting for this chapter for a long time. I get to it today so it must be great!!! Oh, it’s already started? I thought it hasn’t. Oh, this… This… This must include me who always comes late. But I never cross their sight, I intend to avoid that. I don’t cross their sight. Where is my seat? I see it nowhere. That’s so cute. In general, casts in Hau Hoang’s video are all cute. This guy… Look at his face!!! He reminds me of…. His face reminds me of a… Really close, it’s in cartoon. I can’t figure it out. Two of you! Move! Move! Move! Every footstep is beating my head. Beat? Is that beat of footstep? They’re in movie theater but keep propping legs up like in their home. Oh! I don’t care because I pay for tickets. We just keep… Hey! That guy is handsome. She always chooses handsome guys. I’m so angry. As I notice, she always chooses… That handsome must have sat in the middle. He’s so cute. Hell yeah!!! He kills me inside…. I don’t care… I don’t care…. we paid for tickets. Just keep leaving legs up, no worries. No worries!!! Their clothes make them look decent. In this angle, he’s not as handsome as previous time. He was handsome by look up above. In this angle, he’s cheeky. With no f*cking respect…. f*cking respect… With no f*cking respect, they’re not better than a fly. There’s nothing to do with them, that’s how they were born. Hey! Whose are these legs? I’m asking you: “Would you put your legs down?” Sing it out loud: Oh La La!!! You’re in movie theater but why are your limbs keep moving? Like a monkey dance. She looks cool. Sit or get outta here!!! Guys! Please put your legs down. I knew. I knew it. She couldn’t be that heroic. Don’t put your legs here or kick me from the back. Please…. His face gets me revolting. I will beat him down if I meet him in real life. Please respect others by stopping your legs. Actually, we still have… In movie theater, we usually have this pose… For example like this. If we’re in this pose and we want to change to this one…. we will kick toward by changing pose. There’s a point that… sometimes I accidentally kick person in front of me. I start to wonder whether he/she would ask me for reasons. In other words, we can touch for a bit. Don’t keep doing that frequently because they will find that angry. So now I’m in peace. I only hang out on Sunday to relax… I only hang out on Sunday to relax but these scumbags don’t leave me to catch my breath. Scumbags! The next man only know about food. This snoring, that chatting… – And the next one only keeps eating.
– Only know about food. Haha! He’s eating a chicken leg. The late one keeps being sluggish. The back one keeps kicking. Respect, please!! Respect, please!!!! Oh!!! Where is Batman in this Marvel’s movie? Why is everybody is crying? Their gunshots keep missing. …keep missing!!!! Why don’t you say a word? This scene really reminds of a person who keeps asking in movie theater. I don’t understand. Why am I supposed to be here? F*ck you. This girl is typical example of “Wonder Woman”. Wonder Woman. “Wonder” in English is asking oneself. For example, I wonder…. So we call that girl “Wonder Woman”. Good trick! That’s good. 1 like for you. Keep asking questions every other minutes. If she’s sitting next to a Google-man…. he will keep answering all the things she asks. Hello, it’s me. I’m in movie theater. Ah! It’s still fine to have conversation here. It’s all fine to have a conversation here. Her acting is excellent. Still fine!!! Can you help me with a financial report? Send it to me then… Okay! I’ll check it then. Check!!! In this chapter, all of team members will resurrect. He’s a typical spoiler. It doesn’t really make sense but logical. Logical. If Spider-man comes back, he will kill them all. Stop your wet dream! He hasn’t a chance to compare with Dr. Strange. Dr. Strange!!! But… this guy looks so dull. The man on the left. Right here, this guy. Quite dull. Like this. He’s dull. He says “Dr. Strange” dully. Haha! His face is dull for real. If you’re still here, please keep silent in movies. Turn off the bell. Because you decided to come here, put your jobs aside…. At the end… This guy makes me laugh a lot. His mouth gets me amused. Dr. Strange brings the team back. Thor is nearly dead. Thanos is so powerful. 3 people can’t beat Thanos down. Sweetheart, I want to be like that. Hey sweetheart!!! Baby, I love you 3000. “I love you 3000?” That’s dirty. Tony’s daughter is cute. Let’s make a baby like that together. Like that…. Oh god… If you notice, in Hau Hoang’s video, there will always be kind of speaking style like this…. Honey! I want to a cup of milk tea and hang out. Ah!!! Goosebumps on me. Cute like that…. Guys! Don’t make a baby here. Don’t make a baby here. This scene… I told you not to enter that way. – Oh no! Now Black Widow is dead.
– This is really fun. Black Widow is dead. You have to make a dodge to that side. Hide now. Now we have an over-reacting team. I told you that it was different from comics. Okay! 5 million is not a big deal. – This is a messy movies.
– You’re even cuter than Wanda. F*ck!!! Cuter than Wanda? Screw you!!! This movies is really a mess. If I was here, I would sh*t out my pant. That kick of Gamora is freaking nice. Iron Man will save the day!!! How can she find those children? A band… Holy… That kid!! Look at the kid right on the screen! He’s shaking. How can he make that pose? He’s such a perfect hand-dancer. Is it a movie theater or a market? We need a cure for this. Let’s see what we got. It’s free-ship hours. I want 2 kg. Okay!!! She’s cool. Everything seems to be back to their tracks. You psycho!!! We’re here to watch films not your singing. Look at that man! He says “M*therf*ck…” M*therf*ck… M*ther… M*therf*ck… Shoppe is on. Okay!!! Thanks guys for watching this reaction video. Thanks guy so much!!!! See you guys in next reaction video. Bye!!!


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  1. Akai Phạm

    September 18, 2019 3:24 pm

    Video đã hài mà bà misthy còn reaction hài nữa,dể thương hết phần người ta rồi thy ôi :3

  2. Nga nguyễn thị quỳnh

    September 19, 2019 4:16 am


  3. Thong Dinh Ngo

    September 19, 2019 4:49 am

    Chị Misthy, cái ông chị liên tưởng giống trong phim hoạt hình đó chị, em nghĩ ông đó giống vịt Donan

  4. Hanh Tran

    September 19, 2019 7:13 am

    Xem trễ rồi 😥
    Với ai là với ại chính chị thy dễ thương lắm mày chị thy nghe quen không?

    Mãi là fan chị thy

  5. Nhien Bich

    September 19, 2019 10:48 am

    Nói e nghe nha e làm clip là để giải trí đúng hok e ? Nguoi lon và trẻ e ai thick thì xem . mà sao e hok tế nhị chút nào . e chùi thề hok hay một chút nào . nguoi kín xem thì hok sao . còn trẻ e xem thì sao . nó củng chùi thề y nhu e vậy hả . ? Hok hay và ý nghĩa 1 chút nào .

  6. chaneno nguyen

    September 19, 2019 1:32 pm

    Sao chi khong lo di quay di ma chi lai di vao tim em de lam 😍😍❤️❤️😍😘😎cho chi misthy

  7. Nhu thanh Nguyen thi

    September 19, 2019 4:43 pm

    Nhờ chị Thy mà em biết thêm 1 loại người trong rạp chiếu phim là loại người ra quần


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