How I Find $1000/day Winning Products For Shopify Dropshipping (Product Research)


it’s your friend and mentor mr. daVinci
here with another video and in today’s video I’m going to show you how I found
a thousand dollar day winning product for Shopify drop shipping product
research research sorry about that so pull up some things today I have a
template for you and I’m playing this video for a long time so here are the
criterias that we’re going to look for when I’m wrong about this product
research that I feel that you can also use benefit you greatly especially since
quarter falls coming up this will definitely be useful if you’re looking
to make anywhere from five to six figures because you’re basically going
to make four figures with the method I’m sure so the first thing we’re looking at
how to must have a WOW factor it has to have something now automatically catch
the attention this is also known as it’s a screen stop scroller probably saying
that wrong but it’s basically it has to be a product that when someone scrolling
through Facebook and Instagram be stopped to look at your product oh wow
this looks pretty amazing what’s this next thing the product has to have a
benefit that can offer a solution to the customer problem this is one of the most
important factors when it comes to product research you have to have a
product that solves a solution to a customer’s problem it is one of the
fastest ways for you to be profitable if you can solve a person’s problem I
guarantee you that you can if you can solve a person’s problem and you’re able
to profit from that I guarantee that you’re able to deftly increase your
income tenfold the next thing you need to figure out in
product research is is the product evergreen which means it can sell
year-round 365 days is the product seasonal since we’re going in the
quarter for Halloween’s coming up so that would be a seasonal product for is
it just a trending product for the moment meaning that the product is just
in demand for a certain amount of time and then it’s going to die out it’s
highly important to figure this out so you know how long the product will how
product wave will last next content we looking at is that the product have a
great image or greater video images are good you can make a lot of money running
ads knowing images but it’s better if you have a video that can capture the
consumers attention so I say product must have a WOW factor decent profit
margin you need at least a 3x your product cost
ideally $20 plus a margin I gave an example let’s say we sell product twenty
dollars like twenty dollar margin only to X on your product cost you needed to
roll a be profitable Facebook asked what you want to do and stay it is seller
but of course Nasser part of the $60 LD for us away from 10 to 15 let’s do
next optional this is where the us argue the UK Australia and a family but I
don’t have my weight vest is not going to not miss me by our listen it about I
let you son next you want to be quick with tests and I’m $10 in finances hey
Beavis I recommend anywhere from fifty to hundred dollars a day what about a
big moment at least that if you if you don’t make a single several I was
feeling proud making me money you use careful though if possible thing for our
men I’ve shown you the first week so I’m just giving you a look so something that
I lost my cursor is some my software company not a new search flavors ship
hunter they’ll be a link below and and in hummus section there’s a link in the
description the state is proponent the link that if
you click on below and in a second you’ll get 20% off where you first lost
so I just want to throw it out there but let me show you that I have for you
today this is called the 100 calm this along from the great product they also
have its price approaching that not giving me a profit margin of 21 dollars
and twenty one cent also available and have we just looked at the products they
have NLD have engagement that we go through have links to the product on how
they transpired a Facebook ad targeting info they also provide videos which was
a key factor in me definitely suggesting this company I wouldn’t put my name
behind anything that I fully don’t 100% believe in and they also include
targeting for us so here we have the description for the product that we’re
looking at it’s a nice description covers a nice paid half the benefits
again stress was sitting on the size of the product so definitely singing I’ll hop on next we
have the links I will open the links as soon as I’m done but what I really want
to show you as you see they have a three highly expressed above my head like the
a hat recovered link on Amazon for sellers who are already selling its
product link for eBay for sellers who are already selling this product you can
also check on Shopify stores on this product and you can also look at people
running Facebook ads on this product once again there’ll be a link below in
the comment section and will be the first link in the description now this
is what I really like the targeting audience they give us automatically the
targeting that we can use this is just a starting point if you feel like you can
target a little bit more specific in your audience interest by all means go
ahead but for those of you who don’t really know what interests you needs
it’s harder for the proxy for the product they have you covered with that
so country obviously USA gendered all meaning it can work for both male and
women age range they say 18 to 65 but for this I’d say anywhere from 21 to 65
or 25 to 65 which has been the key point of the sweet spot for me when I do my
targeting but that’s just me it gives your idea of the audience size for I’m
assuming if you combine all three of these diabete audience sauce and here we
scroll down they also give you a nice free text for you Facebook ads so you
can just get the straight to the point 1 centers 50% off get your link here you
post a link preferably a bitly link to your store so
you can retarget them gonna get yours here with a short link see a bitly link
so it’s gonna play this video for you right here as you can see drain gauging great eye
catching as your attention describing benefit is explaining how
much more powerful this is from a regular hose nozzle compared to the
novel that we’re offering them that’s very I county text going along with the
peel so now that we’ve found our product and can also download a video what the
girls on Google Trends to make sure that this product is trending so I will come
and in the United States come on it looks like there’s a demand for this
product and it’s lady going down because I’m home people still think he’s in fall
case you wanna you know spray on some leaves these stuff the gross so these
are distinct so I would definitely target for this product as you see over
him if I said looking forward post the ones where it’s white it’s little to
another demand so you want to stay away from those and if we continue to scroll
down got a rising interest and have extra news that’s why you can see the
amount of monthly searches but this interest is a plus two hundred fifty
percent so if I was going to target this on Adwords or Bing ads for me now known
as Mike Microsoft ads you can this will be something that I would include them
my targeting which is spray nozzle for kitchen sink so it meets all the
criteria of what we’re looking for when we’re looking into a winning product once again check out the link in the
description below for dropship hunter again you will get 20% off for your
first month definitely hop on the wave I always say that I will not put my name
behind anything I don’t fully support a hundred percent so I want to bring this
value to you it was kind enough to sponsor this they website for this video
so I greatly appreciate them it will also be in the first link in the
description leave any questions comments or concerns that you have I’m always
open to answering y’all I appreciate y’all for coming on each and every video
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especially during quarter four which is coming up I want to see us all succeed
and make some money subscribe to the channel if you’re not
already you hit that notification bell click on my face I cover in other top 10
winning products that selling right now this has been you friend of Mentos mr.
da Vinci signing off with another video seeing the next


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