How I Make $1,000 Online Every Day At 21 Years Old


I will top. It’s Rafael here. Yes, you read that title, right how you can make and how I make more than one thousand dollars every single day at age 21 It might turn a little bit crazy might sound like oh this guy is just trying to sell me something or something Of course Well, no, I’m just here to teach you that there’s a way for you Even if you’re in college, if you’re if you’re a dropout, you’re working a part-time job nine-to-five, whatever it is I’m 21 years old and I make more than a thousand dollars every single day and you can see it in the proof below I’m gonna post a picture of an actual proof of That money and you saw it in the thumbnail You saw it wherever you saw where you saw that image You saw that there is proof that you can also do well, how do you actually begin doing it? How do you do it? Well, it’s using a business model called Shopify dropshipping which is called that because you take products straight from China or wherever they’re Manufactured and you sell them to your customer the customer receives them straight from the manufacturer in China, right? You might think this model is a little bit outdated If you haven’t heard of it, then you might think oh, is that even possible extending a product from China straight to the customer? Well, yes I’m doing it honest on a day-to-day basis and I make you more than a thousand dollars profit From it and my students in my coaching program are also making money from it subscribers in this channel making money from it So it’s definitely very possible. So How is it possible to make a thousand dollars every single day where there’s a system, right? There are three types of traffic that you can get to your shop dropshipping store, right? You create an e-commerce store Through Shopify, which is the platform. You can sign up with the link below You create a Shopify store with my process. And then essentially we have three types of traffic You have Facebook ads you have Instagram influencers and you have people I use those three and I use them in combination, right? So how do you some combination? It’s not just Facebook ads. It’s not just Instagram. It’s not just Google It’s all of them combined in this harmony that creates more than thousand dollar days more than 5,000 dollar days Like you’ll see very soon. I’m gonna do a video on a 5,000 dollar day that I did right. So essentially You’d get warm traffic from Google. Google ads are people that are essentially looking for products that are in your shop For example, let’s say you’re selling let’s say you’re selling a tripod a camera a tripod Which I’m using right now to talk to you if I’m looking on Google for camera tripods or affordable camera tripods It’s pretty sure that I want to buy and I want to get one as soon as possible if you create a Google ad with a Shopify store that sells Camera tripods and I find it through that Google ad I’m probably gonna buy from you if the offer is good And if the store looks pretty good now I’ll go in with warm traffic from Google, but I will also use Instagram influencers which are essentially people that have large accounts with really good followings at really good audiences To promote my product to their audience now Instagram influencers works exceptionally well because these are people that are very connected to That influencer and love to buy products that they promote because if they know that it supports their lifestyle whatever it is that they’re doing that they’re following in that journey and essentially that combination of using Google which is warm traffic Instagram influencers Which is essentially promoting a product to an audience that loves a person and would buy anything to support that person plus Adding in Facebook advertising which obviously you probably know about Facebook Ads if you’ve run them if you’ve never run them You probably know what they are and you probably know a little bit about them, right? So Facebook Ads is essentially showing traffic to people that are just scrolling through face or just minding their own business and you’re showing them your product so that they might buy From me now the issue with using only Facebook ads is that you cap out at? How much profit you can make right with Facebook Ads you can make a lot of money you can make more than a thousand five Thousand ten thousand dollars a day Like I show you how to do it I teach her how to do But he cap out in terms of profit your profit isn’t so big when you add in Google which is a very very high profit Margin, you’re essentially selling products to people that really really want to buy them sort of converts your rate It’s gonna be really really high. You’re gonna sell those products that crazy Instagram influencers, you’re gonna sell them to an audience. That’s one that loves that person. I Combining the three of them then you have that synergy that creates $1,000 days and Thousand dollar days profit and that is what you can do when you are 21 years old You can essentially create a business and I’m looking at you right now if you’re 21, 20 19 18, whatever age you are even if you’re 40, 50 60, I don’t care what age you’re it is possible to build a Shopify drop shipping business in 2018 and 19 whenever you’re watching this that makes you $1,000 a day or more in profit. Okay now that I told you that And essentially we’ve talked about the three different sources of traffic that we have which are Google we have warm traffic coming in from Google for people that really really want to buy your product We have Facebook Ads and we have Instagram influencers Now the magic comes when you start retargeting all those people now that you have all that traffic coming in from Google that warm traffic people that actually are Searching for products that they want to buy then you have that traffic coming in from Instagram from people that love that influencer and that that audience that is very engaged with that influencer that buys products just to support them and The cold Facebook traffic that comes in when people are just scrolling around now You’re going to read target that traffic on Facebook and on Google You take all those people that found your site one way or another even if it’s like to read it through SEO whatever it is They found your site Now you read target them through Facebook and through Google don’t see that product Over and over and over again sometimes you’ll see that let’s say you search for sneakers and Then two days later you see an ad for sneakers on Facebook and then you see a banner ad for sneakers on Google or on a blog on a website whatever it is That is the power of retargeting and they will retarget you until you buy and retarget essentially what creates that? perfect funnel that goes in Google Facebook Instagram and then retargeting them on Facebook now that you know how that funnel works Which is just taking people from Google Facebook and Instagram and then retargeting them on Facebook and Google Once you start that out and your store looks really really good. You keep retargeting that traffic until it converts let’s say you sell a product to someone that is a very cold audience someone that is just scrolling through Instagram or Facebook and they Find your product and then go into your store your profit margin may not be that high You probably won’t make as much money for sale as if you were retargeting Warm traffic now you balance out that margin from the cold traffic Let’s say you make a sale of a hundred dollars. You only keep $20 profit from a sale on Facebook now in Retargeting you will keep 50 or 60 dollars from that hundred dollar sale And that is the beauty of why this combined funnel in this combined strategy works So well and gives you profits of a thousand or more every single day. There’s not some whoo some weird get-rich-quick thing It’s all about retargeting people and you’ve probably seen in action, right? You visited a shop from Google or Facebook And then you saw it again and again and again and you thought oh are they just like following me around everywhere? Well kind of they are yeah They are following you everywhere and they are trying to retarget you in every possible way so that you end up buying from their store that’s essentially how you create a perfect funnel and a perfect combination of Traffic for you to get the most profit as possible and for you to create Thousand dollar days two thousand dollar days five thousand dollar days and even ten thousand dollar days. I will keep making videos like this Explain to you the whole process and how it is possible Thank you so much for watching this video If you want to learn more about this subscribe to this channel hit the notification bell down there I post a video every two or three days about this Facebook Ads Google Ads ecommerce how to make money Doing you know how to make passive income how to make money with drop shipping ecommerce agency, whatever it is you can learn on this channel and If you want to learn the secrets The secret secret sauce that makes me extremely profit on and makes them sell more than five thousand dollars every single day Join the group down below seven figure ecommerce secrets and check out seven-figure, which is my training program I will train you one-on-one Privately coach for you to get success and make the money that you want to make them to restore your lives Thank you so much for watching this video Give me a thumbs up down below If you loved it subscribe to this channel comment below if you have any suggestions or questions share this video with a friend To help them on in the journey. Thank you so much, and I will see you in the next one


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