Haugenbok – from small bookshop to international retailer


I am Vytenis Ziberkas, General Manager of the
Viena sąskaita company. Viena sąskaita is a more convenient way to pay
your bills and keep things in order at home. We started to provide the service in 2008. Currently we have 12 employees. I joined Viena sąskaita
a little more than four years ago. Each year about 10,000 new
clients start to use our services. At present we have 60,000 users. Every day our company uses
almost all the Google tools, ranging from Google Search to Google Translate. Of particular usefulness to us
is the AdWords advertising platform. At first we looked at this tool rather sceptically. We thought we might be able to use it,
but only as an additional approach. These days we place no limit on
spending for AdWords campaigns. The cost of attracting clients is significantly
cheaper using AdWords than other platforms. We will truly achieve our goal of getting every resident of
Lithuania to use Viena sąskaita.


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