Help wanted: San Luis Obispo retailers looking to fill open positions before holidays


with the holidays around the corner a few local businesses in San Luis Obispo are having trouble finding and keeping employees KSP wise Megan Healy joins us live in downtown San Luis Obispo with what it could mean for the busy holiday shopping season hey Richard well I would say I was walking around downtown today I saw a handful of shops displaying signs that read now hiring businesses are short staffed heading into the holiday season some even saying it’s affecting their customer experience one person just start trading and she was amazing and she quit this morning after her first day the manager of chronic tacos says it’s becoming more difficult to hire workers especially when they don’t show up for interviews and then they go home for the holidays and it makes it very difficult for me to keep anybody around and then whether they’re not students it just doesn’t seem that people are their work ethic isn’t the same as it used to be the director of operations at ambience a boutique shop says there has been a decline of job interest boggled a lot with applicants were receiving for a variety of reasons whether it’s because they’re from out of state or their applications still match our needs at all he says full-time positions are harder to fill than part-time ones that’s kind of a struggle we have is finding somebody that’s willing to stay at a full-time position and still be in the area without looking for a larger move and working doubles is becoming all too common for some we were short-staffed and we did the best that we could but when people don’t show up to work for whatever reason it leaves us short-handed and it makes our customers unhappy and they don’t feel like they’re important some stores are offering additional employee perks in hopes of filling positions before the holiday rush well shops like chronic taco are asking those potential employees just to give them a heads up if they’re gonna cancel an interview or a shift many shops say they are looking for the full commitment during the holiday seasons live in Si and less of us about Megan Healy KSP y news


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